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Life Changing Relationships: Bad Boys, Bad Girls
Published in Paperback by Moody Publishers (2002)
Author: Rev James Meeks
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Another gem from Meeks
Okay, so I wrote the review for one of this guy's other books, "How to get out of debt-and into praise." Like I said then, I'm not a religious person and I was very doubtful. But since the debt book was good, I thought I'd check this one out on my own. IT WAS AMAZING! He is different from any kind of preacher/writer that I've ever experienced in that he actually makes the bible make sense and uses it to confront real life issues that you're dealing with. The book compares different breeds of dogs to different types of men that women date. The book is absolutely hilarious (I laughed so hard in places that it made my stomach hurt), but it's not silly-he balances humor with information so well that your attention is glued and you can't put the book down (I finished it in a weekend). Moreover, it offers biblically based recommendations for single men and women to help us avoid destructive and hurtful relationships, and also good advice on how to choose prospective lovers. While it is religious, the book is real, and not afraid to "go there" and talk about anything, even sex. After I read the book, I was delighted to find out that there was also a video available of the sermon upon which this book is based--and after I viewed it I realized just how unique, animated and charismatic this man is (my image of him was of an old, country Baptist preacher, but it turns out that he is very young and very aware of issues relevant to young people). Any minister who makes the bible something relevant to society and to my age group is all right with me. Definitely worth the ten bucks to buy for yourself and your single friends. Keep 'em coming, Reverend!!

"Straight from the thrown of God"
While reading this book my soul was praising God. This book was right on time. (Straight from the thrown of God) It wasn't something just to "tickle our fancys". It wasn't something that was all up in the flesh just to make yourself look good, because no one can interupt you because you're the "pastor". This book ministered to me on a whole new level. I don't feel that my spirit has ever been ministered to so well, I know this book was inspired by God because it fit my situation head on. Many people were trying to tell me things about my relationships, but it was hard for me to receive it because they were looking at things through the natural eye. So when I began to read this book I was like oh my God, how could he know exactly what I've been through, and what I'm going through right now. Always knowing that it was God. It just seemed so impossible. (Yeah I know God can do the IMPOSSIBLE and he can do above all that we can even imagine) I want to thank God for sending his word just for me. I thank God for ministering exactly what I needed and letting me know that he's still with me. I mean it's like I'm here in Bainbridge, Ga and God used you all the way in Seattle, Washington. I just can't thank Him enough. I just really thank you (Revered J.T. Meeks) for allowing God to speak through you.

Loved It
I got this book through my book club, and loved it. It took me a couple of hours to go through it. Pastor breaks down the type of dogs and women who are out to use you and not necessarily love you. Highly recommended for the ones searching for that special someone.

Art of Engraving: A Book of Instructions
Published in Hardcover by Brownell (1973)
Author: James B. Meek
Amazon base price: $47.95
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learning to engrave
An excellent production, with exceptional workmanship to provide high quality photo's. The anatomy section is more for the artistic crowd then the hard metal group. Would have liked to see more information on making the cuts and shading, as well as depth control and designs. Overall a good learning book with great coverage of making the proper tools and maintaining them

firearms engraver
This book contains a wealth of information on how to engrave. topics include: scroll design, layout, inlays, and tool sharpening. I would have liked to see more information on gold inlays in print and pictures. It even has a section on power engraving. Overall this book is helpfull to the expert and novice alike.

Meek's Art of Engraving
I have read this book cover to cover twice. For someone who wants to learn how to engrave, like me, it is a true reference book. For others who simply want to better appreciate engraved items this book is just as useful.

Many illustrations done for the book were actually cut in black plexi-glass to provide the best quality images.

This book has a perminate place in my library.


How To Get Out of Debt...And Into Praise
Published in Paperback by Moody Publishers (2001)
Author: James T. Meeks
Amazon base price: $9.99
Used price: $4.00
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Lots of preaching, not much practicality
For a book on how to get out of debt, this book offers very little on how to do that. Someone needs to go through this book and correct all the math errors ... don't rely on the figures. You'll love this book if you want lots of Scripture and preaching. But there are much better books if you want to get out of debt.

So Close To Perfect.
This book is by a Pastor who really cares about the community in which he lives in. He learned this valued info and passed it on to his congregation so that they too would be Out of Debt and in to Praise. Not only did he share this info with his flock he also shared it with over thirty thousand other households in his community because of a vision that he has for his community. The book is great and has some very good info.

Pleasantly Surprised
I'm a grad student and a friend of mine gave this to me as a gift. I don't consider myself a very religious person, and I was rather skeptical of it at first. However, I found it to be inspirational and even informative. While it's very clear that the author is not a financial expert, I don't think it's his intent to come off that way. This book is definitely not for the super-intelligent wall street invester, but for the average joe who's got bills. A lot of scripture, but it supports his argument in a way that makes sense and is very encouraging even for a non-Christian. What was most helpful to me were the ten steps to debt freedom, which are practical and easy to understand. The debt reduction chart is also good as a model to help the reader to organize a plan to pay back debt and prepare for saving and investing. I honestly don't see how his math was off, other than the fact that some of the interest rates he discusses have changed. Overall, this is a good book, I think especially for young adults, college students and other people in my age group who are having a ball making debt. A surprisingly simple and valuable read.

Published in Paperback by Polygon (1997)
Author: James Meek
Amazon base price: $11.20
List price: $16.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $8.00
Collectible price: $9.27
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A Magical Mystery Tour
I went to a bit of effort to buy this novel after having read Meek's entertaining short story, "Brown Pint of Courage" in the Children of Albion Rovers collection. It sounded like a neat road trip book as this ex-student dude goes bopping around Europe with a madman and a cute woman in search of an antique egg some guy is paying him to retrieve. It's not all that funny though, and wanders off into phantasmagorical areas that left me scratching my head. Oh well.

Building the Body (Acts 2 for Small Groups)
Published in Paperback by CRC Pubns (1995)
Authors: Betty Veldman and James A. Meek
Amazon base price: $3.95
Used price: $3.87
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Children of Albion Rovers
Published in Paperback by Canongate Books Ltd (1997)
Authors: Irvine Welsh, Alan Warner, Gordon Legge, James Meek, Laura Hird, Paul Reekie, and Kevin Williamson
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $7.15
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Early Biblical Interpretation (Library of Early Christianity, Vol 3)
Published in Paperback by Westminster John Knox Press (1988)
Authors: James L. Kugel, Rowan A. Greer, and Wayne A. Meeks
Amazon base price: $27.95
Used price: $14.95
Buy one from zShops for: $27.72
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The Land and People of Scotland (Portraits of the Nation Series)
Published in Hardcover by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Publishers (1990)
Author: James Meek
Amazon base price: $18.00
Used price: $6.20
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Last Orders: And Other Stories
Published in Paperback by Small Press Distribution (1992)
Author: James Meek
Amazon base price: $16.95
Used price: $9.59
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McFarlane Boils the Sea
Published in Hardcover by Edinburgh University Press (1989)
Author: James Meek
Amazon base price: $18.00
Used price: $116.19
Collectible price: $105.88
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