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Nobody's Darling
Published in Mass Market Paperback by Bantam Books (1998)
Author: Teresa Medeiros
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Another great read from Medeiros
Nobody's Darling is another original story from this author. Billy Darling is the quintessential romantic hero. He's tough, honest, sexy, misunderstood, underestimated and a great lover. Esmerelda is a good match for him. The plot is good, the dialogue is fun, the love scenes are perfect. I was really sorry to finish this book.

Wicked Western
I normally only read Regency romances, but a friend gave me this book, along with some others, and I found it to be up to my standards.
This romance has a gun-slinging anti-hero Billy Darling, the leader of the Darling Gang, and an enchanting heroine Esmerelda, the granddaughter of a duke in England who does not acknowledge her.
Esmerelda is under the assumption that after her brother escaped her care, he met his death at the hands of the dastardly Bily Darling. She takes what is left to her and sets out to find the killer of her brother. She finds out more than she bargains for and ends up on an adventure with the whole Darling Gang.
The characters are very strong, and I found myself coming back to this book several times. As I said, I really don't like western novels or American really, but this is IT! I loved it and highly recommend it as one of Madieros's best.

lovely book
This book has all the elements Medieros fans have come to expect and to love; a misunderstood hero, the heroine who doesn't realize she is beautiful and loving, the faithful sidekick, the bad guy getting what's coming to him in the end. The book had a lot of tender moments and quiet moments that added to the depth of the characters. Issues of self denial, self worth, family history, search for indentity, those are all things that people today are struggling with, as did people way back when, and I think that "the search" is one reason why Teresa's books touch people the way they do. Billy and Esme were lost souls and I am glad that they found each other and were able to enjoy each other for a lifetime. In the end, it's not what you did for a living, or how much money you made, but the legacy you leave behind and the people whose lives you touched. The humor was enjoyable, the love scenes were very enjoyable, and I am happy to place Nobody's Darling on my shelf in my collection of Ms. Medeiros's books. I hope to continue to add to my collection as the years past.

Thief of Hearts
Published in Mass Market Paperback by Skylark (1994)
Author: Teresa Medeiros
Amazon base price: $6.50
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Although some parts were tired some it was very sweet. I have to say this book had one of the male leads,and suprising I didn't really like the herione. It was very good thought. And it will really lifts your spirts.

Beautifully Written
This book was sitting in my closet for quite some time before I read it because when I read the back cover I figured that the heroine, Lucinda, would go through a lot of embarassment. Its pretty easy to guess Gerard's identity even from reading the back so I figured that when Lucinda found out that it would be a hard time for her and I hate reading stuff like that, so I put off reading this book. However, I found the courage to pull it out and now it is one of my very favorite novels by Ms. Medeiros. Lucinda Snow, Lucy to her friends, and Miss Snow to everybody else, was so charming. She was also a dynamic character: she transforms from a naive and affection starved girl into a woman who can make her own decisions. Captain Doom was a loveable pirate who had been betrayed, and despite the rumors that he once ravished 10 virgins in one night and is a ghost, he is really a quite noble and loveable man. These two characters were perfect for each ohter. The end is the very best part and I get a silly grin on my face whenever I think about it. This book is a must read. I put it right at the top of my list along with Nobody's Darling.

A wonderfully hard to put down book!
When the notorious pirate Captain Doom tried to kidnap his enemy Admiral Snow he ended up taking Miss Lucy Snow, the Admiral's daughter, as his captive instead, stiring passions she never knew she had. When safely at home again her father hires Gerard Claremont as a bodyguard, who both quickens her pulse and her anger. With twists and turns in the plot the reader is left guessing as to who will steal Lucy's heart. This is my favorite book of Medeiros' that I've read yet! It is very well written and I had a very hard time putting it down. I recommend this book to anyone who likes a captivating love story.

A Whisper of Roses
Published in Mass Market Paperback by Bantam Books (1993)
Author: Teresa Medeiros
Amazon base price: $6.50
Used price: $0.89
Collectible price: $3.99
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Great Book! Leaves You Wanting More
This was the first book I had ever read by Teresa Medeiros. The other romances that I had read just seemed like they had too much lovey dovey stuff. Ms. Medeiros definately does not do that. This book is everything a romance should be and more. There is just something about Ms. Medeiros' writing that won't let me put a book down. Since I read this book I have continued to read other books by Ms. Medeiros, and all of her books will leave you wanting more. I have found though that out of all the ones I've read, A Whisper of Roses, is by far my favorite. I have read it about 6 or 7 times, and it still has the same effect on me. I'm always disappointed when it's over. I recommend this book to anyone who loves a good story. It will bring all of your emotions out of you. You will go from sad to happy, and more than once you'll catch yourself laughing out loud. I really love the witty commemts made between Morgan and Sabrina. I feel that I can really connect with Sabrina, and maybe that is why I love this book. If you want a good story and a lot of entertainment then this is the book for you. You should know that all of Ms. Medeiros' books are great also. She is such a talented writer that she knows how to make the reader feel like he/she is there in the story.

This is perhaps one of the most moving, poignent, and fullfilling novels I have ever read. Morgan and Sabrina are brought together, but before they can be truly happy, they must overcome some terrible obsticles. Every page kept me on my toes, waiting to see how the conflict would be resolved. What the characters felt seemed so real that at times I wanted to throw down my book and cry, which has never happened to me before. However, I have two complaints. One is that there is an important three letter phrase that I enjoy reading, even if it is completely obvious. I just feel that romance novels are more complete with these three words, however because this book was so deeply moving, the author can get away with it. Second is that I thought it would have been nice to have an epilogue. At the end I felt really sad that I did not get to read about any additions that Morgan and Sabrina had made to the family. Despite these two minor details, this book was wonderfully written and at the end the reader can almost feel triumphant.

Pride--Love--Sacrifices... A 10 stars!
After reading 3 non-impressive books in a row, I was afraid I'm loosing my taste for historical romance novels. I've reread my favorites to bring back my mood in vain and so I decided to read a book from one of my favorite authors. THANK YOU, Ms. Medeiros for bringing me back on track with this poignant story of Morgan and Sabrina.

I would give this book a 10 stars if I could. It's been awhile since I have enjoyed a story this much that I was afraid for it to end. Well, it has to end sometime, I know...but I am in no rush, so I was slowly reading this one, absorbing every detail and pleasuring every moment of it yet I still found myself saddened when it finally came to an end. Of all of Teresa Medeiros books that I've read, this is by far her best work. And ONE of the few best ones I've read as well. The plot is one tracked yet eloquent. Characters are impressive even the secondary ones. But Morgan and Sabrina are the prime ones of all. There are no lovey-dovey words between them, but the essence of their affection is clear. I too prefer to read the "three important words" in all of my books, however obvious it may be but Morgan and Sabrina's love for each other was written beautifully... so deep and strong that I too didn't particularly fuss about this self-preference. The way they handled the trials and errors that came their way was surely proof enough. The element of surprise found in this story utterly quenched, warmed and enjoyed my heart. So many unexpected twist and so many heart soaring scenes... Aww, I don't want to mention even one scene here cuz I want readers to feel the goosebumps first hand. Lots of funny moments as well, ones that will make u laugh out loud. *Sigh* Maybe there's a sequel for this book? Since I am a sucker for Epilogues, which unfortunately is not found in this book, perhaps Ms. Medeiros will find time to create story for Alex or Brian, Sabrina's brothers. That way, I would read updates of Morgan, Sabrina and their offsprings.

Overall, this book is funny, exciting, heart warming, deeply affecting and thoroughly satisfying. I recommend this book with all of my might. READ and once again be AWED by this author.

Breath of Magic
Published in Mass Market Paperback by Bantam Books (1996)
Author: Teresa Medeiros
Amazon base price: $6.50
Used price: $0.89
Collectible price: $1.94
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wonderful book
Well this is the first book of a two part series. the second book in this series is called "Touch of Enchantment" I read that book first and had go back and read this one. I'm so glad I did because it does clear up some stuff that was mentioned in the second book.

This is the story of Arian Whitewood. A fumbling witch who suddenly finds herself flung 300 years in the future to modern New York City and into the arms of billionaire Tristan Lennox.
Arian was fleeing for her life and some how cast a spell which sent her time traveling. She shows up flying on a broom being chased by what she thinks is a dragon, its actually a helicopter, right in the middle of a contest that Tristan has set up to give away one million dollars to anyone who can prove to him that magic is real. Well she wins hands down. He still is skeptal though and puts her through a lot before he realizes that she really is magical. She falls for him hard and even though he puts her through hell she stays strong in her love. When he finally realizes that he does love her he must fight and use a bit of magic himself to get her back.

This story has wonderful secondary characters in it. I would have liked to have read stories about Copperfield, Tristan's best friend and the body guard Sven. the villians in this story make it exciting and give the plot a kick.

I really enjoyed reading this book because it was funny, tender, exciting, and loving. I will definately read more from this author.

Read this book
This is my favorite Medeiros romance. It really spoke to me. How many people feel alone can see Arian and Tristan as metaphors for their own isolation and lonliness, even if they are not a witch or a billionaire. Money certainly doesn't buy happiness. Tristan who has everything except someone to make him laugh, someone to come home to, is like a child in so many ways, and not all of them good. Still he is very likable. I know that there will be women reading this book who believe that they have the power to make a man so very happy if only given the chance. We could heal the walking wounded like Tristan if he would only let us into his life. There was a lot of humor like the scene in Harlem, the totally non PC of it all as Arian tumbles through the 20th century. But I certainly can't give away all the great scenes. I think Tristan is a fully fleshed out hero. His hurts, real and imaginary, are completely understandable. Love really does conquer all. I remember a quote from Princess Diana about the lack love being the thing that is the most damaging problem in the world. This novel really shows that love is healing and allows people to deal with their pain and move forward. The love scenes are wonderful and so is the unfolding of the story overall. Okay, what are you waiting for? Order this book!

Just a really heartwarming story!!
Breath of Magic is absolutely great! I loved the storyline, and the interaction between Tristan and Arian is beautiful!

Arian is a witch living in Salem, and is about to be hanged because someone accused her because he wa jealous. She is given the "witch test," which means the townspeople dunk her into water, and if she drowns, she is a witch. How barbaric! Anyway, she makes a wish on her mother's amulet, and is transported to the future.

In the future, Tristan is holding a contest. Anyone who can prove magic exists will be awarded one million dollars. Imagine his surprise when Arian crashes at his feet on her broomstick! From there on, there are many hilarious situations in which Tristan can't really believe what is happening even though he sees it.

The growing relationship between Tristan and Arian is well written. They didn't just fall into bed together because they were beautiful people. In fact, throughout most of the novel, Tristan doesn't quite trust Arian, but he can't help his feelings either. The ending has just an incredible twist!

This novel has romance, science fiction, and a mystery all rolled into one. It's simply fantastic! I highly recommend it!

Charming the Prince
Published in Mass Market Paperback by Bantam Books (06 April, 1999)
Author: Teresa Medeiros
Amazon base price: $6.99
Used price: $0.70
Collectible price: $1.00
Buy one from zShops for: $1.10
Average review score:

Starts out cutesy and doesn't stop there....
Of all the Teresa Medeiros books I've read thus far, this one disappointed me the most. I found myself on an excessively long layover, and had finished this fluffy fare by the time my plane boarded. It tops out at a very quick 342 pages, and while the writing is entertaining enough in typical Medeiros style, it's the story here that is profoundly lacking.

The story starts out with a scene ripped directly from Cinderella itself (and a Hollywood remake starring Drew Barrymore) -- Willow's father marries a rich heiress with a brood of her own and supplants our young heroine in her father's heart. She becomes the unwanted daughter, and servant to her stepmother's handsome children.

Bannor the Bold (ugh) is your typical warlord. Only now his war is over, and he returns home to his castle to be the father to the children he managed to father while off to war for the past 14 years (a huge, questionable hole in the plot that the author never explains, and the heroine never thinks of, but hey). A rather prolific daddy, he's got 12 brats, and now he needs a mother to take care of them, and assigns his steward to the job, telling him not to pick out a hot babe for his bride, because he doesn't want any more kids. Steward being the moron that he is, the story being as predictable as it is, Bannor gets stuck with the gorgeous lady Willow.

Now, if I was Willow, I'd be plenty irked that I'd been shipped off from one family of brats to another, but Willow quickly adjusts and finds the time to fall all over Bannor, who isn't all that hard to like. Why? He doesn't have a personality, really. The story doesn't really have a lot of hard conflict -- the pace is set by Willow vs the Kids, then Willow & the kids vs Bannor, so on and so forth. There's even a silly scene (that's supposed to be sexy) involving a shilling that made me groan with dismay.

It's not a bad story, if you can look past the cheese that coats it. Willow is a boring Cinderella, the kids are nightmares, and Bannor the Bland doesn't particularly stand out. I liked Medeiros's previous books that I had read, and was looking forward to this one. I'm wavering between 2 and a half and 3 stars, honestly, so I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.

In 1360 England, Lord Bannor the Bold returns to his home after years at war. Bot h his wives have died, leaving him with a dozen children to raise. With no mother, the children have become royal monsters. Bannor, afraid that he'll get another woman with child, sends his steward to find him an ugly wife who will be mother to his children. What he gets instead is Lady Willow, a beautiful young woman whose dreams are of a prince charming.

At first Bannor is horrified! Lady Willow would surely be too tempting for him. He ignores her and sets his children out to terrorize her. He is surprised when she joins forces with the children to make HIS life miserable. Eventually the two find a truce and find that true love always wins.

This was my first book by Teresa Mediros, and I found it to be very charming and sometimes extremely funny! Highly recommended.

Very charming
In 1360 England, Lord Bannor the Bold returns to his home after years at war. Bot h his wives have died, leaving him with a dozen children to raise. With no mother, the children have become royal monsters. Bannor, afraid that he'll get another woman with child, sends his steward to find him an ugly wife who will be mother to his children. What he gets instead is Lady Willow, a beautiful young woman whose dreams are of a prince charming.

At first Bannor is horrified! Lady Willow would surely be too tempting for him. He ignores her and sets his children out to terrorize her. He is surprised when she joins forces with the children to make HIS life miserable. Eventually the two find a truce and find that true love always wins.

This was my first book by Teresa Mediros, and I found it to be very charming and sometimes extremely funny! Highly recommended.

Once an Angel
Published in Mass Market Paperback by Bantam Books (1993)
Author: Teresa Medeiros
Amazon base price: $6.99
Used price: $0.10
Collectible price: $2.50
Buy one from zShops for: $3.00
Average review score:

Exciting, Funny & Passionate
My sister gave me this book to read and I read it in two days. Teresa Meideros stories really draw me in with her sense of humor. Emily is so funny, naughty and very unpredictable. Justin's fits of jealousy make him very uncivilized in such a civilized society. The chemistry between the two of them is electric. From New Zealand to England, I loved how this story unfolded.

A wonderful story filled with love, adventure & humor.
Teresa is one of my favorite authors. This book is one of her best. I re-read it again yesterday & laughed until I cried during the lobster caper. Teresa writes so you are drawn into the characters, you can't wait to turn the page & see what happens next. Her sense of humor shines through in each of her books. They are a delight to savor! She has written many books - but they are all so different, not the same old story re-written with a slight variation. When you look at each of her books you realize the work & creativity that goes into each to make them all something different & special. That effort does not go un-appreciated! Thank you Teresa - keep up the awesome work! I continually scour the book stores waiting for your next book.

Much More than A Romance
This may be my favorite Theresa Medeiros story. The characters in this book are larger than life and when the story is finished, you want to keep visiting with your 'friends'.

The story covers all the range of emotions; laughter, tears, anticipation, fear, etc.

The humor is exceptional and is perhaps the best in this novel over any of her others which I have read so far. It is delightful to be reading and burst out laughing at some
unexpected surprise.

There are some uncomfortable edgy scenes that fill you with dread. There are also very graphic sensual scenes which modest readers would be uncomfortable reading.

But the book is so well developed that it is more than just a romance. It is an experience.

Touch of Enchantment
Published in Paperback by Bantam Books (1997)
Author: Teresa Medeiros
Amazon base price: $6.99
Used price: $0.75
Collectible price: $1.53
Buy one from zShops for: $4.72
Average review score:

Enchanted I was not!
This is the first Teresa Medeiros book I've ever purchased and read. I have to say that her heroine was not a very endearing character. Okay, so she's not very talented when it comes to using her gift, but she had the amulet left to her by her mother, couldn't she make good use of it? Also, I find it hard to believe that she almost willingly gave this amulet to Sir Colin for "safe keeping"! Come on! Where's the common sense? And why did she not think of wishing her attire to fit the time period she was in? Why continue wearing your 20th century pajamas? I'm sorry to say, I know I love fiction romance novels, but I don't like books that seem to have been written wishy-washy. Save your money and buy an Elizabeth Lowell or a Lynn Kurland books.

a funny timetravel book!
This book is actually the sequel to "Breath of Magic" which I am going to go back and read now. I have loved very book Teresa Medeiros has written. She has humor, tenderness, true to life characters and she doesn't gloss over the harshness of the historical times of which she writes.

This book starts off with Tabitha, a modern day witch. Yes those of us old enough to remember "Bewitched" from Tv will know that Tabitha was the daughter with the cute little nose. The book actually mentions that show several times. Anyway she hates her magic because it never goes right. The 1st boy she ever kissed she turns into a frog by accident and it just kept getting worse to the point that she has almost hidden herself away from the world and her magic. Her parents,from "Breath of Magic" have tried to help her embrace her magic but to no avail.

Tabitha learns that her parents are missing and her mother has left her a special message to find an emerald amulet which transports her back in time to be found by her "knight in shining armor" Colin. Colin is on the run from the man who has killed his family and ruined his castle while he was away on a Crusade. He has returned to find eveything in ruin and his once best friend wanting to kill him. He almost trample Tabitha and from that day on they are forever linked.

Teresa Medeiros takes the reader on a wild adventure where your not sure you will end up next. The humor is terific, the love scenes hot enough to burn the paper and enough tenderness to make you cry. I really liked this book and can't wait to get the 1st book and read it.

Lovely, Funny, absolutely charming!!
This is the second book of Teresa Medeiros that I read. I just realized that it is a sequal of "Breath of Magic". However, this book can stand by itself. The story begins when Tabitha, a modern-day lady with a gift of magic which always goes wrong, was swept across time into an arm of Sir Colin, a chivalrous knight in medieval England. As you can guess, with her out-of-control magic, Tabitha caused a bit chaos in Sir Colin's life while also stirred great desire in his heart. Ms. Medeiros's writing style is full of magic. The story progressed in a butterfly-flying-in-a-lovely-meadow pace. That means, nothing's serious! While feeling between two characters developed over time, there are also a lot of adventurous situations to hook you up. Sir Colin is an adorable character and a perfect male character in romance novel. Tabitha, on the other hand, is a funny, head-strong character but can be annoying sometime. However, with a touch of Ms. Medeiros's talent, this book is still very entertaining. I laughed and smiled a lot. So if you're Teresa Medeiros's fans or just looking around for a good and stress-free fantasy romance novel to read, I highly recommend this book. And you will love it just as I do..

The Bride and the Beast
Published in Hardcover by Bantam Doubleday Dell Pub (Trd) (06 June, 2000)
Author: Teresa Medeiros
Amazon base price: $15.95
Used price: $0.39
Collectible price: $4.20
Buy one from zShops for: $2.41
Average review score:

Wit, wisdom, and spellbinding love
On a dark and stormy night in 1761, the superstitious Highlanders of Ballybliss receive yet another demand from the Dragon that prowls the shadows of Castle Weyrcraig. To break an old curse laid upon them 15 years ago and to satisfy the demands of the Dragon, the villagers decide on a sacrificial offering that comes in the form of Gwendolyn Wilder, the village virgin. She is bound, staked, and left in the courtyard of the ancient fortress of Weyrcraig to die at the hands of the Dragon. Gwendolyn, however, does not believe in dragons, and the Dragon does not have much of an appetite for virgins. Or do they?

THE BRIDE AND THE BEAST is a sensual romance that centers on revenge and betrayal. This tale is a satisfying page turner, with enchanting lead characters and an emotional storyline. Though it ends somewhat dispassionately, this Teresa Medeiros book is a pleasure to read.

Kerry Atkins

A new treasure for the keeper shelf!
Teresa Medeiros has been one of my favorite authors since way back when and she just keeps getting better. I didn't think she could top CHARMING THE PRINCE, but she did it with this one. I can't explain why her writing is so powerful, but she makes me feel all of the emotions her characters are feeling. I fell in love with "the Dragon" right along with Gwendolyn and to me, that's true magic! (I have to confess that I also fell a little in love with Tupper, too!) I also loved the fact that her heroine wasn't a size 2 in this book, but a "plump" beauty. (Just like me!)

Myshelf.Com Book Reviewer
Teresa Medeiro's THE BRIDE AND THE BEAST is a rich tapestry overflowing with emotional drama. Readers will be spellbound and left guessing right up until the end as the climax slowly unravels its memorizing tale.

Known only as Dragon, a fearless creature set on reeking vengeance on the helpless townspeople of Ballybliss. He ruthlessly demands an unrealistic sum of one thousand pounds, the citizens known such a high price could not be provided. They offer the only alternative equivalent to the sum, Gwendolyn Wilder, a well-known virgin. Surprised at the gift the townspeople offer, he is captivated by the spirit and beauty Gwendolyn exhibits. Will she have the power to conquer his lair, his chamber, his bed?

Gwendolyn Wilder lost her heart and the love her life tragically fifteen years ago. Now her life consists of caring for an insane father and three haphazard sisters. When the town forces her to sacrifice her life to save them from destruction, she tries to escape. Unfortunately, she is captured and delivered to Castle Weyrcraig, known as the Dragons Lair. Dragon refuses to reveal his mysterious face, and communicates through a smoky voice, seductive touch, and a ravishing kiss. Will she have the courage to slay the Dragon and capture his heart?

THE BRIDE AND THE BEAST is deftly plotted and beautifully written. Readers will find it an engrossing tale, with a delightful cast of characters. It will long be remembered and revisited many times to come.

Fairest of Them All
Published in Paperback by Bantam/Fanfare (1995)
Author: Teresa Medeiros
Amazon base price: $6.50
Used price: $1.15
Collectible price: $3.18
Buy one from zShops for: $3.00
Average review score:

Suacy Spicy and not too nice!
I am an absolute fan of Theresa Medeiros books. She chooses subject matters that are greatly appealing to me and writes with humor, candor, pathos, and good straight psychology.

This book was just a little bit edgy for me. I loved the mix of fairytale themes, which is present in every book of hers that I have read. This one featured the Princess held captive in the tower with echoes of 'Beauty and the Beast' and 'Snow White'.

Much of it was delightful and funny as I have come to expect, but I found this book to be just a shade darker than usual. The hero's treatment of his lady was slightly sadistic and painful. While this was in keeping with the psychological makeup you would expect from someone with his ancestry, it was still dark reading.

However, it all comes right in a believable and enjoyable way. So if you can grit your teeth through the suffering, you will mostly enjoy the book.

As with most of Theresa's books the lovemaking is very explicit, extremely well written but not for the modest reader.

Medeiros never disappoints!!
This is the fourth or fifth book I've read by this author, and I'm so impressed by how she always delivers. Unlike many romance authors, she doesn't follow any particular pattern, either in subject matter or storyline. The theme of this book was unique and refreshing: a woman who's tired of being loved for her looks but, when she becomes ugly, learns that because she wasn't that beautiful "on the inside" to begin with, maybe her looks were the only thing about her worth loving after all, and decides to change her ways. This book contains the humor we've come to expect from Medeiros. But the book isn't so light that it lacks substance. Case in point, my favorite, heartmelting scene: Austyn, believing that Holly is about to be raped, urges her not to fight and risk her life, assuring her that he'll love her no matter what happens. This book delivered everything you could want in a romance. It's a keeper.

The best book I have read in years!
"The Fairest of Them All"Was the best book I have ever read.I really didn't like romance books until now.First of all this book does not have a picture of a shirtless man groping a half naked women on the cover.Second,It didn't make such a big deal out of Holly's beauty as it could have.This book is basicly about a woman who is so subborn,she won't marry the man her father tells her to so she tries to make herself look so ugly that no man will want her.But she is mistaken,someone does want her,Sir Austyn of Gavenmore.Holly finds out about herself and the demons of Austyn's past.The ending was excellent and made me want a sequel.If you buy any romance book buy this one!

A Kiss to Remember
Published in Mass Market Paperback by Bantam Books (30 April, 2002)
Author: Teresa Medeiros
Amazon base price: $6.34
List price: $6.50 (that's 2% off!)
Used price: $0.01
Collectible price: $2.25
Buy one from zShops for: $1.00
Average review score:

Cute, but not wonderful
This was a cute story, I did enjoy it but found myself skimming thru a lot of it. Can't say it'll be on my keepers shelf.

Pleasurable and Sweet
A Kiss to Remember strikes at the heart of those of us that like to see characters forgiven and redeemed by the heroine's love. In this book, the Devil Duke, loses his memory and is given a new chance with a girl his mother loved as her own daughter.

Neither one of the main character's childhoods really allowed them the freedom of being themselves. The Duke is especially wounded having being abondoned by his father and abused by his uncle. Laura longs to show Sterling that he was truly loved by his mother. She just has to get past the tough exterior Sterling has to cover his true sensitive nature. Of course, with the help of two younger siblings, especially her conniving baby sister Lottie, Laura gets in a lot of trouble on her path to redemption.

The romance is hot in this book. A sensual spell is woven around the two main characters that truly ignite feelings that their love is real. It's an amazing quality that Teresa has fed into this rather well-known story. It delighted me and i have re-read the book many times just to see Laura and Sterling relive their passion!

An enchanting Kiss that breathes imagination
After her savagely poignant take on The Bride and The Beast, Teresa Medeiro sprinkles her fairy dust onto her enchanting spin on Sleeping Beauty with A KISS TO REMEMBER. Given to his ruthlessly cynical uncle by his parents, Sterling Harlow grows up to be a replica of the curmudgeon without paternal love. He ignores his mother's pleas to reconcile and swears to reclaim his Arden Manor. With the demise of his mother, Sterling now the duke of Devonbrooke decides to repossess his house and throw Laura Fairleigh and her siblings aside. He is jealous of the care his mother had showered upon strangers rather than her son.

His trip unexpectedly causes him a fall which led to amnesia. He is awakened by a kiss from Laura who, being compelled by circumstances, claims him to his husband Nicholas. A passion ensues between them but Laura knows her happiness will be threatened by Nichola's real awakening...

Teresa Medeiro once again breathes imagination into her story. Peopled with entertaining characters like Lottie and George as well as her servants Cookie, it crackles with warmth and laughter. It is ultimately a tale of love and redemption which under Medeiro's silver pen becomes wispy and poignant. It is sensual and laced with snappy dialogue - and the characters are brimming with emotions. This deliciously frothy read should make it a tale to be remembered.

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