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The Bruins
Published in Paperback by Stoddart Publishing (15 September, 2000)
Authors: Brian McFarlane and Don Cherry
Amazon base price: $13.95
Used price: $6.50
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Brian McFarlane does an excellent job on the Bruin's.
As a long time Bruin fan, I highly recommend this book. McFarlane does an excellent job recounting many great stories from the early years of this great franhise to the Bruins today. This book would also make a great gift for any hockey fan. Highly recommended.

Good Stories...
I enjoyed the book very much. For hockey fans and non-hockey fans. An easy read that recaps the history of the Bruins in small easy to read chapters. Rather than just tell the history, which it does do, it includes behind the scenes stories which are funny, interesting, and amazing. I'm looking forward to reading the entire Original Six series by this author. A great starting book for all hockey fans and especially those who don't know much about hockey but are interested!

The Habs: Brian McFarlane's Original Six
Published in Paperback by Stoddart Pub (1997)
Author: Brian McFarlane
Amazon base price: $13.95
Used price: $6.50
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Great read for any Habs fan
This is a great read for any fan of the Montreal Canadiens. Whether you are a long-time follower and want to relive some moments of glory, or a recent admirer and want to learn about the incredible legacy of this team, you will like this book. Even to those newer to the sport can easily get caught up in the vivid accounts of times past. At times the descriptive stories about some of the greatest moments in the history of the game brought a rush of emotion and pride as I pictured myself in the Forum of old, cheering on the Richards, Toe Blake, Ken Dryden, Guy Lafleur, and so many others. If you like hockey, this book should be considered a must-read.

A Great Book
Being a fan of the Montreal Canadiens, this book was an obvious choice for me. I found it was a great book to read. It covers the Habs in great detail and is hard to put down. If you're a Montreal Canadiens fan, this book is for you.

An Autobiography of British Cinema: By the Actors and Filmmakers Who Made It (Methuen Film)
Published in Paperback by Methuen Publishing, Ltd (1998)
Authors: Brian McFarlane and British Film Institute
Amazon base price: $24.95
Used price: $120.13
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Interesting Interviews
This is a handy and entertaining guide to the British cinema with scores of interviews on the greats in all basic categories, from performers to directors to producers to writers to cinematographers. The brief interviews cover main points of the individuals' careers. McFarlane also provides chronological lists of films pertaining to his subjects.

It is great to read the insights of film figures of the stature of Moira Shearer, the dazzling redhead who wowed moviegoers in "The Red Shoes" as well as an interview of director John Schlesinger, who was such a profound influence on British and world cinema with timely works such as "Sunday, Bloody Sunday!" and "Billy Liar." The book also includes a foreword by Julie Christie, who notched a Best Actress Oscar starring in another of Schlesinger's timely sixties' social rebellion films, "Darling," which also starred Dirk Bogarde and Laurence Harvey. Ken Annakin's interview relates how he became involved in film directing as a protege of Sir Carol Reed, and includes his perspectives on Walt Disney and Darryl F. Zanuck, for which he turned out enduring films such as "The Swiss Family Robinson" and "The Longest Day." Oscar-winning cinematographer Guy Green tells about working with David Lean in "Oliver Twist" and "Great Expectations," the latter of which earned him his Academy Award.

A nice feature of this book is that the reader can easily approach the subject matter without regard to sequence, covering the individuals interviewed in order of interest. Just open to the table of contents and look up your favorites.

Brian McFarlane's World of Hockey
Published in Paperback by Stoddart (2001)
Author: Brian McFarlane
Amazon base price: $14.95
Used price: $4.49
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Terrific book
One of the best hockey books I've ever read -- and I've read a ton. Highly readable and terrific insight and anecdotes from past and current players as well as officials and team owners. If you are a hockey fan, buy this book!

It Happened in Hockey
Published in Paperback by Stoddart Pub (1994)
Author: Brian McFarlane
Amazon base price: $10.95
Used price: $2.92
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Supper! Very Interesting!
It has a lot of information about hockey and what has happened in the history of hockey.

Proud Past, Bright Future: One Hundred Years of Canadian Women's Hockey
Published in Hardcover by Stoddart Pub (1995)
Author: Brian McFarlane
Amazon base price: $30.00
Used price: $9.50
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Fantastic book
I read this book about 4 years ago and found it in my college library which really surprised me since I live in Nevada and this isn't exactly a hockey hotbed. I thought it was great and since I'm both a hockey nut and a history nerd, this was great to read. The only minor issue I have with it was towards the end when it turned into Team Canada kicks [tail]! Since I was reading this after the USA women won the very first women's Olympic hockey gold, this was a bit of an issue. I thought it was great to learn about how women have been playing the game as long as the men and that Lord Stanely's daughters even tried their hands at it. Would highly recommend this to anyone interested in hockey, sports history, and women's sports. Love the pictures too!

The Red Wings (Original Six Series , No 4)
Published in Hardcover by Stoddart Pub (1998)
Authors: Brian McFarlane and Ted Lindsay
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $12.00
Collectible price: $12.59
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Great History of Red Wings!
Another great book by Brian McFarlane. Nice entries on Gordie Howe,Steve Yzerman and Vladimir Konstantinov. Recommended for Wings and hockey fans alike. A book that can be read over and over again. Go Wings!!

Sam Steele: Lion of the Frontier
Published in Hardcover by Centax Books and Distribution (28 May, 1999)
Authors: Robert Stewart, John Author photo: Sleeman, Brian Danchuk, Margo Embury, Research, and Agnes index: McFarlane
Amazon base price: $59.95
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A gripping true adventure story of an RCMP hero.
Sam Steele was one of the first three men to join the NWMP in 1873. This book gives the true flavor of the pioneering hardships and adventures of the early RCMP force as they tamed the Canadian west. Numerous archival photographs and maps are integrated with the text -- you feel as if you are getting to know the men exploring the plains; you feel like a participant in their experiences as they endure physical dangers from a harsh, unforgiving climate and work to bring peace and "civilization" to a primitive land. From the first contact with Indian bands, through the building of the transcontinental railway, and the northern gold rush, Sam Steele was involved in every aspect of policing the Canadian west. This book does justice to his indominitable spirit and chronicles his amazing accomplishments, including his later action in the Boer War with the Lord Strathcona Horse and as a Major-General with the Canadian army in England during WWI. It's rare to encounter an accurate history book that is so exciting and so readable.

The Best of It Happened in Hockey
Published in Hardcover by Stoddart Pub (1998)
Author: Brian McFarlane
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $6.30
Collectible price: $6.35
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Comprehensive Collection of Stories
The Best of it Happened in Hockey is a great collection of stories that span more than 150 years of the history of the game. I was very impressed with the variety of stories and I thought that McFarlane did a great job in making it a very well balanced book. There are some classic stories as well as rarely heard tales from all eras.

The book itself was laid out nicely and was very easy to read. This is a great book for anyone who is interested in some of the finer details of hockey history such as myself. McFarlane doesn't have the world's finest story telling abilities, but he's still a guy you want on your bookshelf. Though he doesn't produce a story with as much color as a Don Cherry or a Stan Fischler, his collection of data more than makes up for his shortcomings.

Overall, a superb book that any devote hockey fan will really fine interesting and entertaining.

great stuff
From a person who loves the game of hockey, past and present,this book is excellent. Even if you know every stat around I guaranteetheres something interesting in this book that you didnt know. Do want to know about the fight that John Ferguson waited 10 years for? Well its in here along with tons of other hockey stories than any true fan can certainly appreciate.

Incredibly entertaining hockey anecdotes.
This book ranks at the top of my list so far as hockey books are concerned. Unlike many books, this one does not contain a single complete story, but a collection of amusing anecdotes ranging from the late nineteenth century to the recent years of NHL hockey. Since there are differnt stories in this book, my interest was rejuvenated every time I would start a new one-page anecdote. I would recommend this book to any hockey fan of any callibre, from the new kid watching his first hockey season, to those older hardcore fans who remember Howie Morenz's style of play.

The Puck Starts Here: The Origin of Canada's Great Winter Game: Ice Hockey
Published in Paperback by Goose Lane Editions (1997)
Authors: Garth Vaughan and Brian McFarlane
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $12.50
Collectible price: $20.12
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A fine read, with mountains of evidence to suggest that the great game of hockey that we know in modern times was invented in Nova Scotia, not Kingston, Ontario or Montreal. I particularly enjoyed the descriptions of life in the early to mid 1800's in Canada and the advertisements for hockey equipment from that era. Die hard hockey fans will enjoy this.

Vaughan scores with this book!
This book gives a fascinating look into the origins of ice hockey. Vaughan provides the reader with evidence of the early development of hockey in Windsor, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is a very easy and entertaining read and is interlaced with several interesting photographs and illustrations. From learning the game's early rules, to how the first skates, sticks and pucks were made, to interesting anecdotes about the first Stanley Cup, each page gives the reader a wonderful look into the history of the game. A must read for any hockey fan!

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