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The Cowboy and the Vampire: A Very Unusual Romance
Published in Paperback by Llewellyn Publications (1999)
Authors: Clark Hays and Kathleen McFall
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A great read
I always tend to take the reviews on here with a grain of salt, either people love them or hate them. And I mean hate with a capital H. There are reviews on this book like that. This books doesn't warrant that type of review. It's a fun book. The character's are interesting. It's definately worth picking up.

Best of the Old West meets the Big City
I picked this book up ... Let me tell you - I would have paid five times as much !!! The title really caught my eye, and the brief backpage description sold me. I fell in love with our cowboy Tucker, his horse Snort, his dog Rex, and even crusty old Dad.

Lizzie ? She ROCKED !!!!

Once I began reading, I could not put the book down. I literally read all night, and enjoyed every page and every minute. The style in which the book is written, alternating chapters written in first person by Tucker and Lizzie, is wonderful. Their unique and colorful personalities are reflected in their descriptive language. The characters are "killer" and the humor is divine.

I equally enjoyed the secondary characters, especially Tucker's childhood buddy Lenny the militia man and expert weapon creator. The plot is great and the story flow is pefect. Not once was I tempted to put this book down or skim a single page. The authors keep the reader in perpetual suspense - never knowing what to expect next.

PLEASE, oh please, let there be a sequel. If not, at least more books in the same "vein". Pun fully intended.

I've passed this book around to various friends and family members who have all loved it as much as I did .

A great blend of Romance, Comedy and Horror that works!
Lizzie (Queen of the Vampires) from New York City and Tucker (real life Cowboy) from LonePine, Wyoming meet by chance and fall deeply in love. But to stay together they must deal with scores of Vampires, some good and some bad. A great cast of characters that you won't soon forget. Hey Guys... don't let the Romance scare you away from this book, it's not sappy at all. A very enjoyable read! Highly recommended!!
To the authors Clark Hays & Kathleen Mcfall... Thank you. Please give us more fun reads.

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