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The Tutor's Bride
Published in Paperback by Blue Moon Books (1989)
Authors: Martin Pyx and Edward Alexander
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Extremely unsatisfying--eroticism it is not.
The book's description was completely inaccurate. Unless you're a over-bearing, insecure male who receives pleasure from the domination, humiliation and brutality of weak women (where's the challenge in that?), this book is worthless as erotic literature. Furthermore, it is NOT a good example of erotic Victorian literature. Its tendency to mix carnality and Christian spirituality is total offensive and inappropriate.

Extraordinarily satisfying writing from cover to cover
Martin Pyx has outdone himself with his account of life, love, discipline, and their erotic underside on the isle of Mardi Blanc. His playful yet fiercely sexual use of language, coupled with his overlapping and interlocking narrative structure make The Tutor's Bride an intensely erotic read, but also a humorous one--it is possible to smile at numerous passages, upon reading and re-reading, and even laugh gently aloud at certain conceits of phrasing and word-play. Fans of this sort of fiction, of which this reviewer is one, should love the book, and even those who are unfamiliar with the field may appreciate the play of Pyx's mind, the richness and variety of his erotic imaginings, and the care with which he has edited those imaginings on the printed page. What's more, this volume is essential if one is to fully understand the "in" humor of such companion volumes as Summer Frolics and Autumn Scandals.

Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine
Published in Hardcover by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Publishers (2002)
Authors: Martin P., Md. Sandler, R. Edward, Md. Coleman, James A., Ph.D. Patton, Frans J. Th., Md. Wackers, Alexander, Md. Gottschalk, and Martin P. Sandler
Amazon base price: $225.00
Used price: $194.00
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Goddards: Sir Edwin Lutyens (Architecture in Detail)
Published in Paperback by Phaidon Press Inc. (1996)
Authors: Brian Edwards, Martin Charles, Alexander Griffin, James Wright, and Edwin Lutyens
Amazon base price: $27.99
Used price: $7.79
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Open City #9 : Bewitched
Published in Paperback by Open City Books (2000)
Authors: Jonathan Ames, Geoff Dyer, Edward Munch, Alba Branca, Said Shirazi, Sam Lipsyte, Alexander Chancellor, Rick Wormwood, Martin Creed, and Laura Owens
Amazon base price: $8.00
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