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New and Selected Poems of Thomas Lux : 1975 - 1995
Published in Hardcover by Houghton Mifflin Co (15 April, 1997)
Author: Thomas Lux
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Watching a poet grow and mature...
Reading this collection one gets a sense of how Lux has changed over the years and how those changes have affected his poetry. His keen sense of focus, his delight in learning something in a poem, the playful titles... all remain, but the polish, the craftmanship gets better and better. Thomas in print, Tom when you meet him and hear him read - you will laugh at his reading, picking up lines you missed yourself... Try starting with his poem "The Voice You Hear When You Read Silently" and see if he does not make you aware of that voice AS YOU READ the very poem about that voice. Son of a milkman, read "The Milkman and his Son" and then one to his unborn daughter (p.113) and then her little girl rhymes in "Criss Cross Apple Sauce"... then pause a moment to consider his own childhood in "Refrigerator,1957"... So, it's all from his own life, you ask - another of those confessional poets of the 90's. Not so, says I - find a complete bio in these pages and you are under the influence... it's from YOUR life, I say - and mine, of course. Chronological? Hardly. Even the poems start with the new and look back. Writing this here on the computer I am losing my thoughts because I am getting caught up in the book sitting beside me... read the book, read a few poems each day, make copies for the uninitiated of the poem he wrote for them. I cannot give it a 10 because Lux would not give it a 10 - where could he go from there?

Rage and Rapture- the Poetry of Thomas Lux

Tom Lux is the best-kept secret in American Poetry.

Has reading poetry ever poetry frustrated you? Were you taught poetry is some kind of impressive sounding puzzle only a specialist could understand? Well, you must read "New and Selected Poems 1975-1995", because these poems will confound your experience with boring, academic or overly allusive verse. To "get" these poems, you won't need an overpaid theorist to explain them to you, all you need is your experience as an every-day human being.

It's the poet's job to bring the poems alive, make them clear, and engage the reader, and Lux does all this with verve. The subjects of the poems are wide ranging, (as skimming the above list of titles will reveal) but Lux never shallowly uses a subject for its shock value; all the poems honestly and intently explore. The diction is sharply focused, the metaphor surprising, and the sound harmonious and pleasant to read (yes you will actually enjoy saying the poems), but the key to Thomas Lux's poetry is the voice, the resonant from-your-chest, angry, needling, amused, serious, tender and wry voice.

But here I am, telling you what the poetry is like, not what why its valuable.

You should read this book, aloud and often: its music will please your mouth, the subjects will intrigue you, and the poems as poems, whole utterances, will make you feel very much alive.

RJ McCaffery

The Street of Clocks
Published in Hardcover by Houghton Mifflin Co (2001)
Author: Thomas Lux
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Vultures and livers
This won't come as a surprise to those who know Lux's work, but *The Street of Clocks* is very good. This is, of course, also the guy who gave us "Commercial Leech Farming Today" (so much for those who say there's no new subject matter), so it always amazes me how many people don't know his work. But you should, all of you. I don't know anybody else who writes like Lux.

Describing his work, unfortunately, is more difficult than flinging around general superlatives. Often weird subject matter which nonetheless hooks into the same stuff we're all feeling: check. Unexpected vocabulary: check. But those features might be thought to equal only novelty (or at best a quirky vision appreciated only by a few isolated fellow nutcases) if it weren't for all the other stuff.

Other stuff. There's the voice, which you couldn't mistake in a thousand; in a period when an awful lot of poets sound an awful lot alike, Lux's voice is distinctive. (I'm not making this up.) That whole James-Wright-minor-melancholy tone that's so prevalent in folks coming out of workshops is absent in his poems, though it's not hard to see that Wright was an influence some way back. And there's the craft; Lux's line breaks are thought out in a way that too many poets' don't seem to be, and he manages formal verse as handily as free. (I think I'm quoting Lewis Turco when I remark that free verse isn't; and Lux knows it.) And there's the specificity which characterizes all good poets: to quote one of my favorites (from *Half-Promised Land*), "Yes!--it does, it does feel exactly fine/ crawling ashore, emptying the boots of water, and frankly/ here's to the clouds the color of bone,/ here's to the indecipherable path home,/ here's to the worm's sweat in the loam..."

See what I mean? That's sufficiently specific to crack your eardrum, with not an abstraction in the lot; and it is, believe it or not, formal verse (I read a Lux sestina without realizing what it was for at least four stanzas). And it's strange enough to make you laugh, a function which distracts you from noticing it's sufficiently (and simultaneously) poignant and celebratory to hook out your liver, a pang you notice just too late to forestall it. (Speaking of livers, there's a poem in *The Street of Clocks* with a lucky vulture in it. Now you know you can't pass that up.) And you can't imagine anyone else putting it just the way Lux does, but you know just what it means, and it makes you feel, in fact, at home. Right here. Seriously, folks, this stuff is good, and it's accessible, and people who hate poetry often like it anyhow. Buy it early and often.

Take Your Time
Tom Lux's new book, Street of Clocks, allows its reader the luxury of a slow stroll down a familiar and comforting path. Its language is concise and uncomplicated, and its subject matter is clever, if not profound. Lux deals with such issues as fatherhood, citizenship, and personal insight without being overbearing or forceful. In fact, it is a delight to take your time wading through these thoughtful poems, like stepping into a cool fountain on a hot summer's day; be sure not to get lost in the shiny glitter that comes from some of the metallic detail of his poems, for it is sometimes blinding. This collection is many years in the making, but well worth the wait. Be sure to include this hardback in your permanent collection.

Blood: Principles and Practice of Hematology
Published in Hardcover by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Publishers (2003)
Authors: Robert I. Handin, Samuel E. Lux, and Thomas P. Stossel
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Anwar Sheikha, MD
I extensively used the first edition of this book in my teachings to the medical & postgraduate students. After a life time of being through most of the textbooks of hematology, I thought of it as best of the lot. With that enthusiasm, I might have been the first one to purchase the second edition. Actually, I bought it during the ASH meeting when it was still blank papers inside a model light blue cover! Although I try to persuade myself that it is an excellent extension of that great book, I still need sometime to reach that conclusion. I do not know why I feel that the first edition was stronger in its contents. The best thing about this edition is its accompanying CD. An extremely powerful resource that can be put in the bag and be used anywhere. Most of the figures and tables can be used directly for teaching purposes. In conclusion, I think this book is the bible of hematology that could be a sole resource for people from the professorial hierarchy of the trade to the hematology laboratory technician.

The Drowned River
Published in Paperback by Houghton Mifflin Co (Pap) (1990)
Author: Thomas Lux
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I must confess that I am not a poetry person and in all honesty had not heard of the author. The enthusiasm of one of his fans lead me to search out books by him. The Drowned River was the book I found and never again will I neglect poetry.

You (as well as I) will be impressed with how the author takes ordinary things we see and experience in life and turns them into profound reflections. The ordinary is transformed into the extra-ordinary. His use of words calls us to attention of the familiar and demands that we move beyond the surface of what we see.

Shoveling snow, seedy motels, swingsets, donuts and shoveling snow are the varied themes covered in this volume. What in the world do these common place things have in common? Certainly they can't hold any meaning. Think so? Thomas Lux will put you to the challenge. He is serious, playful, introspective and playful in poking fun at human foilbles. Come along the poetic journey with him in the drowned river.

Half Promised Land
Published in Paperback by Houghton Mifflin Co (Pap) (1986)
Author: Thomas Lux
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I carry this book with me everywhere!
This is one of my favorite books of poetry. Lux's poems are seemingly simple and sweet upon first reading, but repeated readings reveal the deeper, more cynical, more powerful side of his poems. I especially like "The Milkman," a beautiful poem on the relations between a man and his son.

The Blind Swimmer: Selected Early Poems, 1970-1975
Published in Paperback by Adastra Pr (01 December, 1996)
Author: Thomas Lux
Amazon base price: $10.00
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A boat in the forest
Published in Unknown Binding by Adastra Press ()
Author: Thomas Lux
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The Drowned River: New Poems
Published in Hardcover by Houghton Mifflin Co (1990)
Author: Thomas Lux
Amazon base price: $16.95
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Gespräche mit afrikanischen Krankenpflegern und Heilern : Bilder von Krankheit im Mikrokosmos von Malanville (Benin)
Published in Unknown Binding by P. Lang ()
Author: Thomas Lux
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Glassblowers Breath
Published in Paperback by Cleveland State Univ Poetry Center (1987)
Author: Thomas Lux
Amazon base price: $4.95
Used price: $12.71
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