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Making Lifelong Learning Work: Learning Cities for a Learning Century
Published in Paperback by Kogan Page Ltd (01 March, 1999)
Authors: Norman Longworth, Bob Hogg, and Markku Markkula
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A must for Learning Cities
Smart cities, intelligent cities, thinking cities, learning cities - whatever your city's aspirations this book will not only make you think, it will make you act. I couldn't put it down as page after page of ideas, facts, case studies and new knowledge came before me. This is a must-read not just for educators but for councillors, city professionals and anyone who has the future of our cities in mind.

What the book is about
'A well-written, ideas-packed and scholarly text on its theme' (Biochemical education) 'I found this book tremendously stimulating' (Teaching in Higher Education) 'An excellent book in which the authors define Lifelong Learning and describe its far-reaching implications for every organisation, nation and individual throughout the world' (Times Ed Supp)

These are just three comments from the reviews of Professor Longworth's first book 'Lifelong Learning' (ISBN 0 7494 1972 5). In this forthcoming sequel, he turns his attention to how Lifelong Learning can be made to work in the community. He describes it as an agent for understanding and coping with accelerating change, using examples from communities which are already adapting for the future.

International Governmental Organisations like OECD, UNESCO and the World Bank may develop Lifelong Learning guidelines and Governments may produce White Papers, he says, but the place where it will happen is in the cities, towns and regions where the people live. This is where the action takes place.

This book will provide food for thought for opinion formers and decision makers as well as crucial material for teachers and lecturers, course developers and trainers in industry. But it will be of especial interest to civic leaders, professionals in all parts of local government and indeed all citizens with a concern for the future of their community.


Within the many fascinating pages of this extra-ordinary book are:

1. Case Studies and examples from Britain, USA, Sweden, Finland, France, Italy, Canada, Australia, Japan, Spain and many other countries.

2. Examples of schools, businesses, universities, towns, cities, regions, adult education colleges etc meeting the challenge of the learning century

3. New insights and vision into the nature and content of lifelong learning and the actions needed to make it happen in all sectors of the community

4. Advice on strategies and action plans to help every town, city and region become a Learning Community

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Norman Longworth

Lifelong learning is no longer merely a philosophy. As Norman Longworth shows in this lively and inspiring book, it has now become a rapidly developing reality. Learning communities, where business and industry, schools, colleges, universities, professional organizations and local government co-operate and build a dynamic new environment to foster learning, are springing up throughout the world. The future for learning, from cradle to grave, is entering an exciting new phase.

Using many concrete examples of learning communities that are already adapting for the future, Norman Longworth also describes the circumstances under which lifelong learning can help cities, towns and regions to design and implement strategies for change. Packed with case studies and vital insights into the world of learning communities, the book provides a highly readable and thought-provoking glimpse of the future of learning within society and the city.

This book's strength lies in Norman Longworth's deep knowledge of the multi-faceted nature of lifelong learning and the sympathetic, entertaining and highly readable way in which he describes the future of communities and their relationship to a globalised world. The future of learning is already here. Making Lifelong Learning Work distils the best global practices into workable local solutions and will make compelling and indispensible reading for every person, private or professional, in local government, education, industry and the community at large.

The Author:

Professor Norman Longworth has worked in Universities, Industry, Education and Professional Associations. He was awarded one of the first UNESCO Chairs in 1990 and is now a visiting professor at Napier and Sheffield Hallam Universities, where he is establishing a 'centre for the learning city'. He has a worldwide reputation in both distance education and lifelong learning through his innovative work in schools, universities, industry and the European Lifelong Learning Initiative, of which he was President and the World Initiative on Lifelong Learning, of which he was Vice-President. His previous book for Kogan Page, 'Lifelong Learning' co-written with Keith Davies, was published to great critical acclaim.

Lifelong Learning
Published in Paperback by Kogan Page Ltd (01 April, 1997)
Author: Norman Longworth & W Keith Davies
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These are the reviews so far of this book
What the Reviews said about 'Lifelong Learning' by Longworth and Davies 'An excellent book in which the authors define Lifelong Learning and describe its far-reaching implications for every organisation, nation and individual throughout the world' (Times Educational Supplement) 'This topical and readable book explains the background to the movement towards lifelong learning and describes its implications for the workplace, the university, the school and the individual' (Chartered Secretary) 'As a descriptive model of how learning can improve quality of life and counteract bigotry while also enhancing national economies, the message is unimpeachable' (Aslib book guide) 'The book very effectively develops all the issues that influence the development of a culture of Lifelong Learning' (Times Educational Supplement) 'Longworth and Davies clarify concepts, ideas and practices relating to the development of individual human potential which will affect the future of all institutions and nations world-wide' (Workers Educational Association Bulletin) 'A well-written, ideas-packed and scholarly text on its theme' (Biochemical Education) accessible and up to date summary. The book is particularly valuable for two reasons. a) it places lifelong learning in the context of other major world trends in business and industry and b) it provides some challenging insights which make the reader pause for thought' (People Management) 'The book provides a wealth of ideas on how to implement lifelong learning. There are excellent Case Histories' (Times Educational Supplement) Lifelong Learning as here described is not a didactic technique. Rather it is an attitude, a way of life, a process, a habit of mind and an environment. Its concern is with meaningful knowledge, the kind that leads to understanding and insight should be read by those involved in all aspects of education. local and national government, professional organisations, business and industry and individuals concerned about the future well-being and development of their communities' (Biochemical Education) ...full of ideas, initiatives, suggestions, and programmes to promote learning by individuals, in institutions, organisations and communities' (RSA Journal) '...a stimulating tour of lifelong learning, backed up by an agenda for action (People Management) This is an exciting and unusual book' (Biochemical Education) 'Lifelong Learning is especially appropriate for opinion framers, decision makers and those responsible for the development of organisations and people. It provides countless practical ideas, challenges, and strategies for learning and helping' (American Council on Education) 'I found this book tremendously stimulating' (Teaching in Higher Education) 'Lifelong Learning is extremely readable and timely and presents an abundance of ideas, knowledge and suggestions for learning organisations and the general reader' (Times Educational Supplement) 'It explains a broad range of issues in a pleasingly straightforward way' (People Management) Here indeed is food for thought and action by university administrators, their faculties and their students.' (Biochemical Education) 'Lifelong Learning should be read by anyone who wants to understand a movement which will have universal implications' (Training Tomorrow) 'I finished the book feeling that I now understood the concept of lifelong learning' (Teaching in Higher Education) 'Apart from the quality of the arguments and the persuasive line of reasoning, it is also a damn good read! (Pro-Vice Chancellor, University of Sunderland) 'We have acquired a copy of 'Lifelong Learning', which has already helped to inform our thinking' (UK Department for Education and Employment) 'I am pleased to recommend this book as essential reading for all Americans' (American Council on Education) 'I bought this book as essential reading for all my advisory group' (CEO, Norfolk and Waveney TEC) 'This book is both inspired and inspiring' (Cooperative News 1998)

Lifelong Learning in Action: Transforming Education in the 21st Century
Published in Paperback by Kogan Page Ltd (2003)
Author: Norman Longworth
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Best lifelong learning book ever
Looking to make sense of lifelong learning and why it is taking over the educational world in the 21st century? Look no further -Lifelong Learning in Action is one of the most readable books on a complex subject I have ever picked up. It fully lives up to its subtitle 'Transforming Education in the 21st Century' and it isn't just theory - it's packed full of examples where it is all happening. I'm going to recommend that all the teachers in my local school read it and the educators at the local college. It's dynamite - but it's good dynamite! Even better than Longworth's classic book on lifelong learning.

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