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A History of Zionism
Published in Paperback by Random House Trade Paperbacks (1989)
Author: Walter Ze'Ev Laqueur
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Definitive history
Laquer's History of Zionism is an indispensable work about the origins of the Jewish state. Wherever you stand on Israel, here is a thought provoking and well-researched text that is definitive on the subject. If you are someone who dislikes Israel, you should at least read it to understand how Israel developed and learn about Zionist self-perception.

Richard A. Macales, columnist, "Mac's Facts"
As one of the century's great historians, how fortunate we are that the German-born Laqueur spent his formative scholarly years in Eretz Israel as a journalist and researcher. This landmark work is very sympathetic to religious Orthodoxy and its significant relationship in the evolution of modern political Zionism. Its strength is in the study of religious and political Zionism within the European milieu.

The Terrible Secret: Suppression of the Truth About Hitler's "Final Solution"
Published in Hardcover by Little Brown & Co (Juv Trd) (1981)
Author: Walter Ze-Ev Laqueur
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It was filled with a lot of facts
I had to read this book for a history project and it really interested me because of the subject. It was defintely filled with a lot of information about all of the concentration camps and infomation being put out at the time of the holocaust. I thought it was genereally written well, but hard to follow because each of the subjects within the chapters seemed choppy. They were all related but not always transitioned well. Other wise, it was good.

Provocative And Interesting Look At Holocaust!
This is a quite provocative and immensely fascinating investigation into the long-standing controversy over the degree to which the Polish people were complicit in the holocaust. This an issue that has been hotly debated for decades, in fact since it was first raised as a possibility ion the late 1940s. Given the degree to which millions of otherwise persecuted Jews had fled to the more tolerant attitudes of the Poles during the decades before the war, it was somewhat surprising that the accusations arose in the first place. Yet the way in which the Holocaust first began to flourish and spread throughout the small villages and hamlets of rural Poland made many observers suspicious of the degree of involvement by local peasants, who did in fact benefit from the dislocation of Jewish farmers by taking over their property and possessions.

The investigation described in this new and updated version of this book is hardly a dispassionate or disinterested effort; the author is a Polish patriot who has long denied such accusations, and who turned his considerable investigative efforts toward disproving this claim. What he discovered substantiates his argument that far from being the active participants in the Holocaust others have claimed, many Poles were among the first to raise alarm over the suspicious activities of the Wehrmacht and the Special Forces to begin preparations for what became the "Final Solution" to the so-called 'Jewish Question". In fact, Laqueur argues, many Germans, as well as international Jewish organizations, and top government officials in the western democracies first learned of the atrocities being perpetrated on the indigenous Polish Jews from other concerned Poles. What he reveals in doing so paints a devastating picture of apathy, disregard, and callousness on the part of the watching world.

In what has since been described as a conspiracy of silence, much of the so-called civilized world stood by passively as the Holocaust gathered momentum and became a widespread and well organized mechanism for murdering millions of Jews, communists, gypsies, and other malcontents by the Nazi forces of occupation. This murderous campaign was conducted under the veil of a screen of lies, euphemisms, and political evasions, one in which the political expediencies for the western democracies became more important than dealing with the systematic annihilation of millions of human beings. The author's point is well taken. Responsibility for what happened in the death camps must be widely shared, and by a cast that includes not only the Nazi perpetrators but also the relatively disinterested and dispassionate indifference with which the rest of the political world dealt with the evolving situation.

This deals quite passionately with what has become almost a cottage industry in the realm of books dealing with the social, economic, and political background that allowed the holocaust to be possible, to be probable, and then to occur. It is, along with a number of other and much more recent books on the subject, and interesting excursion into a shadowy world in which no hands are left clean of guilt or culpability in this monstrous historical event. It is by no means easy reading, or even pleasant reading, but it is a riveting and convincing look at one of this century's most unbelievable phenomena, the systematic murder of the European Jews. I highly recommend it for World War Two and Holocaust scholars.

Debunks Polonophobic Myths about the Holocaust
Walter Laqueur, a French Jew, discusses how the Polish underground and the Polish government in exile reacted to the unfolding extermination of the Jews by the Germans during World War 2. Owing to the fact that Jews had lived in relative tolerance for centuries in Poland, a large fraction of the world's Jews had made Poland their home. It was therefore logical for most of the death camps built and operated by the Germans to be erected in German-occupied Poland. Insinuations are periodically hurled against the Polish underground, accusing it of silence about what the Germans were doing to the Jews. The implication is that Poles did not care about, or even secretly approved of, the extermination of Polish Jews by the Germans. Laqueur debunks all of these Polonophobic myths. He shows in detail that the Polish government promptly relayed information about the mass murder of Jews by Germans to the British government. There was not the slightest hesitancy or delay, on the part of Poles, in revealing this terrible secret to anyone who would listen.

A Continent Astray: Europe, 1970-1978
Published in Textbook Binding by Oxford University Press (1993)
Author: Walter Ze'Ev, Laqueur
Amazon base price: $24.95
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A Dictionary of Politics
Published in Hardcover by Free Press (1974)
Author: Walter Ze'Ev, Laqueur
Amazon base price: $17.95
Used price: $7.44
Collectible price: $7.89
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Out of the Ruins of Europe
Published in Hardcover by Open Court Publishing Company (1971)
Author: Walter Ze'Ev, Laqueur
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $4.33
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Political Psychology of Appeasement: Finlandization and Other Unpopular Essays
Published in Hardcover by Transaction Pub (1980)
Author: Walter Ze-Ev Laqueur
Amazon base price: $34.95
Used price: $15.00
Collectible price: $15.88
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