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Handbook of Offshore Cruising: The Dream and Reality of Modern Ocean Cruising
Published in Hardcover by Sheridan House (15 December, 2000)
Authors: Jim Howard and Charles J. Doane
Amazon base price: $31.50
List price: $45.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $28.75
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Read advise from somebody who "did it"
Jim's book is very entertaining and easy to read. His advice comes from real-life experience and it is explained in terms that any novice would understand. I recommend this book to anyone considering the cruising lifestyle, especially y you are not loaded with a bottomless cruising kitty. This book is full of practical, common sense advice.

I'm no expert, but...
This book seems to be very thorough, well constructed and executed. I've been collecting alot of cruising books over the past few years in anticipation of a round-the-world cruise (someday), and this book not only answers many of the questions I have, but also is a very enjoyable (and effective) read when your dream needs a booster shot. For this reason alone, it has aearned a place of honor on my nightstand, where it has already, and will I am sure, many times more give "the dream" the neccesary "kick".

Excellent place to start, if your starting to dream.
Howard assumes some knowledge of sailing, but you don't have to be an experienced sailor to understand and appreciate this book. It is very well organized and is about as in depth as any *single* book on such a wide subject can be. He isn't afraid to name names when recommending equipment or other books and has a good bibliography and index. If you are at all interested in the *reality* of offshore cruising, buy this book.

The Complete War Memoirs of Charles De Gaulle
Published in Paperback by Carroll & Graf (1998)
Authors: Charles De Gaulle, Charles De Gaulle, and Richard Howard
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $2.25
Collectible price: $10.00
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The Great Man Charles De Gaulle
This book tells the story of a soldier that rose from being a foot soldier to he became a General. Charles De Gaulle did see combat and conflicts from several different positions during his life - from being a scared soldier with a rifle in his hand to being a high ranked officer that ordered his soldiers into war. I think this is a very interesting book, since it tells a specific story about a very special man. I would recommend this book to everyone that are interested in European politics, Military history, or just the Great Man Charles De Gaulle!

great book
This book is outstanding for its literary, even poetic, power. De Gaulle thinks of France as a person fated for tragedy and greatness. His biggest problem is achieving recognition as the political representative of France after France has signed an armistice with the Germans: Churchill tells him that although he claims to represent France, neither England or the US will recognize him as such; De Gaulle steadily replies that it is sufficient for him if the French people recognize him. This is the story of a man standing against the entire world for the sake of an ideal. Reminded me of Nelson Mandela!

Essential historical document and a suprisingly good read.
As one might expect, De Gaulle's memoirs of the Second World War are deeply concerned with self-justification, if not self-glorification. More surprisingly, they are good reading. De Gaulle writes in a formal, but clear and elegant style. The period covered is from the fall of France, through De Gaulle's flight to England and formation of the Free French, to the liberation and a bit of the postwar period. Obviously, this is not objective history. The chief interest of the book is that De Gaulle's personality and opinions colors every page. The reader may indeed be irritated, or he may be amused, by the author's undisguised self-regard, but in any case there are compensations. There is revealing detail on events such as the fall of France and the invasion of North Africa. With great candor and sharp perception De Gaulle assesses his own and others' strategies. There are good pen-portraits of Churchill and many other contemporaries. And there is the fascination of viewing great events through the prism of a commanding mind..

Howard Hughes And His Flying Boat
Published in Paperback by Charles A. Barton, Inc (1998)
Authors: Charles Barton and Charles Barton
Amazon base price: $19.95
Collectible price: $39.95
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Excellent Book
I was initially put off by the title, thinking that this might be written for junior readers. But once I began reading it I realized that this was far from the truth.

The book is very well written, and very informative. It gives a very mature insight into the HK-1 project, as well as Howard Hughes himself.

I highly recommend this book to anybody wanting a detailed account of the events pertaining to Howard Hughes and His Flying Boat.

During the last 30 years I've had the rare opportunity to read every known autobiography ever published on Howard Hughes, along with incalculable magazine and newspaper articles. In fact, only recently, my "Letter-to-the-Editor", regarding the major overlook as Hughes as one of the Top 20 industrialist of the 20th Century...appeared in the 1998 Man-of-The-Year issue of Time magazine. I guess you may call me a Hughesonian? With this in mind, I must rate Charles Barton examination at the life of Howard Hughes in his 276-page book titled, "Howard Hughes and his Flying Book", as the finest ever published to date. While Barton does not touch on or go into great depth on Hughes' life in motion pictures, Las Vegas, the oil business or any of the plethora of activities the genius of Hughes took on, he does give you an amazing insight into Hughes and the building of the Spruce Goose. It takes a brave writer to delve into the life of Hughes. Few man, if any, have left such a legacy which include multi-billion dollar corporations. I myself have written and published more than 25,000 articles, yet to tackle and succeed with a story on Hughes would be a challenge only worthy of a dedicated and admirable writer like Barton. Not only is Barton a wordsmith but he has done extensive research on Hughes and his association with the Spruce Goose. You are literally taken into the mind and world of Howard Hughes and his associates. Unlike other Hughes biographies which paint just a bizarre human being, we see, true an eccentric man, but one who knew what he was doing and was always one step ahead of the game. While the construction of an enormous airplane like the Spruce Goose might be only of interest to engineers, the reader is brought to believe that the Spruce Goose had a life of it's extension of Hughes. All bases are covered in "Howard Hughes and his Flying Boat" which includes one of the most extensive collection of Hughes photographs ever published along with a catchy book cover drawing of Hughes and his Spruce Goose. Rumour has it that actor Nicholas Cage has in the works to do an epic movie on the life of Howard Hughes. I recommend that Cage, if looking for an Oscar, read over this epic tale of the Hughes, the aviation genius.

More Than The Story Of A Big Wooden Plane
This book was written by, and with, aircraft pilots in mind, but you don't have to be a pilot to enjoy reading it. It covers all aspects of Hughes' brilliance, life at the time, quirks, and headaches with the US Government over the "white elephant" that came to be known as the "Spruce Goose". Terrific reading for anyone who wants to know more about Hughes, or this amazing feat of design. A thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying read. This book may still be available at the souvenir stand if you should go to see the Flying Boat in person in California.

Complete Set: Part A, Part B, and Index (37 Volumes), Ullmann's Encyclopedia of Industrial Chemistry, 5th Edition
Published in Hardcover by John Wiley & Sons (09 October, 1997)
Authors: Hans-Jürgen Arpe, Ernst Biekert, H. Ted Davis, Wolfgang Aehle, Heinz Gerrens, Wilhelm Keim, John L. McGuire, Akio Mitsutani, Howard Pilat, and Charles Reece
Amazon base price: $14,100.00
Average review score:

I have the german version and for sure this is a masterpiece
Ullmann encyclopedia of IC is an excellent chemical guide for any person interested on chemical processes including pharmaceutical and food industries. The version we own is from year 1954 and is in german. Current edition is too expensive for any individual...I wonder how many libraries own a new edition. I am open to any further discussion about this collection...I am thinking on donate it...

This is the greatest encyclopedia of science
I own the 2nd edition (from 1933) of this work, and I still use it almost weekly. I would love to buy the latest version, but cannot afford it.

Advanced Accounting
Published in Paperback by R.D. Irwin (1977)
Authors: Charles H. Griffin, Thomas Howard Williams, and Kermit D. Larson
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $3.24
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Advanced Accounting
This is a popular university textbook. I know this because I called several universities for recommendations before purchasing. I've used this book as a professional reference. It is very current on recent pronouncements. The book is well organized, has good examples and it includes many "real world" examples as well

The Complete War Memoirs of Charles De Gaulle, 1940-1946 (3 Volumes in 1)
Published in Paperback by DaCapo Press (1988)
Authors: Charles De Gaulle, Charles De Galle, and Richard Howard
Amazon base price: $14.95
Used price: $1.99
Collectible price: $11.06
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The de Gaulle' masterpiece
I'm looking for 'les mémoires de guerre' (de Gaulle) in the french language. It's not possible to find this book again in France. If you can find it, it will be great. Thank you.

Essays Before a Sonata: The Majority and Other Writings
Published in Paperback by W.W. Norton & Company (1999)
Authors: Charles Ives and Howard Boatwright
Amazon base price: $10.40
List price: $13.00 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $7.80
Buy one from zShops for: $9.04
Average review score:

A highly original writer
A highly original writer, Ives can be a tough read. He follows his asides & digressions in prose much the same way as he does in music. But he dragged Transcendentalism (moaning & groaning) into the 20th Century, wrote a philosophy of insurance sales that is still consulted today, & was not afraid to call for a national referendum prior to the United States committing to war. His ideas about creativity remain, at the core, uncomfortably radical for most of his admirers. Bob Rixon, WFMU-FM

The Great American History Quiz: Heroes and Villains
Published in Paperback by Warner Books (2001)
Authors: Charles Nordlander, History Channel, Howard Blumenthal, and Robert Sharenow
Amazon base price: $9.95
Used price: $1.99
Buy one from zShops for: $4.99
Average review score:

Excellent trivia quiz
The History Channel has put together an interesting American History trivia quiz that consists of 101 questions with subsequent answers on the next page. This reviewer played a game against her husband as we tried to see who could answer the most over a week's time. The book is fun and enlightening, especially for trivia buffs.

Intimate Journals (Syrens Series)
Published in Paperback by Penguin USA (Paper) (1996)
Authors: Norman Cameron, Charles P. Baudelaire, and Richard Howard
Amazon base price: $3.95
Average review score:

A crystalline fragment of aesthetic sensibility.
This is the document of a poet consecrating himself to memory. His attempt to maintain perspective; his aesthetic self objectification that is repeatedly shattered when he looks into society; his Catholocism, his ennui, his mistress, his mother...all these cast a definitely "intimate" hue to the pages that are essential for any reader wishing to come to terms with Baudelaire's psyche: to see why his self-destruction was inseparable from his creations. For they were both necessary symptoms of his sensibility - an immaculately modern sensibility. The fragmented nature of the writings prevents the work from actually being a "work" - it is more like an authentic gesture, an unpremeditated act of self revelation. A fascinating and ultimately harrowing document from a poet - nothing more.

John R. Mott, 1865-1955
Published in Hardcover by Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. (1980)
Author: Charles Howard Hopkins
Amazon base price: $30.00
Used price: $12.00
Collectible price: $12.45
Average review score:

A Decisive Biography
I have just translated this book into Japanese. It took me no less than 2 years. As is well known, the main achievement of John R. Mott is that he promoted the eccumenical movement and paved the road to WCC (World Christian Council). During my translation, I found the parts of World War I and the Russian revolution the most provocative. It cannot be said that this book is easy to read, partly because the author intended to make this book the decisive biography (a few had been written before), utilizing a great amount of material. However, this book is not only extremely valuable as a document of the Christian Ecumenism but we can get a new perspective of the history of USA and the world from the late 19th century till 1950s.

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