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Judy's Garden
Published in Hardcover by Golden Books Pub Co Inc (2004)
Author: Edith Kunhardt Davis
Amazon base price: $3.00
Used price: $0.75
Collectible price: $70.96
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Just like trying to get my "little critters" to bed!
This book is GREAT! The kids love the Little Critter, and the story is just like my house at bed time. I love Mercer Mayer's books.

A perfect book for reading just before tucking your toddler into bed. A great book for fathers and sons to read together and an absolutely heartwarming book that all kids and parents can relate. We give this book as a gift. It really encourages reading before bedtime. Our other favorite book is "Going to Sleep on the Farm" by Wendy Cheyette Lewison.

Little Critter nuzzled his way to my heart
Little Critter relates to children everywere in this heart-warming book when Lttle critter keeps trying to put of bed time by playing space cadet, and bunny rabbit. A spectacular, charming book for everyone.

Pat the Cat
Published in Paperback by Golden Books Pub Co Inc (1998)
Author: Edith Kunhardt
Amazon base price: $6.99
Used price: $1.74
Buy one from zShops for: $4.58
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My little one loves it
Okay, *I* may think it's boring and *you* may think it's boring, but my child ... loves this little book. It is frequently the one he chooses to have read to him, perhaps because each page is interactive.

One, of course, must pat the cat. Then you can extract money from the ATM and later put it into daddy's wallet. You can imitate mommy making a list, scratch and sniff the gingersnaps, help Neddy and Martha see-saw and play peek-a-boo, and squeeze the little bear before going to bed.

It is a fun, quiet little book that your child will enjoy. And you will too -- not because it's exciting, but because the time you and your child spend looking through it will be happy and peaceful.

This is my toddler's favorite book.
At first glance, you may not be impressed because the illustrations are a little dated. However, it is a great interactive book for toddlers. My daughter loves this book (and that's what it's all about). We also have Pat the Bunny. I'm buying Pat the Puppy tonight.

Honest Abe
Published in Paperback by Mulberry Books (1998)
Authors: Edith Kunhardt and Malcah Zeldis
Amazon base price: $6.95
Used price: $4.83
Collectible price: $7.93
Buy one from zShops for: $4.59
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Young Readers Will Learn A Lot!
The perfect picture book biography about Lincoln. With bold, colorful illustrations the illustrator allows the author to cover dicey parts of Lincoln's story (ie., assassination) by portraying the subjects with folk-style looking characters. For example the scene where Lincoln is shot is appropriate for young kids to look at as it is not graphic nor bloody. Somehow, it works and allows for a discussion about how Lincoln died and why he died.Outstanding effort! Plus the book is bigger than average picture books!

Martha's House
Published in Hardcover by Goldencraft (1982)
Author: Edith Kunhardt
Amazon base price: $8.53
Used price: $7.50
Buy one from zShops for: $7.95
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My "First Little Golden Book"
"Martha's House" is the first, "First Little Golden Book" that I recall from my childhood. I acctually still have it today, with its back cover missing. It sure was and still is a well loved book. "Martha's House" has its own story in my family. While cooking lunch recently with my six aunts, we were all discussing our favorite books. Of coarse, I said, "My favorite book would have to be "Martha's House." My aunts all turned around and looked at me as if I had exposed some deep dark secret of theirs. Then they all just bursted out laughing. While I was standing there in awe, my aunt Ellen explained this,... One day, her husband, Mike was babysitting my cousin Catherine. Catherine was around 2 or 3 at the time, and "Martha's House" was her favorite book too. Anyway, He made the mistake and told Catherine, "No!" Catherine was one of those children that had never heard the word "No" before, so naturally she threw a fit. She ended up hiding under his bed and refused to come out unless he would read "Martha's House." Poor Uncle Mike had to read her that book about 50 times that day. Ever since then, Uncle Mike looks sick if you even mention the book. "Martha's House" written by Edith Kunhardt, is a precious children's book. It has friendly illustations by Carolyn Bracken. If you have ever read it, you know it doesn't tell story, but it does invite you into Martha's house to eye all that she wants to show. I love this book even as a teenager today. I will always love it and hope to pass it to my children one day. I suggest that you buy it for any girl of any age, and they will love it and treasure it forever, because it allows us all to remember home.

Daddy's Scratchy Face
Published in Hardcover by Golden Books Pub Co Inc (2005)
Authors: Edith Kunhardt Davis and Golden Books
Amazon base price: $8.99
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One of my favorite books growing up!
I recommend All By Myself by Mercer Mayer to all ages. I'm in sixth grade but I still enjoy reading this book. When I was in fifth grade, I read this book to a kindergartner and he loved it! There is a series of Mercer Mayer's books about the main character, Little Critter's, life. YOU HAVE TO READ THEM!

One of the best pre-school series around.
My four year old grandson loves Little Critter and now has every one of them (that we can find) memorized. He now has a library of over 300 books, but he goes to sleep reading about his friends in Mercer Meyer's land of many and diverse critters.

My children demand it!
I just bought this book for the second time. My girls (2 and 4) have almost all of the books in the "Little Critter" series. Recently, my 2-year-old took "All by Myself" on the road and lost it. Both girls want it back ASAP. (By the way, the age group rating is obviously overstated at 4-years-old since my 2-year old is a big fan.)

Pat the Bunny Classic Boxed Gift Set
Published in Paperback by Golden Books Pub Co Inc (1994)
Authors: Edith Kunhardt and Dorothy Kunhardt
Amazon base price: $17.95
Average review score:

Awesome classic
This is an awesome book and a classic! My 18 month old twin girls have really been into touch and feel books. This is definitely one of their favorites. It has soft textures, scratchy texture, and the peek-a-boo is their favorite as well as the mirror. It also has a scent page, which is great as well. The only thing I would change is to make it more durable. I've already taped it back together, and the comb binding comes undone easily when toddlers are handling it. It is still a great book, and I would recommend it to anyone with toddlers. At least it fits in my purse or diaper bag easily because it is small and lightweight.

Truly a classic
Pat The Bunny is one of my 10-month-old daughter's favorite toys. She likes to leaf through the pages, and especially likes to play peek-a-boo with Paul and to look in the mirror like Judy does. The book captures her interest for relatively long periods of time. My only concern is that the plastic binding is somewhat flimsy and my daughter keeps pulling the book apart. I can put it back together again, but I wish that Pat The Bunny came as a standard bound board book that wouldn't fall apart quite so easily. It has to endure a lot of baby love and attention!

My son's absolute favorite book (he's 1 year old)
My son got this book when he was 2 or 3 months old. We would read it to him occasionally as he was getting older. When he got to be about 6 months, he could do most of the things in the book (play peek-a-boo with Paul, pat the bunny, etc.). Now that he is a year, he does everything -- he waves to Paul & Judy, he puts his finger in the ring, smells the flowers, etc. He loves this book so much, the cover has come off and we have to purchase another.

The great thing about this book is that there is something fun for them to do on every page, and it grows with your child. The only drawback I found is that it's not super-durable if your child really loves it and reads it over and over and over and over... :-)

Pompeii Buried Alive
Published in Library Binding by Bt Bound (1999)
Authors: Edith Kunhardt and Michael Eagle
Amazon base price: $5.78
List price: $11.55 (that's 50% off!)
Used price: $11.05
Buy one from zShops for: $8.83
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See a volcano
I think you ought to read POMPEII. It is very cool. I like the middle part. My desired part is at the end. My favorite part is when the volcano blows its top. By:

Excellent book for educators.
Good children's books on Ancient Rome are hard to find so when I came across Pompeii... Buried Alive!, I bought two copies for my son's and daughter's libraries.

The first chapter gives a glimpse into the lives of the people under the rule of the Roman Empire. Mount Vesuvius is introduced along with the assumption that the people of Pompeii were not aware that they were living beside a dangerous volcano.

The correct pronounciations are given for Pompeii and Vesuvius which are often mispronounced by children as well as adults.

In chapter two, the volcano erupts and descriptions are given as to how the people reacted. Descriptions are also given as to how the volcano eruption affected the air, sky, land, and sea.

The town of pompeii was buried under hot ash.

In the final chapter, chapter 3, Pompeii is forgotten. Time passes. A new town is built overtop of ancient Pompeii.

Workers, who were tunnelling for water, discover pieces of an ancient wall and, years later, Pompeii is rediscovered.

Pompeii... Buried Alive! is not only a well-rounded, excellent book, it is a necessity for teaching children about Pompeii. Everything a child needs to know are in its pages.

Makes you feel like you're there
As a 2nd grade teacher, I've been sharing this book with my students for about 2 years now. It keeps any group mesmorized! The best part about it is the way it makes kids understand that the people of Pompeii were just regular people going about their daily routines when Vesuvius erupted. They especially feel a connection with the little boy Pliny who watched the eruption from across the water and wrote about it in his later years. It is a great book to use as part of a classroom volcano unit or by itself.

Pat the Christmas Bunny
Published in Spiral-bound by Golden Books Family Entertainment (2001)
Authors: Edith Kunhardt and Edith Kundhardt
Amazon base price: $9.99
Used price: $5.25
Collectible price: $11.95
Buy one from zShops for: $6.75
Average review score:

A luke warm adaptation--not as good as it could be...
First let me say that I am a Pat the Bunny fan. We bought Pat the Christmas Bunny for our daughter last Christmas because she liked the regular Pat the Bunny book so well. Unfortunately, after two Christmas seasons, I've concluded that this book lacks the charm of the original-- she never reaches for it and frequently loses interest in the middle of a reading.

One point of criticism is that the interactive activities are not very engaging. As with the original, there is a page to pet Pat the bunny, who is wearing a holiday scarf, but surely they could shake things up a bit and be more inventive. Other activities include a paper pencil to write a Christmas list, a tobogan to pull, a page where you lift Judy's arm to put the star on the tree, and a candy cane to sniff, but my daughter doesn't seem to care much about any of them. Another criticism of this book is that it is not especially durable, in particular for a book that markets itself to younger children. I have to closely monitor her so that she doesn't rip the tobogan off its track.

Simply put, Pat the bunny deserves a better Christmas that retains the charm of the original. If you are a Pat fan, you'll still want to have this in your Christmas collection, but there are better interactive Christmas books out there that I would buy first. For example, check out David Carter's two Christmas books.

What a treasure!
Pat the Bunny was my childrens' favorite book. Now, with my new grandson coming to spend his first Christmas with me, I have found the perfect gift. And let me just say - that plush bunny is the SOFTEST THING EVER!

I'm Going to Be a Vet
Published in Library Binding by Bt Bound (2001)
Author: Edith Kunhardt
Amazon base price: $10.70
Average review score:

A Day in the Life of a Vet
I'm Going to Be a Vet is a very reasonably priced, early reader about many of the tasks a vet does daily. Nicole (nicknamed "Peanut" by her father) tells about all the things her father does each day as a veterinarian. I liked the real life pictures and easy to understand text. As a teacher and parent I would recommend this book to any child interested in animal care or thinking of a future career as a veterinarian.

Pat the Pony (Pat the Bunny)
Published in Paperback by Golden Books Family Entertainment (2000)
Author: Edith Kunhardt
Amazon base price: $9.99
Used price: $4.00
Collectible price: $10.00
Buy one from zShops for: $5.80
Average review score:

Lamest of the "Pat the ..." series
We have "Pat the Bunny", "Pat the Cat", "Pat the Puppy" and this book, "Pat the Pony". It is the worst of the four and the one our child doesn't take from the shelf.

Jack and Jemma visit Jack's aunt and uncle on the farm; first they pat the pony. Okay so far. Then they put on boots. The "interactive" part here consists of touching the smooth boot, which feels exactly like the page. Not only is this bad device used, but it crops up again when you can feel a glass of lemonade. Weak. The scratch and sniff rose, woolly sheep and a blanket that lifts to reveal a basket of puppies are fine. Finally, the tabs are flimsy, and needless to say they are already ripped out of our book -- a wheel that turns, ducks that float, and milk that spills -- or used to.

This is a fun little series, but you would be better off getting "Pat the Bunny" or "Pat the Cat", the two best in our experience.

Not as good as the other "Pat the.." books, but...
This is not as fun as the other "Pat the.." books, but my daughter still loves it! These have been her favorite books for months now (she is currently 20 months).

Pat the Pony
My daughter (age 3) absolutely loves this book! She has evenmemorized it! It's a wonderful book for children learning to read.It's very descriptive and also a fun way to interact with your child.Your child will enjoy the "touch and feel" aspect of this book. They will also gain new friends by the end of the book. I highly recommend this book for your child or even as gift for any child! This is a book that children will love and remember as part of their childhood!

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