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Green Gold the Tree of Life: Marijuana in Magic & Religion.
Published in Paperback by Access Unlimited (1995)
Authors: Chris Bennet, Chris Bennett, Lynn Osburn, and Judy Osburn
Amazon base price: $24.95
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Very Interesting, Dense, A Great Reference
This book is more about ancient history and the origins of religion than marijuana. It even touches on the philosophy of conciousness and linguistics. It reads like an extensive research paper or thesis (with footnotes on every page and an impressive bibliography). It took me a whole year to get through it all! Green Gold The Tree of Life: Marijuana in Magic and Religion quotes respected historians such as Mircea Eliade and famous authors such as Terrance McKenna. It has inspired me to read more into the history of religion. It is a very valueable resource for anyone interested in the scholarly side of pychadelic history and the anthropological effects. This book convinces me that every religion has at one time been influenced by and intertwined with drug use. Today marijuana is an illegal drug used for medical and recreational purposes. In the past, it was also an important part of spiritual practices worldwide.

Harvey Green, the Eating Machine
Published in Hardcover by Arizona Highways (2002)
Authors: Gene Perret and Gary Bennett
Amazon base price: $10.36
List price: $12.95 (that's 20% off!)
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A Fun Time with Harvey!
The illustrations are fantastic and the story is wonderful! I love Harvey's rules of table manners!

I do the childrens' storytimes at our local library and I have bought this book to donate to the children's department...I don't want to wait until the library orders it!

My grand-niece and nephew will also receive a copy!

Tabernacle Model to Make
Published in Paperback by Standard Publishing Co. (1995)
Authors: Marian Bennett, Tom Green, and Standard Publishing
Amazon base price: $6.99
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Great book!
This book is very helpful for making a tabernacle similar to the one described in the Bible. I have made the model twice, the second time I used popsicle sticks for the main part of the tabernacle and spray painted it with gold paint. I am sorry to see that it is now out of print - I would have bought several copies to share with my friends!

Green Pages: Your Everyday Shopping Guide to Environmentally Safe Products
Published in Paperback by Random House Trade Paperbacks (1990)
Authors: Bennet Information Group, Steven J. Bennett, and Bennett Information Group
Amazon base price: $8.95
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Outdated, but still a good reference book
In the introduction, some of the topics in this chapter are discussed briefly on solid waste, water pollution, air pollution, acid rain, global warming, ozone depletion

Chapter 1-8, It gives general facts, discusses infomation relating to the chapter of products and its effect on the environment, gives a lists of do's and don'ts on helping the environment and/or saving money, describes an anatomy of a green product, gives a list of products, including the manufacturer which are safe for the environment.
Chapter 1: The Laundry
Chapter 2: The Kitchen
Chapter 3: The Nursery
Chapter 4: The Bathroom
Chapter 5: The Broom Closet
Chapter 6: The Workshop
Chapter 7: The Yard and Pet Supplies
Chapter 8 The Garage

In part II, Provides listings of environmentally sound products that can be obtained through mail-order catalogs.
I rated this book 4 stars because some companies may no longer be in business and facts may have changed

Part III A Guide to Environmental Issues
Includes infomation about acid rain, batteries, biodegradation, deforestation, dioxins, eutropication, greenhouse effect, lead, microwaves, ozone depletion, packaging, pesticides, photodegradation, air pollution, indoor pollution, water pollution, radon, recycling and solid waste

The book also includes a section on substances such as ammonia, its use and known environmental/health effect

The Okapi: Mysterious Animal of Cong-Zaire
Published in Paperback by Univ of Texas Press (1999)
Authors: Susan Lyndaker Lindsey, Mary Neel Green, and Cynthia L. Bennett
Amazon base price: $11.35
List price: $16.22 (that's 30% off!)
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The Okapi: Mysterious Animal of Congo-Zaire
The okapi was discovered in 1901 and is sometimes called the forest giraffe. Little was known about it until recently; it lives in the rainforest of the Democratic Republic of Congo (previously known as Zaire). The okapi is very unique and only about 200 are found in captivity; wild populations are threatened. This is the first book in English about this endangered species. The book brings together all that is known about the okapi in a very readable format and is illustrated with lovely drawings by one of the authors. The book is introduced by renowned scientist Dr. Jane Goodall; ALL royalties are used in the country of Congo-Zaire to preserve the rainforest, the okapi and all the other plants and animals which call this place home.

Leonard Maltin's Family Film Guide
Published in Paperback by Signet (1999)
Authors: Leonard Maltin, Leonard Matlin, Spencer Green, Bill Warren, Jessica Bennett Maltin, and Cathleen Anderson
Amazon base price: $6.99
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maltin shouldn't be in the film criticism business
i have never looked through this book,but i bet it's just as bad as his movie guide book.

1000 films
Leonard Maltin and his partners again provide a good resource for movie selection for kids. This time, they get it about 85% right. I found myself reminded of several movies I had forgotten about but which my kids (daughter 7, son 4) might like: "Singin' in the Rain", "James & the Giant Peach", and "Li'l Abner." And, I learned about good movies I had not known about, such as "Korczak", for older children, and "Billy Rose's Jumbo" (with Doris Day).

Maltin overlooks a recent straight-to-video Miramax movie my kids love. "The Thief & the Cobbler" features the voices of Vincent Price as the rhyming villain, Jonathan Winters as the persistent thief, Matthew Broderick as the charming cobbler and Jennifer Beals as the spunky Princess. The animation is startling, the story is great and the running ruminations of Jonathan Winters hilarious. I also notice that Maltin does not include Mary Martin's "Peter Pan" or the remake of "Mighty Joe Young."

Each film has a note as to how it will play with young children and another note for older children. "Babe," for instance, is "VG" for young children and "VG" for older children. Maltin seems to measure these scores on a variety of points, including themes of sexuality, or violence, or boredom. He is especially alert to how frightening movies can be, and will comment about difficult parts. He also understands that children and adults view the same movie differently. "Pee-Wee's Big Adventure " is boring or insipid but for kids it is "VG/VG." "Chitty-Chitty Bang Bang" is understood to be a weak "Poppins" imitation, but some kids like it anyway ("VG/NG"). Most of the newer "Batman" films get a direct "no" for young children. "A Patch of Blue" gets a "no" for young children and "VG" for older children. I would want Maltin to distinguish or alert us to other, more subtle problems with certain movies and the lessons and scenes our children will take away from them. Young children, especially, live in a world in which bad behavior is punished and good behavior is rewarded, but many movies do not care about that. In "Pocahontas" ("VG/VG") there is no clear good guy/bad guy division, which was quite disturbing to my kids. For "Dumbo" ("VG/VG"), which Maltin correctly describes as sweet and sad, he notes the scene in which Mother is locked up as a Mad Elephant, but does not recognize the depth of the lesson in this to very young children, that a mother's protections are punished and that Mother can be taken away and the baby left alone. Elsewhere, Maltin has listed "Dumbo" on his "best 10 for children" list. For "Oliver!" ("VG/VG") Maltin makes a point of noting the darker side of the movie, in the physical brutality of Bill against Nancy. I would argue that the beatings overshadow the benefit of the rest of the film for children under 9. In "Grease" ("OK/VG"), the good guys can be mean to their girls, and casually smoke cigarettes. My daughter could not resolve those paradoxes and found it too difficult to work through them and enjoy the story. Maltin does not mention these but does note the problem message, of the heroine getting her man by "trashing'' herself. "Annie" points out the potential terror and confusion for young viewers but still rates it "VG" for young children (and "OK" for older kids).

Today children will watch a video a dozen times (or fifty), and we parents need help to pick through the lessons they are learning. Maltin provides some help and is alert to many of the pitfalls. In the end our own presence is needed to answer questions -- and ask the questions for them, where they are unable to pick apart their confusion. As Maltin reminds in his introduction, "every film is made better when you talk about it with your kids."

Challenges to the Swedish Welfare State (Occasional Paper (Intl Monetary Fund) No 130)
Published in Paperback by Intl Monetary Fund (1995)
Authors: Desmond Lachman, Adam Bennett, John H. Green, Robert Hagermann, and Ramana Ramaswamy
Amazon base price: $15.00
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Cult of the Green Mamba
Published in Paperback by 1stBooks Library (2001)
Author: Lynne Bennett
Amazon base price: $17.10
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Don't have your baby in the dory; a biography of Myra Bennett
Published in Unknown Binding by Harvest House ()
Author: Henry Gordon Green
Amazon base price: $
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Early Warning System Geoarchive Codebook
Published in Paperback by DIANE Publishing Co (1994)
Authors: Lynn A. Green and Robert Bennett Whitaker
Amazon base price: $20.00
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