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The Cognitive Foundations of Personality Traits (Emotions, Personality and Psychotherapy)
Published in Hardcover by Plenum Pub Corp (1990)
Author: Shulamith Kreitler
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meaning and personality - theory and questionnaire
If you are interested in how personality works, this book is the best guide for it. Those who are interested in the way meaning and personality are connected together can find here the psychological answer to it. The book provides the theory and a simple personality questionnaire. By using it properly, it can be used for analyzing almost 200 personality traits from extroversion / introversion to neurotic personality trait. Using hundreds of researches, this simple questionnaire was proved statistically by Professor Kreitler and Kreitler, to be the most simple and profound personality questionnaire ever acquire. I am using this theory of meaning and personality this days while writing my PhD and I am happy to have the opportunity to thanks them for their contribution to science.

Psychology of the Arts
Published in Paperback by Duke Univ Pr (Txt) (1972)
Author: Hans and Shulamith Kreitler Kreitler
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Psychosocial Aspects of Pediatric Oncology
Published in Paperback by John Wiley & Sons (2003)
Authors: Shulamith Kreitler and Myriam Arush
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