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Cutting Edges: Making Sense of the Eighties
Published in Paperback by Paragon House (1988)
Author: Charles Krauthammer
Amazon base price: $9.95
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Krauthammer is *Always* Right
I know that sounds a little extreme, but fans of his newspaper column believe that the man is the embodiment of common sense. This book is a little outdated by now, but his insights are still worth reading. I wish he would follow up with a collection of his '90's work. If you like tough-minded, intelligent, witty commentary Dr. K is the man for you.

Liberty and Power: A Dialogue on Religion and U.S. Foreign Policy in an Unjust World
Published in Paperback by The Brookings Institution (2003)
Authors: Bryan Hehir, Michael Walzer, charle Krauthammer, and Louise Richardson
Amazon base price: $16.95
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