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Joyce Ann Brown: Justice Denied
Published in Paperback by Noble Pr (1990)
Authors: Joyce Ann Brown and Jay Gaines
Amazon base price: $11.95
Used price: $4.75
Collectible price: $24.95
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This is why I don't believe in the death penalty
Imagine being in prison for something you know you didn't do, this is what happened to Joyce Brown. Joyce had witnesses, was at work the time the crime was committed, but was still found guilty for the murder of a store owner, who's wife pointed her out as being the guilty party. If this can happen to Joyce Brown it can happen to anyone. I think GOd for those gentlemen who came to her aid in the book. If you think there is now way that you could end up in prison, read this book, and you will see that you very well could even if you are innocent with lots of evidence.

Justice Denied by:Joyce Ann Brown & Jay Gaines
I must give a rating of 10 stars!!~ This book was so well written. It placed you in Ms.Browns shoes before, during & after. This author may you feel as though You were a apart of her awful journey through this ill-fated justice system of ours. Reading her story, (if you have any compassion) at all........It will indeed make you so damn Angry at these men in Suits (lawyers)& Robes (judges), that we so often call "Justice Seekers" in America. Too many times we read about 'innocent' people, being thrown into prison, & finding out Years Later that a BIG Mistake had be made. How do OUR System compensate these individuals? With an out-landish simple Apology??? How can anyone 'accept' what has happened to them? It's time to wake up America! It's time for these Paid, & Court appointed Attorney's to represent each & every case with every piece of skill they possilbly can, to make Damn Sure about "WHO" they are really sending to the depths of Hell!

All the facts in Ms. Brown's case were right before their eyes, yet Justice did not prevail. I searched high & low for a copy of this book for my very own, after asking a co-worker if I could read hers. Locating a copy in good condition was a feat, because it was no longer in print. Finally I located one & it had Joyce's autograph, I treasure it today still as a Great Read.

I cried many tears, I walked every inch of this sentence with Ms. Brown. Through all of what she indured, she still remained Strong in the Lord, (this was her Only Hope), as for as I could see. I say now: If the judge who sentenced this young lady is still practicing law, holding his gavel, & wearing that black robe, he should be made to do the Years that Ms. Brown served!

Even it was so done, It still would Not serve Ms. Brown any satisfaction, nor her family members for ripping their lives apart. The Most heart breaking part of this book, that wrenched my soul was when her child was shot/hurt, later died, & Ms.Brown was not granted the opportunity to go attend the funeral services! I fell into pieces after reading it.

Becoming a grandmother & not being able to have that daily/weekly interactions with her grandkid, or to have any great memories of her grandchild's was also a traumatic issue for Ms. Brown. This book will indeed touch your soul~

I'd love to meet Ms. Brown & J.Gaines, so we can share notes on what the 'System' did to my family, on the (4th of July) "What an Independence Day that was"! Good Luck Joyce on your upcoming Movie, & May God Always Be On Your Side. I know of a star who will portray your role Very Well, & Capture Every Emotion, her name is: Kimberly Elise, her role was Tee-Tee, from 'Set it Off'..........she looks like you somewhat, & I do believe she will carry your story to THE TOP of the Movie Charts!

Thanks For Never Giving Up Hope Joyce. What You & Jay wrote in your book, it Speaks for a large number of Americans. I know that you & Jay are friends for life now, & rightfully so. Everyone deserves a friend like Jay, his love says it all, it's (unconditional)~ Again, Good Luck On Your Upcoming Movie, Let me hear from you soon Sista~ 2 Sista~

An Excellent Book......
From the moment I opened this book I could not put it down. I started it one afternoon and was up most of the night because I could not quit reading. I wanted to see what happen in the next chapter. I laughed, I cried, my heart ached as I lived along with Miss Brown as she suffered and fought against the unfair justice system we now have.
I cried when I read where they would not release her even after it was proven that she was innocence.
Since reading the book I have had the opportunity to meet Miss Brown in person in the home of my niece who now work on her Board of Directors. I could only sit and stare at her. She is warm and friendly and looking at her you would never believe that she endured such a hard time in her life. I wanted to ask so many questions....but I did not want to dampen that beautiful spirit that shown so brightly before my eyes.
Her story is being made into a movie and I hope everyone will watch it and tell evreryone they know to watch it. It will be on Life Time. Justice Denied coming up soon.

The Mediterranean Kitchen
Published in Hardcover by William Morrow (1989)
Authors: Rachel Goldstein, Joyce Eserky Goldstein, and Ann Bramson
Amazon base price: $26.00
Used price: $7.99
Collectible price: $15.88
Average review score:

The Best Cookbook
This is one of my favorite cookbooks in my library of 100 plus books. I have made almost everything in this book. It's a must have for your library since it's a great resource.

Flavors of the Sun
This cookbook will not disappoint; Joyce Goldstein's writing is encouraging and funny, and you will find youself making restaurant-quality meals at home while venturing into the history of Mediterranean cuisine at the same time. I tried the chicken with honey-tomato sauce and couscous and was in heaven. The peasant risotto is the best thing I've ever made with what are essentially kitchen "scraps," and the hardcover edition I have is disintegrating from over-use. I came to buy a new copy --that's how much I love it! Joyce Goldstein is my heroine of the kitchen.

Every recipe we have tried worked well and became a favorite
This cookbook is a winner! Most of the recipes we have tried have become favorites. If we were having company for dinner, I wouldn't hesitate to try a new recipe from this book.

From the Heart
Published in Paperback by Joyce's Books (2001)
Author: Joyce Ann Stevens
Amazon base price: $20.00
Used price: $14.59
Buy one from zShops for: $12.42
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A remarkable compendium of wisdom
In From The Heart, Joyce Ann Stevens shares with the reader her personal experiences with angelic visitation. She writes of the spiritual and personal insights she gained from God's gifts to her, including the ability to see spirits, as well as the divine gifts of prophecy and visions. From The Heart is a remarkable compendium of wisdom that will be read with compelling interest and insight by students of metaphysics and spirituality.

Higher Functioning Adolescents and Young Adults With Autism: A Teacher's Guide
Published in Spiral-bound by Pro Ed (1996)
Authors: Ann Fullerton, Joyce Stratton, Phyllis Coyne, Carol Gray, and Georgianne Thomas
Amazon base price: $51.15
Used price: $50.00
Average review score:

Excellent to the point book aimed at educating teachers
This is the first guide I have ever found aimed at educating teachers about higher functioning autism and asperger's syndrome. Aimed primarily at Junior High, High School, and College teachers. As a parent I found it accurate and full of extremely helpful ideas for educators. I am making sure each of my daughters teachers read it as it sheds light on the education problems that follow my daughter. This book will give educators information they can easily use and incorporate into their classrooms to help these adolescents be successful. Even includes social interaction information. I loved it.

Pray Without Ceasing: Prayer for Morning & Evening
Published in Hardcover by Spring Arbor Distributors (1995)
Authors: Joyce Ann Zimmerman, Kathleen Harmon, Jean-Pierre Prevost, and Delphine Kolker
Amazon base price: $24.95
Used price: $7.00
Buy one from zShops for: $15.95
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Keep the prayers flowing
Excellent prayerbook for all Christians! I found this book and I wanted to have it. I got it last week and I'm using it every early morning and evening. I love the chant arrangements of the psalms and the litanies. They're easy to play and memorize. And the translations are great. No Christian library should be without this book! I highly recommend it for spiritual growth.

Wonderful Raggedy Anns (Schiffer Book for Collectors)
Published in Paperback by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd. (1997)
Author: Joyce Gerardi Rinehart
Amazon base price: $29.95
Used price: $27.84
Collectible price: $39.95
Buy one from zShops for: $26.50
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Excellent Raggedy reference book.
This is a great reference book. This is the only book, so far, that I have found all of the limited edition raggedy dolls pictured. The prices are realistic for the secondary market and the book is easy to read. This book and Kim Avery's "The World of Raggedy Ann Collectibles" are the Bibles of my raggedy collecting. I understand that Jan Lindenberger has an updated version of the "Raggedy Ann and Andy Collectibles" being released. Her first book was my first Bible and an excellent handbook which has now become outdated. I look forward to reviewing the latest edition to see if it is equal to the first and to this one. If you purchase this book I know you will enjoy it.

Minor Characters: A Young Woman's Coming-Of-Age in the Beat Orbit of Jack Kerouac
Published in Paperback by Penguin USA (Paper) (1999)
Authors: Joyce Johnson and Ann Douglas
Amazon base price: $10.50
List price: $15.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $5.32
Buy one from zShops for: $9.39
Average review score:

yes, that's IT!
Wow. This book did more for me than I expected it to. I picked it up for the same reason many others probalby did - because of my interest in Kerouac. But Johnson is not telling his story, she is telling hers. And, despite obvious difficulties and social aspects that let us know it is the fifties, it is really a timeless story, something that can be identified with today. She has put into words what every female person who feels like they don't quite belong in the society in which they grew up has difficulties articulating. I found myself talking to the book - "Yes, that's IT! Exactly." I read this book twice this month.

Her unique and fresh writing style should not be overlooked either. She wrote this book at a good time in her life as well, it is reflective and filled with the insight and intelligence of years and experience.

Read it for Joyce, not just Jack
Joyce Johnson's memoir of emerging from an overprotected childhood and landing at the center of the Beat movement in the 1950's is a delight whether you choose to read it for its portrait of Jack Kerouac, for the world that was, or for the inner journey it reveals. It is a fine literary performance. Johnson plays with tense and perspective as if they form a telescopic lens sliding the past out of a fuzzy black and white still photograph into a vivid, colorful present. There is a suspenseful tension to the book from which flows a novelistic structure, never, though, at the expense of truth. Johnson gets down like no one else how it is to carry around that overprotected childhood, to always feel that you could be missing something, that the center has yet to be achieved. Her inner struggle matches the themes of the Beats who are seeking the pure experience of being through their music, their talk, their drugs and alcohol, their lovemaking, their travels and their poetry. She nails the paradox of a quarry that can never sit still, whether it is a person, like Kerouac, or her friend and guide into the Beat world, Elise Cowen, both of whom eventually disappear into their demons. She captures the loss of balance when counterculture is encroached upon by the mainstream. She manages to convey all this without telling, just through showing the events of her life. Johnson is wry but never bitter, she takes full responsibility for her own choices and actions. This is a book that invites the reader to share the wonder that this was all, indeed, real.

Essential reading
As a long-time reader of Beat literature, and as a man, I must say that Joyce Johnson's take on those heady, wine soaked days of poetry and madness is absolutely as good and as necessary as anything Kerouac or Ginsberg or any of the more famous (male) crew ever wrote. For my money it's right up there with On the Road.

I guess I've read this book three or four times now and it never gets old.

I also recommend Ms. Johnson's novel, In the Night Cafe, another skillful invocation of the Beat period.

Color Magic for Quilters
Published in Paperback by Rodale Press (1999)
Authors: Ann Seely and Joyce Stewart
Amazon base price: $13.97
List price: $19.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $6.49
Buy one from zShops for: $9.00
Average review score:

Take control of your color choices
This book lays out a method of choosing color combinations based on a color wheel. As a quilter, you have probably been doing this all along without realizing it. I've usually found a calico I like, and then choose the complimentary fabrics. That has worked for me because I was choosing calicoes that had a definite harmony in them.

This book will help you become even bolder in your choices, and you will see harmonies where you don't expect them. Also helpful is the "color workshop" at the back of the book that can help you decide what colors to choose based on the mood you are looking for.

All in all, a fun and enlightening read.

Truly Magic
I have a number of quilt pattern books, but the quilts I made were "blah". This book helped me learn how to combine fabric colors, values and textures to make eye-catching quilts. Plus there were full-size patterns included that serve as examples of the principles taught in the book, and quilts range from quick-and-easy rotary strip quilts to complex paper pieced quilts. In addition, the "block makeover" double-page section gave me further insight in the difference the colors, values and textures can make in the finished blocks. I got hundreds of color combination ideas from this one is now my favorite quilt book!

1st book for any quilter
I received this book as a Christmas Present a few years ago. This book is excellant for finding a color combination or a color change. I use this book first whenever I want to sew a new quilt. It is a basic and VERY good book to get the mind working for new color schemes.

Eclipse Bay
Published in Audio Cassette by Brilliance Audio (2000)
Authors: Jayne Ann Krentz, Joyce Bean, and TBD
Amazon base price: $30.98
List price: $44.25 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $30.93
Buy one from zShops for: $30.93
Average review score:

From a Guy's view
In a recent conversation, I suggested to my roommate to read a Tom Clancy book, and she agreed with a caveat: that I had to read one of her books. After rolling my eyes, I reluctantly agreed. I thought, how bad can it be, they're small books. She was nice and gave me one she thought I would enjoy, Eclipse Bay (? Great, what a title). (sigh) The truth is.. I actually did enjoy it. It was an light but exciting read. I was afraid the book would be nothing but one stereotypical romance scene after another, dead wrong again. It had a solid bit of whodunit quality, some sound character exchanges and wit (Winston), overall quite engaging. The characters were as well developed as most other books that I've read, especially considering the relatively small number of pages. If this is what her books are like, then I highly recommend Ms. Krentz and this book to all.

Ms. Krentz does it Again!
In "Eclipse Bay", Ms. Krentz again shows her expertise with words and character descriptions. There are familiar things in this book: the resisting heroine - Hannah Harte, the irrestible hero - Rafe Sullivan, the beautiful Northwest itself, quirky characters, and an irrascible grandfather. Hannah and Rafe meet again their small coastal hometown when Hannah's aunt leaves her beautiful, large home to them jointly. Eight years before, Hannah had supplied Rafe with a true alibi when his lover was found dead. Hannah (as a town "goody two shoes") gives Rafe (as a town 'bad boy') the advice to "Do Somthing With Your Life!" Hannah leaves town to open a wedding consulting business and Rafe, under a cloud of suspicion, leaves to ? When they meet again, their sexual interest in each other is obvious. But each wants to buy the other out to pursue their own dream. Neither knows that each dream is the same - to open an inn/restaurant. The townpeople still believe that Rafe was responsible for his lover's death even though it was ruled an accident and Hannah had given him an ironclad alibi. To thoroughly clear Rafe's name, they decide to do further investigation of the eight year old mystery. Rafe and Hannah are immersed in their ever increasingly sexual relationship and the investigation. Rafe's grandfather character adds a love affair of his own, which is an interesting sub-story. The problems are all resolved and once again, the story ends delightfully I am looking forward to the next book in this trilogy.

Rich Girl, Bad Boy-- Great Chemistry
Jayne Ann Krentz tops herself with this first book, Eclipse Bay, in her new trilogy. The Hartes are logical, the Madisons passionate, and the two families have hated each other for generations. Hannah Harte unwittingly becomes an alibi for Rafe Madison when she encounters him on the beach late one night. The next day she learns that a girl Rafe had dated was found murdered and he is suspect in the crime. She comes forward with the story of their time spent together at the time the crime was committed and puts a dent in her reputation in the town.

Eight years later Hannah's aunt dies leaving her mansion to Hannah and Rafe. The two come together back in Eclipse Bay to sort out the problem of who will get the mansion, solve and eight year old murder and fall in love.

The story is engaging and Hannah and Rafe are perfect together. He has loved her since that night on the beach and she has always been more then a little attracted to him.

A great entertaining read. Now we just have to wait for the next one.

Living Liturgy: Spirituality, Celebration and Catechesis for Sundays and Solemnities: Year C, 2001
Published in Paperback by Liturgical Press (01 July, 2000)
Authors: Joyce Ann Zimmerman, Thomas A. Greisen, Kathleen Harmon, and Thomas L. Leclerc
Amazon base price: $14.95
Used price: $4.74
Average review score:

It's ok...
The book is nice, but there are other sources which have been around for awhile which are just as good. The author talks of the Paschal Mystery...over and over and over. Granted, this is a part of our lives as Christians, but she didn't "invent" it. It just seems if you're not following her writing and theology, you're not being a good Catholic christian and don't know how to worship. However, I still use the book from time to time.

Outstandingly comprehensive!
Living Liturgy has multiple uses. Preachers can use it for both background on the readings as well as contextualizing those readings within the Liturgy...a reality often lost sight of. Living Liturgy--unlike other resources--understands the value of the **appointed psalm** within the Liturgy of any given day. The psalm is often the key to the gospel....

Above all, Living Liturgy helps me to make the connection between PASCHAL MYSTERY and the texts of any one Sunday. The questions provided in the side-bars can be used by anyone, not just for the groups mentioned. ...great for Lectionary based bible sharing groups.

An excellent resource for liturgy preparation
My parish's Liturgy Planning Committee recently switched to using this book and we all love it! It includes text of all the Sunday readings including the psalms, and it has great ideas for liturgy planning, catechesis, and could even be used by small faith groups for prayer and study.

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