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The Old-Fashioned Homemade Ice Cream Cookbook
Published in Paperback by Book Sales (1984)
Authors: Joyce Dueker and Christopher
Amazon base price: $1.98
Used price: $5.00
Collectible price: $11.00
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A Practical Guide!
This book covers, in a very readable and straightforward way, how to make great ice cream. I have been using this book for many years, it covers a short history of ice cream and contains many useful recipes for making many different kinds, from old standards to more exotic mixtures, dozens of recipes are included here. Also, the tips for using your ice cream freezer are excellent. My favorite recipe is the Philadelphia vanilla ice cream using lots of heavy whipping cream, mabe this will shorten my life but at least I will die happy.

Aunt and Uncle's Ice Cream Recipes Family Tradition
This book contains several wonderful recipes for ice cream and sauces. These easy to read and follow recipes, written by my aunt and uncle, have become part of our family's holidays.

American Horticultural Society Pruning & Training
Published in Hardcover by DK Publishing (1996)
Authors: Christopher Brickell and David Joyce
Amazon base price: $24.50
List price: $35.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $19.75
Buy one from zShops for: $23.34
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Very Disappointed
I was extremely disappointed with this book. I had ordered it with such anticipation. I am about to purchase a few sour cherry trees and wanted to know the best methods for pruning. I looked up the appropriate section in the book. To begin, the copy is very long and wordy. You have to wade through a whole lot of unnecessary verbage to finally get to the part that you are interested in, only to find out that now you have to go to another part of the book for the answer. This book provides a separate section for each plant type, but there are many plants that are pruned by the same then they make you flip back to another plant for the description. They should just show you the various styles of pruning and list which plants that each style applies to. My other complaint is the way the copy is handled. The paragraphs are long and poorly titled. They would be much better if there were headlines, numbers, outlines, bullets etc. It would make it MUCH easier for the reader to quickly find the section of interest. This is supposed to be a reference book, NOT a novel. And finally, some of the information is just plain wrong for the US market. This book was originally published in the UK, and I believe that it is probably much more accurate for that market. For example, with the sour cherry tree, it lists Colt as the most likely root stock. That root stock is not available by ANY commercial growers that I could find on the web. And I know that if it was ever available, it hasn't been available for at least 10 years since I have other friends who have worked in the business. However, it is available in the UK. I found that some books that I already have in my library were much better on the topic. For example, I have the Rodale's Encyclopedia of Organic Gardening. It provides MUCH better descriptions of the pruning techniques. The copy is easy to follow and the pictures are easy to understand. They have accurate information on root stocks etc. (even though it is an older book) and they also provide a huge section on pest management. The AHS Pruning and Training book was a great idea gone bad. I really could have used a good reference book on pruning.

Simply put.....this is the best!
If you don't already know the people at The American Horticultural Society create the best resource books for the money then I don't know where you've been. If you want a great resource on Pruning and Training, this is it...Simply put.... This is the best.

The best.
This is THE book to buy on pruning and you really do need a book of this size and scope when it comes to the general subject of pruning because there is so much information that needs to be imparted. I was so impressed with this book I also ordered the Horticulture Society book on Pests and Diseases, sight unseen. If you're going to take responsibility for the care and maintenance of your landscaping you should have these books.

Witnesses from the Grave: The Stories Bones Tell
Published in Paperback by Ballantine Books (1992)
Authors: Christopher Joyce and Eric Stover
Amazon base price: $4.99
Used price: $6.87
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Good, but a bit melodramatic and tedious toward the end
As an anthropology enthusiast, I've been devouring books about anthropology, particularly forensic anthropology. Clyde Snow figures into most texts about the exploits of the intrepid forensic anthropologist, so I chose to read this one, as well. Generally speaking, the book is well written. We are introduced to Dr. Snow in a retelling of some skeleton identification work he did in Bolivia--a good way to entice the reader. We next learn a bit about Clyde Snow himself--his childhood, his years as a hard-living underachieving young man, and finally his entre into the forensic sciences. We also learn a bit about the history of forensic anthropology, which provides a nice framework for the reader.

The remainder of the book focuses on Snow's more exciting work, such as the identification of Josef Mengele's bones in Argentina. It deals a lot with Snow's work with human rights organizations, identifying the bones of those slaughtered by their oppressive governments. Snow continues that work around the world to this day, and it is interesting reading--to a point.

The authors give good details concerning the events that lead to the untimely demise of thousands of innocent people, mostly in Argentina during late 1970's when the military junta was in power, and explains why Snow is involved in vindicating the dead there. However, they get a bit melodramatic in their descriptions of everything from the grave openings to Snow's work the several students who served as his assistants. After a while, we get the picture that Snow's work has served to put many a would-be despot in prison, and we come to understand Snow's view that the worst crime of all is a crime against a person by that person's own government. But there reaches a point where the human rights discussion just becomes tedious. Yes, you want to read more about Snow's exploits, but you find yourself wishing that they will be anywhere but Argentina, and that they will involve someone other than a person murdered by an oppressive government.

On the whole, it's a good read, and I'd recommend it to others interested in forensic science. Don't feel bad if you don't read it cover to cover though. To be honest, by the time you decide to put it down you have probably read enough that, if you don't finish it, you won't be missing anything.

Fascinating forensic stories!
I have run across the name of Clyde Snow referenced in other works and found this book to fill out his personal story of searches and discoveries relating to tragedies and horrific murder cases. It is fascinating reading for anyone who is interested in special cases like John Gacey or the mass government murders in Argentina or the "Angel of Death" Joseph Mengele.

The Haunted Bookshop
Published in Paperback by Booksellers Pub (1993)
Authors: Christopher Morley, Douglas W. Gorsline, and Joyce Meskis
Amazon base price: $13.95
Used price: $4.95
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An Unusual and Enjoyable Book
This was an unusual little book but I thoroughly enjoyed it. There were a few quirky points I could nitpick about -- the characters are a little mannered and Mr. Mifflin, the eccentric but charming bookseller, is at his best discussing books and less interesting as an anti-war crusader, but these I wrote off to the time period the book was written. For me, they didn't distract much from the overall enjoyment of the book. Even the mystery to the plot turned out better than I'd expected. I haven't read the prior book, "Parnassus on Wheels" but I've added it to my future reading list.

A Surprisingly Intriguing Mystery
Published at a time when booksellers were concerned that "speechless movies" would destroy the book trade, and the action hero of the day was Tarzan, The Haunted Bookshop stands up to any modern novel of political intrigue. The story line revolves around the events at the end of World War I. President Wilson, the upcoming peace talks, and a disappearing copy of Oliver Cromwell's speeches all come together in a mystery that is full of surprises.

Roger Mifflin, the proprietor of the Haunted Bookshop, is saddened to think he shall die with thousands of books unread. Yet, he finds the time to uncover a plot by a group of German thugs and prevents a tragedy that could have changed the course of world history. Allow yourself some time to stick with this book and like a visit to the Haunted Bookshop itself, you will find yourself exploring a fascinating place with many twists and turns just waiting to be discovered.

The Booksellers Bible
It's been years since I read The Haunted Bookshop, but it's one of those books that really stays with you. The proprietor of the bookshop has the proper attitude about selling books and has the sign posted right up on his wall: "We sell no fakes or trashes." I first read the book when I was in 9th grade, and remember thinking wistfully that I would love to visit the Haunted Bookshop. To my immense delight, I've discovered a few over the years, where I've made wonderful finds I never would have discovered at [local stores]. When you run across one of these bookstores, they are a joy to remember forever.

1997 Annual Supplement to Accompany The Changing
Published in Paperback by International Thomson Publishing (1998)
Authors: Thomas Hensley, Christopher E. Smith, and Joyce A. Baugh
Amazon base price: $20.95
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Arbitration 1997 the Next Fifty Years: Proceedings of the Fiftieth Annual Meeting: National Academy of Arbitrators Chicago, Illinois May 25-27, 1997 (National Academy of Arbitrator.Meeting.//Proceedings of the Annual Meeting, 50th)
Published in Hardcover by BNA Books (1999)
Authors: Joyce M. Najita, National Academy of Arbitrators, Christopher A. Barreca, and Gladys W. Gruenberg
Amazon base price: $40.00
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Bears Are Curious (Step into Reading ; A Step 1 Book)
Published in Library Binding by Random Library (1998)
Authors: Joyce Milton and Christopher Santoro
Amazon base price: $11.99
Used price: $5.89
Buy one from zShops for: $11.94
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Cancer Informatics
Published in Hardcover by Springer Verlag (08 January, 2002)
Authors: John S. Silva, Christopher Chute, Marion Ball, Judith Douglas, Curtis P. Langlotz, Joyce C. Niland, William L. Scherlis, and Richard D. Klausner
Amazon base price: $79.95
Used price: $67.53
Buy one from zShops for: $67.53
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Changing Supreme Court: Constitutional Rights and Liberties
Published in Paperback by Wadsworth Publishing (05 December, 1996)
Authors: Thomas R. Hensley, Christopher E. Smith, and Joyce A. Baugh
Amazon base price: $92.95
Used price: $25.00
Buy one from zShops for: $39.95
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Christopher Columbus: A Punch and Play Storybook
Published in Paperback by Scholastic Paperbacks (T) (1985)
Author: Joyce Milton
Amazon base price: $2.95
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