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Tears of Joy
Published in Hardcover by Wayword Pub (1999)
Authors: Barbara J. Behm and Ellen Anderson
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Why aren't there more?
When abuse plays such a strong role in shaping the lives of children and the adults they eventually become, why is it that there are so few books that speak to children at the time of the abuse? Sure, there are analytical books on the topic, and scholarly works, but the real need lies in reaching out to our children at their most vulnerable time: when they're being abused. I think it's not only important, but revolutionary that Tears of Joy touches on that most taboo of subjects: sexual abuse of children. My wife was subjected to the cruelty of molestation as a young girl, and she swears by the fact that if she had had a vehicle by which to relate what she had gone through, she may have escaped the torture far sooner. A child will never tell what they don't know how to explain. How can we expect our children to learn how to explain if we don't give them the proper channel through which to do so. Thank God for this book.

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