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I Love Guinea Pigs
Published in Library Binding by Turtleback Books (2001)
Authors: Dick King-Smith and Anita Jeram
Amazon base price: $12.44
Average review score:

An excellent introduction to the care of guinea pigs!
I bought this book for my daughter just before we got her first pets, two guinea pigs! The pictures are lovely and the book covers guinea pig likes and dislikes, as well as their basic needs from vitamin c to clean water. The best part though is the author's continued assertation that guinea pigs love to be cuddled!

Absolutely charming!!
If you don't have a guinea pig, this book will make you want to get one

I think adults can enjoy the book as well. Smith is charming, witty and very knowledgeable about the species.

Bunny My Honey
Published in Board book by Walker Books (02 January, 2001)
Author: Anita Jeram
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $2.00
Buy one from zShops for: $5.75
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Great addition to childs book collection
I picked this book out for my 2 1/2 year old daughter and she really enjoys it. The story is simple. There is a mommy bunny, baby bunny and baby bunny's two friends, Little Duckling and Miss Mouse. Baby bunny wanders too far one day and gets lost. No one is to blame, it's just something bad that happened. Baby bunny crys for his mommy when he hears "Bunny my honey!" (At this point, my daughter loves to yell out "It's his mommy!!!!") They have a happy reunion and share a tender moment. Mommy bunny also mentions that she loves her "other honeys" too, as Little Duckling and Miss Mouse gather close. The little friends all sing a song when they are together and it is up to the reader to make up the rhythm to the words. (Don't worry, it's an easy sing-song rhyme and my daughter seems to enjoy that I sing it a little differently each time. She also makes up her own rhythms for the rhyme as she sings.) I personally love the reunion page, it really encourages you to share a special moment with your child. Although I imagine a group of children would enjoy being read this story, I think it's made extra special when shared with your own "Bunny My Honey".

An absolutely precious book
This is an absolutely precious book that I bought for my own 5-year-old after he confided that he liked being called my "Honey Bunny." I wondered if he would find the book too sweet and too young; instead, it opened the way for great discussion about unconditional love. It's become a bed-time favorite for all ages in this household!

Children will come alive
This is one of my 2 1/2 year olds favorite books, as well as mine. She loves saying the "little Honey's" verse. She really gets involved in the story when I read it. She gets worried when bunny is lost and so happy when he finds his mommy. I recently took this too a nursery class for children 1 1/2 - 3 years old and they all had the same reaction. The pictures are wonderful and the story so sweet. It is a book for all ages and a must have.

Adivina Cuanto Te Quiero
Published in Paperback by Kokinos (01 January, 1997)
Authors: Sam McBratney, Anita Jeram, Esther Roehrich-Rubio, and Teresa Mlawer
Amazon base price: $6.95
Used price: $4.75
Collectible price: $15.88
Buy one from zShops for: $4.97
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One of the warmest books for children
In my house, my children have well over one hundred books, but this is one of their favorites. It has humour, tendernes, and, above all, shows the children "How much I love you" with a little of humour. The story and the pictures are simply beatiful. When I kiss my children, saying goodnight, after reading this book, there`s allways a special kind of loving and relaxation in them. I definitely give it a 5 stars, must buy.

guess how much i love this book
we have two children who are four and six years old, probably around the same age of your children if you are looking at the prospect of buying this book. born and raised in manhattan, i happen to be bilingual and have been teaching our children spanish from birth -- no easy task but an enriching one. Out of all the books i've purchased -- many which are duds with poor illustration and content -- adivina cuanto te quiero is by far their favorite spanish day and bedtime story. i thank the publisher and that adorable long eared bunny for making my task so much easier and pleasurable!

Dick King-Smith's Animal Friends: Thirty-One True Life Stories
Published in School & Library Binding by Candlewick Press (1996)
Authors: Dick King-Smith and Anita Jeram
Amazon base price: $19.99
Used price: $1.98
Collectible price: $10.16
Buy one from zShops for: $4.49
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Very well-written with cute illustrations for kids
This book is my kid's favorites. Very well written. He speaks very admiringly, lovingly, and affectionately about animals he has met all over the world. Adorable illustrations! Best book I've seen in a while!

A collection of heart-warming tales from a well-loved author
Dick King-Smith has done it again. This time it is a series of homespun tales, perfect as bedtime read aloud stories. Each jewel is carefully carved to create that warm fuzzy feeling.

The stories are about the author's personal experiences with animals; from turtles to cats and beyond. I recomend this book for ALL ages, especially for the parents of small children. It is a collection of short stories, and is thus very good for children who like to be read aloud to, but who don't have a very long attention span. Hey, I'm twelve, and I still enjoy being read aloud to, and this is one of my favorites. [For all of you out there looking for good animal stories, I would also reccomend "Magnus Power Mouse" by the same author].

Over all, I would like to say that this is certainly one of King-Smith's best!

Don't You Feel Well, Sam?
Published in School & Library Binding by Candlewick Press (2002)
Authors: Amy Hest and Anita Jeram
Amazon base price: $11.19
List price: $15.99 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $2.90
Buy one from zShops for: $2.93
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Mom read this again
I bought this book several days ago, and my 3 year old daughter has not let me put it down. she absolutley loves this book. This is a definite must have in your childs collection.

Delightful story for wintertime
This is the short tale of Sam who his mother has discovered has a cough. Sam's mama patiently negotiates getting Sam to take his bad tasting cough syrup from the too big spoon. Then they snuggle in and wait for the snow to come. This a great story to read to your kids quietly before snuggling into bed on a cold winter night.

All Together Now
Published in Paperback by Walker Books (02 January, 2001)
Author: Anita Jeram
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $8.65
Buy one from zShops for: $9.98
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Wonderful Book and Also Has a Great Adoption Theme
This precious children's book not only teaches about families and their important differences but is a great story about adoption. Momma Rabbit has three children--whom she loves the same--one baby was born to her and two joined the family through adoption, (one is a mouse and one is a duckling).."but momma rabbit is their momma just the same." They celebrate their differences while also enjoying their similarities. Most importantly, they are a FAMILY!

A Baby's First-Year Calendar: With Stickers/Calendar, Chart and Stickers
Published in Paperback by Candlewick Press (1997)
Authors: Anita Jeram and Sam McBratney
Amazon base price: $10.99
Average review score:

A must have for all moms!
This calendar is an essential item for all moms with new babies. It comes with stickers for all the big milestones in a babies life such as its first tooth, first smile, ect, that you can stick on the date it happens so that you don't forget. This is so great for busy moms that might not have time to keep a daily journal of the events of their new baby but still want to remember when all the big milestones happened. It's got such great pictures and makes a pretty calender for any babies room! I definately reccomend it.

Kiss Good Night
Published in Hardcover by Candlewick Press (2001)
Authors: Amy Hest and Anita Jeram
Amazon base price: $11.19
List price: $15.99 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $11.11
Collectible price: $15.88
Buy one from zShops for: $9.99
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A True Snuggle-Up Bedtime Story
What a charming book! This book arrived on my doorstep when I failed to return a book-of-the-month club refusal card. Am I ever glad I didn't turn this one down! My three-year-old son and I absolutely love this adorable story of nightly bedtime rituals. He relates to it so well, and loves to mimick the way the wind blows through the trees on the dark and stormy night on Plum Street....whooo, whooooo. I don't think we ever outgrow these heartwarming stories of the love shared between parents and their children. And I haven't even mentioned the beautiful illustrations! This book will really tug at your heart. First class, all the way.

Bedtime Made Special
It was a dark and stormy night. The wind blew, whoo, whooo. The rain hit against the roof and windows, splat, splat. But inside, Mama Bear is putting her cub to bed. "Ready now, Sam?" "Oh no," said Sam "I'm waiting." So mother begins all their nighttime rituals. First, they read a book together. She tucks Sam in, head to toe, with his red blanket and arranges his stuffed animal friends. Then they share a glass of milk. And still Sam tells her, "I'm waiting" What could Mrs Bear have forgotten. She thinks and goes back over her bedtime chores and then remembers. "Kiss goodnight, Sam." And she kisses him once, twice and then twice more..... Amy Hest has written a lovely bedtime story that's cozy and comforting and just perfect for pre-schoolers. Her simple, gentle, quiet text is beautifully illustrated by Anita Jeram's soft expressive earthtoned artwork. Kiss Good Night is a charming bedtime story that's sure to become a new favorite in your house and may help your little ones fall asleep with its easy familiar rituals.

An essential part of our nightly ritual
This is probably my favorite bedtime book in the world. My daughter got it for her second birthday and it has withstood being read at least twice a day since then. The illustrations are stunning, the simple rythym of the story is appealing to both the reader and the child. When she's ready to settle down in my lap she brings it over and starts reciting the lines, "Book, blanket, friends, milk..." over and over. It's one of the few books we both know by heart that I don't want to throw out the window, and has even surpassed Goodnight Moon on our list of keepers. I gave it to all children we know under the age of four for Christmas, and they (and their parents) all loved it, too.

Guess How Much I Love You: Book and Little Nutbrown Hare
Published in Hardcover by Candlewick Press (1997)
Authors: Sam McBratney and Anita Jeram
Amazon base price: $15.99
Used price: $13.95
Buy one from zShops for: $8.39
Average review score:

A heart warming tale
I bought this book for my baby girl along with the two Hares. It is now her prized possesion and always gets read at bedtime. In my opinion this tale is classic and is a must for anyone with a soft spot in their heart for a little Nutbrown hare.

I got teary-eyed the 1st, 2nd, etc.. time I read it.
I bought this book for my 29 year old boyfriend who is not the "sensitive type". I thought he was going to cry also... This book expresses the way I feel better than any words I could use. After my sister read it, she bought two more, one for her 6 year old daughter and one for our mother.

Charming and heart-warming book, perfect for even newborns
This was the best childrens book I've ever read. As a first time mother, I found the sentiments expressed by the mother hare exactly the same as I felt for my newborn. It is sure to become the favorite bedtime story of a lot of children (and mothers too). The book allows for interaction with the story ie: "as high as I can reach". I checked the book out at the library and have read it faithfully to my son. I plan to purchase the book and read it to my future children(maybe even grandchildren someday). The illistrations are adorable, and the story is sweet. I found myself crying as I looked down at my 5 day old son, and realized that I loved him even more than "clear to the moon and back".

All Pigs Are Beautiful
Published in Turtleback by Demco Media (1995)
Authors: Dick King-Smith and Anita Jeram
Amazon base price: $12.25

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