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The Detox Plan: Clearing Your Body, Mind and Emotions
Published in Paperback by Gaia Books (16 October, 1998)
Author: Jane Alexander
Amazon base price: $
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Simple, clear and easy to follow
Well written book based on personal experience of the author. Trancends the physicall and looks at your whole well being in a down to earth fashion. The detox program is clearly laid-out and invites you to also 'detox' other areas of yourself. Wonderful guide and a good read.

Very informative and easy to read
Everything I wanted to know about shaking off old shadows was ther

Safe, usable, informative and well researched.
This book is exceptional in that the author, Jane Alexander, has experienced all the different treatments for herself. This makes it much safer for anyone to use than most books of this genre. I recommend this book highly to anyone who wishes to get their health together. Mental, physical and spiritual balance can be achieved through following one of several detox plans offered by Jane Alexander in this excellent and highly readable book.

The Eagle & the Wren: A Fable
Published in Library Binding by North South Books (2000)
Authors: Jane Goodall and Alexander Reichstein
Amazon base price: $16.50
Used price: $9.41
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A story that will enchant young readers
In The Eagle & The Wren, naturalist, conservationist, and wildlife activist Jane Goodall retells the classic fable of the Eagle and the Wren who once disputed who could fly the highest. The two birds held a glorious contest to determine the issue once and for all. But the outcome surprised them all -- especially the might eagle! Alexander Reichstein's superbly presented artwork is a perfect showcase and complement to Jane Goodal's exceptional story that will enchant young readers preschool through first grade. Also very highly recommended are Goodal's three earlier children's books available from North-South Books: The Chimpanzee Family Book, With Love, and Dr. White.

Learn Nature Lessons from Dr. Jane Goodall's Life
This book contains the retold fable of the eagle and the wren, which was a favorite bedtime story of Dr. Jane Goodall and her sister, Judy, when they were girls. In addition, Dr. Goodall has an epilogue in which she describes her interpretation of the fable in terms of her own life. The book also contains luscious, detailed pastel drawings that add a majesty and grandeur to the tale. You will feel like you are seeing the world from a bird's eye view . . . way up on high! It's beautifully peaceful there. That's a nice way to end a bedtime story.

The story begins when all the birds have an argument about who can fly the highest. Everyone loudly proclaims their superiority. Finally, owl points out that a contest can quickly settle this dispute.

Off they go. Many of the birds don't actually go very high. When they return to Earth, they are comforted by the ostrich (who, of course, cannot fly at all) who notes that they have each done the best that they can. Some are distracted (like the vulture) and don't continue the contest.

Finally, there seems to be a winner. Just then, an O. Henry style twist occurs to turn the contest onto its head.

"How can you fly so high?"

The answer to that question will open up important lessons about the potential for cooperation. What is impossible for one is often easy for several. Many people go throughout their lives without ever understanding that point. Anyone who has read this story will always know differently. That can be the beginning of many wonderful joint accomplishments and collaborations in life.

Dr. Goodall's epilogue uses the eagle in the story as a metaphor for her life as an outstanding scientist. "We all need an eagle." "I like to think of all these people [who helped me] as the feathers on my eagle." "Each one has played an important role." " . . . [M]y eagle is part of the great spirit power that is all around us."

Almost all children's stories emphasize individual competition. This one celebrates cooperation. Every child deserves a chance to hear the cooperative side of that choice. This book is a superb way to open up that understanding.

After you finish enjoying the story together with your child, I suggest that you think together of places and situations where two or more animals, people, or combinations thereof can accomplish more together than singly. Let you child come up with the examples. That will deepen the significance of the lesson for her or him. You can cooperate by praising the ideas.

Like Dr. Jane Goodall, her staff, and the chimpanzees in the Gombe Preserve in Tanzania, may you and your child live in peaceful cooperation with all the living creatures around you!

Quick, children! Jump right into your jammies and hop into bed for a heartwarming bedtime story - a real "Once Upon a Time" treat. It's Dr. Jane Goodall's nifty version of a timeless fable, THE EAGLE & THE WREN. You'll witness an exciting contest to determine which kind of bird can fly the highest. Here's a hint as to how it turns out: With amazing results, one of the birds counts on another for help, just the way people do. But what's more, we can all be winners even without the ability to fly the highest. We just need to strive to do our best. Take it from the ostrich in the story, "You have all done as well as nature intended...You all have wings, but each of you flies to a different height for a different purpose..." Throughout the story, be sure to keep your eyes wide open and the lights turned way up, so you can thoroughly relish the accompanying delicate, feathery pastel illustrations by Alexander Reichstein. Isn't that a gruff, menacing-looking eagle on the cover? Not to worry! He plays a very gentle and caring role in this story. THE EAGLE & THE WREN is bound to peacefully and happily carry you soaring off to dreamland.

Five-Minute Healer : Easy, Natural Ways to Look and Feel Better Fast
Published in Paperback by Fireside (1900)
Author: Jane Alexander
Amazon base price: $15.00
Used price: $2.17
Buy one from zShops for: $4.69
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Instant healing for busy people
I've always wanted to try different therapies but there are so many on offer it can be hard to figure out which would be best. What I love about this book is that it gives you the chance to try aspects of each therapy out for yourself - so you get a really clear taster of what they entail.
The book is divided into sections covering each part of the day - from getting up through the average working day right up until bedtime. The variety of therapies which the author uses are vast - from ones I'm familiar with (such as shiatsu and yoga) to things like Tibetan medicine (fascinating) and Reiki. The tips given are all really simple yet certainly the ones I've tried are extremely effective.
Like the reviewer before I've bought a few of these as they make great presents - particularly for friends who may be a bit wary of jumping in the deep end with natural health.

Perfect for today's world!
This book is perfect for people who want to better their lives but don't have the time to read a huge book on yoga, homeopathy and meditation. It mixes all aspects of natural, easy-to-follow (with great pictures) information for a healthier life. I really recommend it! (I actually buying two of them for as a gift.)

The Natural Year: A Seasonal Guide to Alternative Health & Beauty
Published in Paperback by Avon Books (Pap Trd) (1999)
Author: Jane Alexander
Amazon base price: $13.50
Used price: $7.00
Buy one from zShops for: $6.49
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An excellent companion
An excellent reference for all disciples of alternative remedie

A helpful and interesting book about natural therapies.
This is a great book for anyone wanting to learn about a wide range of natural therapies. It's really practical too as it tells you what treatment is best used at which time of year. I found it incredibly useful and have already followed some of the advice offered. It's well laid out, easy to follow and yet filled with interesting facts. I thought I knew quite a bit about natural therapies but The Natural Year proved me wrong. The author obviously knows her subject well and has the skill to pass on her knowledge in an interesting and thorough way. Even people who feel natural therapies are not for them will find something of interest in this book. And hopefully they'll be healthier and happier as a result.

Win the Fat War Cookbook: 175 Family-Style Recipes from Real Weight-Loss Winners
Published in Hardcover by Rodale Press (2001)
Authors: Regina Ragone, Anne Alexander, and Jane Kirby
Amazon base price: $25.87
List price: $36.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $5.45
Buy one from zShops for: $5.49
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Great recipes & motivational stories!
This is a great book for those of you wanting to lose weight or simply obtain a healthier lifestyle. I've tried many of the recipes so far. My whole family agrees that they are delicious, and they contain simple instructions with easy ingredients.
This book also contains great tips for weight loss from those who have lost weight and have successfully kept if off! I highly recommend this book.

A variety of dishes for a variety of tastes
I received this cookbook and I was blown away by the variety of foods, from American, Italain, Mexican, etc. I have made a few of these dishes and they are absolutely delicious. The weight loss stories that are in the book are wonderful and very motivating. This is a great book for someone trying to lose weight or for a present. I highly recommend it.

The Complete Shakespeare Sonnets
Published in Audio Cassette by Airplay Inc (01 January, 2000)
Authors: Jane Alexander, Patrick Stewart, Alfred Molina, Lindsay Crouse, Ruby Dee, Ossie Davis, Tony Randall, Kathleen Turner, Eli Wallach, and Charline Spektor
Amazon base price: $14.00
List price: $20.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $12.00
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Great stars make the sonnets shine
Ok, there is absoltuely NO denying the fact that Shakespeare is an awesome guy. Also, there is no denying that The Sonnets are gorgeous and intriguing. However, with the help of many FANTASTIC performers, there is NOW no denying that spoken sonnets are even better. Read by the stars, the sonnets have a new life to them- something inderscribable is added when they are read aloud by these voices. Kudos to (the one and only ) Brian Stokes Mitchell, who I particularly enjoyed, not only because I'm a huge fan of his, but because his voice lends itself extremely well to the words The Bard wrote. Great recording!

Easy Hospitality
Published in Hardcover by Downhome Publications Inc. (01 September, 1996)
Authors: Greg Campbell, Patty S. Roper, Lori D. Brechtel, Jane C. Alexander, and Ann D. Becker
Amazon base price: $25.00
Buy one from zShops for: $18.00
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Wonderful Cookbook
This cookbook is not only a beautiful book to look at, but it is full of easy, tasteful recipies as well as easy decorating ideas. The planned menus are a huge help in organizing everything from a party to a family dinner. It is a great taste of the South and its hospitality.

Rituals for Sacred Living
Published in Hardcover by Sterling Publications (1999)
Authors: Jane Alexander, Arwyn Dreamwalker, and Michelle Heartwoo
Amazon base price: $24.95
Used price: $5.89
Collectible price: $15.38
Buy one from zShops for: $8.25
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This is a fabulous tool for today's busy people.
Jane Alexander's hardcover book, "Rituals for Sacred Living", is a beautifully illustrated and arranged book to calm and focus we busy people living in the fast-paced world of today. In eight brief chapters she explains "sacred living", and how to connect you with yourself and the Universe. Other chapter titles include: "Your home as a reflection of the soul, "Sacred areas in the home", "Mealtime rituals", "Spiritual cleansing", "Releasing negative energy", "Sacred sexuality" and "Celebrating life's cyles." This book is lavishly illustrated, with full color photos or drawings on each page. The feeling I was left with was of great reverence and enthusiasm for life, whether Alexander was gently pointing out the underlying benefits of the easy self-discipline lessons, or the meaningful enjoyments of daily living. The hardcover-only edition will assist in preserving this rich and ripe guide. Enjoy! Give generously as gifts as well as to your self.

The Weekend Healer: More Than a Dozen 3-Day Plans to Relax, Relieve Stress, and Re-Energize
Published in Paperback by Fireside (2002)
Author: Jane Alexander
Amazon base price: $10.50
List price: $15.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $4.03
Buy one from zShops for: $5.00
Average review score:

What you can do with alittle bit of time!!
I have always wanted to detox myself, and I will be able to do it with this book. It gives you alot of different choices that you can do within a weekend.

I can't wait to try it out.

Published in Audio Cassette by Random House (Audio) (1985)
Authors: Daphne Du Maurier and Jane Alexander
Amazon base price: $14.95
Average review score:

This book is a wonderful piece of literature, but it's NOT a romance novel. Du Maurier never intended it to be read is such. The main characters are married, but the story does not focus on their courtship or their relationship, rather I would say on the individuals they are. I believe that the narrator's journey from naive, innocent, childhood to aware, mature, adulthood is very important. The fact that she remains nameless throughout the story, or is referred to as Mrs. De Winter, shows how easily she initially gives up her own identity to please others: her employer, her husband, even her own staff. It is only towards the end that she begins to assert herself. This book would probably be better classified as a psychological thriller, since it deals both with the mystery surrounding the death of Rebecca (the 1st Mrs. De Winter) and her continuing impact on those she left behind. Beautifully written.

A brilliant masterpiece that satisfies till the end!
When I found this book at a local book-shop, I had not expected the brilliance inside the poetic pages. Decieving plots and characters littered the many words that deprived the reader of sense with the beauty of the novel.

The nameless narrator arrives at Manderly, with a brief and secretive husband, Maxim de Winter. Yet the narrater, so shy and naive, feels out of place at the enchanted home, empty now and odd as the late Mrs. de Winter, Rebecca, had already left her mark of impressiojn upon everyone ever setting foot in Manderly.

The servant of Rebecca, potently loyal Mrs. Danvers, is the main nemisis. Using her and many of the other servants, Daphne du Maurier creats a stunning picture of Rebecca just from the emotions shown of these people, though Rebecca has beern dead through the book.

After strange and cruel unwelcomings, the naiuve narrater finds herself prior to the deciete of Mrs. Danvers and the evil yet devoted Mr. Favell, cousin of Rebecca. When a random yet plotted string of events takes place that hurts the narrater to the core. Yet further breaking points in Maxim and Mrs. Danvers releasing important clues that bring Maxim closer to the narrater and building confidence against Mrs. Danvers.

As her confidence grows stronger and love more profound, she discovers something that will change her life forevert--as th secrets of Rebecca unravel...

This book is slow in the beginning, but patient readers will find that the book is brilliantly written andpersonally, almost creepy. Myself, you will find that every spare moment not withthe book, you will be thiking of Rebecca...

Suspense begins with the never named narrator of this book.
And you thought you had problems. Our never-named narrator marries a millionaire twice her age, and moves back to her husband's estate, Manderley, on the coast of Cornwall, England. Soon her husband's now dead first wife, Rebecca, whose body was never discovered, begins to invisibly invade the newlyweds. If that's not enough, add Mrs. Danvers, the all-seeing housekeeper who yearns to have the original first lady of the house back in charge, and a mysterious man who surprises our narrator at every turn and you've got what you paid for: A terrific page-turning mystery. Rebecca is du Maurier at her very best, which is why, 60 years after its first publication, Rebecca continues to deliver mystery and intrigue to her readers and why annually thousands visit Cornwall, in search of Manderley. You'll read this book more than once and each time you do, you'll appreciate the evocative and intriguing way du Maurier lures you into Manderley's mysterious world.

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