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I Am Alive
Published in Audio CD by Random House (Audio) (03 June, 2003)
Authors: Charles Jackson and Bruce H. Norton
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very good book- 5 stars is not enough!
My uncle was with the 3rd Bn 4th Marines at Corregidore (they formed at Cavitte after the First and Second Battalions came from Shanghai). He was at Cabanatuan and Bilibad and he also worked at the "Farm" and other places. I bought this book for him as a gift; after reading it, he said that it is extremely accurate except he does not think that any Japanese Officer ever considered their welfare...he rode the hellships to Japan and ended up in a zinc mine at Funatsu(Japan).
I grew up knowing about "Soochow" and his antics...i have the book "Soochow and the 4th Marines"...a first edition given to me as a boy. (I also give that book 5+ stars). In my opinion, this is the very best book that Bruce Norton has written so far...and I have read all of his works.
J. E. Delezen, author of "Eye of the Tiger".

I AM ALIVE! is a collection of short stories told by Marine Sergeant Major Charles R. Jackson, a West Point graduate who resigned his Army commission, in 1926, to become a Private in the United States Marine Corps. Fifteen years later, he was a sergeant major in the 4th Marine Regiment, fighting for his life on Corregidor, and later dealing with life as a POW in the bottom of a copper mine in northern Japan for nearly four years.
Much credit is due to Major "Doc" Norton,USMC, who edited this work and ow presents this story as a masterpiece of World War II experiences. I know the phrase, "I couldn't put it down," is well-worn, but that is exactly what happened to me. One story leads to another, each one better than the last. The finished product is a marvelous collection of observation of fellow Marines, soldiers, Japanese officers, and even Shoo Chow the mongrel mascot of the 4th Marine Regiment, who also survived being a "guest of the Emperor."
I have read many of Major Norton's books, but this is without question his best effort yet. There is no doubt in my mind that this is an award-winning book. I would encourage every veteran, every parent, and every service man and women, to read
this great book. They will immediately learn where their military heritage comes from. Without doubt, a 5-Star book. I'll buy 25 copies as Christmas presents.

found himself

Legal Lynching: The Death Penalty and America's Future
Published in Hardcover by New Press (2001)
Authors: Jesse L., Sr. Jackson, Jesse L., Jr. Jackson, Bruce Shapiro, Jesse L. Jackson Sr, Jesse L. Jackson Jr, and Jesse L. Jackson Jr.
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A guidebook for future generations
Anybody with any viewpoint whatsoever on the subject of the death penalty will want, and need, to review the hard anecdotes that are interspersed within this brief but wide-ranging overview. For those of you who oppose the death penalty on moral grounds, you will fine augmentation for the foundations of your feelings. For those who aren't sure but who are afraid that innocent people might be executed under an imperfect system, the authors provide you with frightening evidence that you're right. And for those looking toward a legislative reconsideration of the entire subject, the appendix is invaluable.

Kudos to the editors
This book is outstanding in its analysis of this important issue. Particularly insightful is the work of editors (ghost writers?) Denis Gaynor and John McFarlane. Mssrs. Gaynor and McFarlane outline in glorious, living detail the horrors of a death penalty culture. Highly recommended.

Two to three thumbs up!

Get Your Ass in the Water and Swim Like Me: Narrative Poetry from Black Oral Tradition
Published in Hardcover by Harvard Univ Pr (1974)
Author: Bruce Jackson
Amazon base price: $15.00
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Collectible price: $79.41
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Vast anthology of Toasts
1 of the 3 books devoted exclusively to Toasts, this book contains the biggest anthology of Toasts of the the 3. Quite an enjoyable read, too bad it's out of print - the record that came with this book is now on CD on the Rounder label (same title as the book).

Growing Up Free in America
Published in Paperback by Manic D Press (1998)
Author: Bruce Jackson
Amazon base price: $11.95
Used price: $4.86
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growing up free in america
dark,disturbing,deeply movin

The Iowa Breeding Bird Atlas (Bur Oak Original)
Published in Hardcover by University of Iowa Press (1996)
Authors: Laura Spess Jackson, Carol A. Thompson, James J. Dinsmore, Bruce L. Ehresman, John Fleckenstein, Robert Cecil, Lisa M. Hemesath, and Stephen J. Dinsmore
Amazon base price: $47.95
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This book is an excellent overview of the birds of Iowa.
The Iowa Breeding Bird Atlas presents the first detailed state-wide survey results for breeding birds. Detailed species accounts are provided for more than 150 birds known to breed in Iowa. These are accompanied by maps showing the distribution of the birds. Several introductory chapters summarize information about the vegetation, geologic origins, and history of the state. Summary statistics include tables showing the most common species, the most frequently confirmed breeding species, and correlations between species groups and the different landforms. The data in this volume includes key information on both common and rare species. This book is an excellent reference for anyone interested in birds or bird atlases. The species accounts are extremely well-written and informative. I highly recommend this book.

Practical Beginning Theory: A Fundamentals Worktext
Published in Paperback by WCB/McGraw-Hill (1987)
Authors: Bruce Benward and Barbara S. Jackson
Amazon base price: $36.10
Used price: $6.99
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Practical Beginning Theory Proves Effective
Learning the ins and outs of music is a difficult task evenwhen an instructor is available. "Practical BeginningTheory" is, in my opinion, essential for anyone attempting to become a musician. This book precisely lives up to its title claim of practical. This book is useful to anyone regardless of musical background. The book flows naturally from the raw beginnngs of musical study and gradually adds theory as one proceeds through the lessons. After a solid introduction to the tools and notation of musical meter and the notes of the staff the lessons gradually inculcate essential concepts intrinsic to musical construction. Even if one is an intermediate or advanced student of music the information within the first few chapters is still very interesting and should not be glossed over by any reader trying to get on to the "good stuff". The lessons and theory begin in earnest in each subsequent chapter. The sections on scales and triad construction are clear and exceedingly well illustrated graphically. The plain illustration of the logic behind music makes each lesson a boon to any musician. Lastly, The section on Harmony is complex and "practical beginning Theory" makes an intricate proposition such as harmony an understandable and repeatable enterprise. Although the material does get very dense the reader need only consult the index to review pivital lessons that are the foundation for the construction of Harmony. The book does an excellent job of applying each previous lesson to the next. The book teaches music theory so well that the student/reader is able to expand music using the knowlege gained from this book. It will teach every reader to play and understand the science of the art of music.

America's Unelected Government: Appointing the President's Team
Published in Hardcover by Ballinger Pub Co (1983)
Authors: John W. MacY, Bruce Adams, and J. Jackson Walter
Amazon base price: $25.00
Used price: $9.19
Collectible price: $9.48
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Castro the Kremlin and Communism In Latin
Published in Paperback by Johns Hopkins Univ+press ()
Author: Bruce Jackson
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $2.95
Collectible price: $5.99
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CliffsNotes Gallic Wars
Published in Digital by Hungry Minds ()
Author: M. a. Bruce Jackson
Amazon base price: $5.99
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Consumers Guide of Upholstery Fabric Selection & Care
Published in Mass Market Paperback by Bruce Jackson (2000)
Author: Bruce Jackson
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $22.00
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