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Practical Beginning Theory: A Fundamentals Worktext
Published in Paperback by McGraw-Hill Humanities/Social Sciences/Languages (20 July, 1999)
Authors: Bruce Jackson, Bruce Benward, Barbara Garvey Jackson, and Barbara Seagrave Jackson
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Practical Beginning Theory Proves Effective
Learning the ins and outs of music is a difficult task evenwhen an instructor is available. "Practical BeginningTheory" is, in my opinion, essential for anyone attempting to become a musician. This book precisely lives up to its title claim of practical. This book is useful to anyone regardless of musical background. The book flows naturally from the raw beginnngs of musical study and gradually adds theory as one proceeds through the lessons. After a solid introduction to the tools and notation of musical meter and the notes of the staff the lessons gradually inculcate essential concepts intrinsic to musical construction. Even if one is an intermediate or advanced student of music the information within the first few chapters is still very interesting and should not be glossed over by any reader trying to get on to the "good stuff". The lessons and theory begin in earnest in each subsequent chapter. The sections on scales and triad construction are clear and exceedingly well illustrated graphically. The plain illustration of the logic behind music makes each lesson a boon to any musician. Lastly, The section on Harmony is complex and "practical beginning Theory" makes an intricate proposition such as harmony an understandable and repeatable enterprise. Although the material does get very dense the reader need only consult the index to review pivital lessons that are the foundation for the construction of Harmony. The book does an excellent job of applying each previous lesson to the next. The book teaches music theory so well that the student/reader is able to expand music using the knowlege gained from this book. It will teach every reader to play and understand the science of the art of music.

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