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Myth and Magic: The Art of John Howe
Published in Hardcover by Harper Collins - UK (2003)
Authors: John Howe, Peter Jackson, and Alan Lee
Amazon base price: $24.50
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gotta be good
Finally, a compilation of Howe's fantasy, and 144 pages, at that! I admit that this review is premature, but I am totally excited to snag this new arrival...

Visions of fantasy
John Howe and Alan Lee are the indisputed masters of "Lord of the Rings" artwork. And this fantastic compilation of Howe's artwork, of all kinds, is a wonderful collection of artwork by an immensely talented artist. (And a cute part at the end has photographs of Howe in armor)

A great deal of the book is devoted to Middle-Earth and J.R.R. Tolkien's works. There are the creepily reptilian dragons, spiders chasing hobbits, the majestic Elves, several different incarnations of the Balrog and its battle with Gandalf, the black-armored and evil Morgoth, the dwarves dining in Bilbo Baggins' hole, a misty Treebeard, Smaug asleep on his glowing gold, the Dark Tower of Mordor with a hissing Fell Beast in front of it... all sorts of goodies. The pictures come from book covers, book illustrations, game boxes, and so forth.

But Howe's artwork is not just for "Rings" and Middle-Earth. Oh no. There are sketches (uncolored) and previously unpublished artwork. There are illustrations from picture books like "Jack and the Beanstalk," "Rip Van Winkle," Howe's fascination with armor and Arthuriana, which includes lots of solid horses, armor, and sword-wielding knights; his illustrations for books by Anne McCaffrey, Robin Hobb, Charles de Lint, Guy Gavriel Kay, Jan Siegel, Margaret Weis, a compilation of Merlin-related stories, and much more.

Howe's artwork has a lot of variety, and many of them look almost like photographs. While you can tell that they're paintings, they're frozen in one second, often in the middle of an action scene. So you almost expect them to start moving. He uses light and shadow expertly, such as in the pic where we see Smaug on his gold -- under his wings, the golden reflection of his treasure is lighting up his face and scales. Or when he is shown attacking Laketown, where everything is dark and shadowy except the fire.

When the "Lord of the Rings" movie trilogy was given the go-ahead, Howe (along with Alan Lee, ) was hired by filmmaker Peter Jackson to help with the sets and landscaping and other designs. Now Jackson has written a foreword to this book, in which he talks about what a fan he is of Howe's artwork (and was, even before the movies!), and how his artwork served as a guide of sorts to how certain things should look. (Such as Ian McKellen's "Gandalf" look, which was based on Howe's famed picture of the wise old wiz) And the afterword was by fellow artist and friend Alan Lee, who describes how they met in New Zealand in 1998, starting work on the movies, and praises Howe for his energy and skill.

This is a fantastic read for fans of J.R.R. Tolkien's works, not to mention people who enjoy good artwork and fantasy/SF pictures. A lush, fantastical book of dragons, halflings, Elves and suits of armor. Marvelous.

A great book for those who love beautiful fantasy art.
I shall just get right to the point: if you are fascinated by the world of Tolkien or just like to read books with some extraordinary fantastic art, this is the book for you.

This book shows you a collection of the art of John Howe, a well-known artist of fantasy art, and someone who designed a lot of visual aspects in the Lord of the rings movies. It contains lots of artwork that has to do with the work of J.R.R. Tolkien, but also some of Howes other work with various subjects.

I can really recommend this almost everybody,because it's just fun to have this for the pretty pictures. The impressive things are not only the detail, the design and the colorscheme, but also the fact that the work really seem to show a certain greatness and movement. They make you believe that those moments were keymoments in the history of some other world.


Legal Problems of International Economic Relations: Cases, Materials and Text on the National and International Regulation of Transnational Economic (American Casebook Series)
Published in Hardcover by West Information Pub Group (1995)
Authors: John H. Jackson, William J. Davey, and Alan O., Jr. Sykes
Amazon base price: $82.68
Used price: $42.95
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The First Book of International Economic Relations
This is a must read for those who appreciate interdisciplinary studies and want to understand the global economy, law, and politics. It offers an excellent balance; big enough to offer a lot of detail yet not too ponderous. Although it is very readable (not too technical), it's not a lap read.

For those who want to study international law
This book is one of the best texts about international economic law. This book will help those who study international economic law to understand what is the legal problems of this world of globalization.

Alan Jackson: The Greatest Hits Collection
Published in Paperback by Warner Brothers Publications (1997)
Author: Alan Jackson
Amazon base price: $24.95
Used price: $20.33
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This book is GREAT!!!
If you have ever wanted to learn the trademark country guitar licks and riffs from Alan Jackson's Greatest Hits, then this is definitely the book for you. In this version it includes authentic note-for-note transcriptions to such great songs as Chattahoochee, Gone Country, Summertime Blues, Midnight In Montgomery, Wanted, Here In The Real World, Home, Don't Rock The Jukebox, Dallas, Who Says You Can't Have It All, and many others! They even tabed out the awesome guitar solos that you hear on Alan's "I Don't Even Know your Name"!!! The transcriptions are not simple, but they are very accurate. If you want to learn to play more than just the guitar chords and to play these songs the correct way, then you should definitely buy this book!!!

Byron Herbert Reece (1917-1958) and the Southern Poetry Tradition (Studies in American Literature, Vol 41)
Published in Hardcover by Edwin Mellen Press (2001)
Author: Alan Jackson
Amazon base price: $89.95
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I know first hand the hardships of Byron Herbert Reece. The author has done a great job in conveying his life and setting somethings right about Hubs poetry.
Herbert Reece has inspired many of us who have had the privilege
of growing up with the knowledge that he was a part of our family. My mother was always so proud of him. Because of him it was instilled into us that we too might accomplish the art of writing.
Thanks Mr. Jackson for writing the book!!

High Mileage
Published in Paperback by Warner Brothers Publications (2001)
Author: Alan Jackson
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $17.95
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"Gone Crazy" for Alan Jackson's "High Mileage."
I'll go on loving Alan Jackson's songbook, "High Mileage." I'd love to tell you why, but it'll mean backtracking a little bit, so please, bear with me.

Alan Jackson is my favorite country music performer. Watching him and other country artists had rekindled my intrest in playing guitar. It had been years since I'd played. I couldn't remember half of what I'd been taught nor did I have any songbooks to help me out.

That was quickly remedied. I simply accessed [...] and ordered Alan Jackson's "High Mileage" songbook. At the same time I sent my long-neglected, acoustic guitar in for reconditioning and a new set of strings.

Soon I had my "High Mileage" songbook in hand, but I could only play three out of the ten songs on the album. I needed to take it a step further and sign up with a guitar coach. I did just that. My "High Mileage" songbook has come to class with me every week. My instructor has been teaching me new chords, rhythms, and picking styles previously unknown to me. At this time, I can play eight out of the ten selections.

My point in telling you all this? So that you might better understand my joy at being able to play along with my favorite country artist. When I crank up my High Mileage CD and play along with my guitar, using my "High Mileage" songbook...It's been the next best thing to jammin' with Alan Jackson himself. My overall rating for the songbook is excellent. It's easy to read and follow along. My guitar coach (a man)was excited to find the Metronome settings, listed for each song. But I (a woman)was more tickled to see the large photos of "AJ" that adorn the book. After all, the man is easy on the eyes.

I did however, find just a couple of problem areas that were mildly frustrating and easily remedied. The first was on page thirty, the song, "Hurtin' Comes Easy." A "D" chord was missing in the eighth measure. The chords should have been, E-D-A. Then on page forty-three, the song, "Little Man," there was no indication to use a guitar capo. The capo should be used on the first fret.

In my opinion though, these minor upsets were nothing compared to the hours of joy I've spent playing along with Mr. Country Music! I've been playing my guitar more than ever before and together were're strumming up some "High Mileage" of our own.

Big Beat Heat: Alan Freed and the Early Years of Rock & Roll
Published in Hardcover by Museum of Our National Heritage (1991)
Author: John A. Jackson
Amazon base price: $24.95
Used price: $39.48
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Cool but too self-congratulatory
This is, as they say, the definitive work on classic big band and swing music, full of profiles of bands and band leaders large and small, from the Artie Shaws and Glenn Millers to the Will Bradleys and Hal Kemps. The scope of the book is very well-rounded, including information on often-neglected "sweet" band musicians such as Isham Jones, along with pre-big band acts like Ted Lewis. The downside is that Simon -- a jazz music critic for "Metronome" magazine during the big band years -- wears his insider credentials on his sleeves, and is a bit of an insufferable name-dropper. Nonetheless, this is a great reference work, and a nice look back at the glory days of swing.

Comprehensive and enlightening view of this music
This book occupied a prime spot on my fathers bookshelf while I was growing up. I frequently heard this music as a kid, and was intrigued by its swing and feel. I had the pleasure of befriending George Simon, and found him to be a first class gentleman. I visited him at his home, and we would discuss the music and his experiences. It gave me tremendous insight into the times, and was always interesting. George was about fifty yeasr older than I ( I have lost touch with him after his move to Florida) but due to his involvement with the Grammys he could go from Harry James to Bob Dylan to Jimi Hendrix with ease. An interesting and insightful book by someone who loved the music and all it stood for.

The names, the faces, the places: they're all here!
George Simon was an intimate part of the big band scene. He was there when it was born and he was there when it atrophied during Word War Two. He was an original member of the Glenn Miller Orchestra (he played drums) and one of the first writers for Metronome Magazine, the trade mag for the music industry in that time. I have a hardcover copy of the 9th printing. The original copyright is indicated as 1967. I also have an accompanying three record set that is unique in that it was a cooperative effort by three competing companies: RCA, Decca and Columbia. It's a shame that this isn't available too! Over 400 bands are mentioned, some extensively. It is full of first-hand accounts, anecdotes and many photos. I felt as if I was there! George Simon gave us a true window into this piece of music history. If I had an extra thumb, I would give it three thumbs up!

X-Men: Visionaries
Published in Paperback by Marvel Books (1998)
Authors: Chris Claremont, John Byrne, Dave Cockrum, Allen Milgrom, Barry Windsor-Smith, Jackson Guice, Kyle Baker, Alan Davis, Jim Lee, and Scott Williams
Amazon base price: $24.95
Used price: $14.95
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Great book, but not an ideal intro
This is a really fun little graphic novel, loaded with great artwork and a decent storyline. I wouldn't recommend it as a first-time read for anyone unfamiliar with the X-Men - taken out of context from the overall series - it might be a somewhat confusing introduction. But for those who know the characters and have a general idea of what is going on, believe me, this one delivers the goods.

In the past, I have generally hated the X-Men's adventures in the Savage Land, or whenever they would go to outer space or get into really super sci-fi type situations. I always felt the X-Men stories worked much better when they were grounded in very normal, down-to-earth settings, because it made the X-Men themselves stand out and seem that much weirder. But this book is an exception to the rule. It's a big, crazy, larger-than-life adventure, part of which takes place in the prehistoric Savage Land, and part of which gets hyper technological, and it works out OK.

The artwork is tough and gritty. Jim Lee draws a mean, shadowy, ugly Wolverine who kills lots of villains and looks like he needs to take a shower very badly.

And Lee's women - whoa. This book contains more gratuitous cheescake shots than any X-Men graphic novel I've seen, but it's all very pleasing to the eye. Especially the scenes with Rogue, whose bare skin can kill anyone she touches and thus, understandably, was always the one major female character who kept herself completely covered at all times. This was the first storyline in the series where they finally drew her as a scantily-clad, sexy heroine. A real treat for male Rogue-fans who'd been reading the series patiently for years.

This storyline also chronicles the transformation of innocent young Psylocke into a mature woman trained in the art of Ninjitsu, and she becomes an ultra-violent, sexy bad girl. And then there are cameo appearances by other Marvel superheroes, namely Captain America (from the Avengers series) and The Black Widow (from the Daredevil series). All in all, it's a satisfying, action-packed, well-drawn, crowd-pleasing comic book in trade-paperback format.

A great X-Men Jim Lee graphic Novel!
X-Men Visionaries Jim Lee trade paperback Is a great X-Men graphic Novel by Jim Lee! the book reprints Uncanny X-Men issues #248,#256-258,#268-269,#273-277 are reprinted together in this wonderful Marvel book collection! This book contains the early Uncanny X-Men issues that made Jim Lee famous! All the issues are written by Chris Claremont with artwork by Jim Lee. These issues lead to the popular Claremont/Lee colaboration on X-Men#1 in 1991. Most of the artwork was done by Jim Lee. Uncanny X-Men #273 was done by various artists. Buy this book if your fan of X-Men and Jim Lee. Highest Possible Recommendation!

A great X-Men Jim Lee graphic Novel!
This is a great X-Men: Visionaries Jim Lee graphic Novel! This is Jim Lee's early work on the Uncanny X-Men series! This Marvel Tradepaperback reprints Jim Lee's early years when he was the comic book artist on Uncanny X-Men. In this book reprints Uncanny X-Men#248,#256-258,#268-269, #273-277. His early work on the Uncanny X-Men in the early 1990s, lead to to the critically aclaimed Clarmont/Lee work on X-Men #1 in 1991. All the Uncanny X-Men issues are written by Chris Claremont. Most of the artwork is drawn by Jim Lee. Unncany X-Men#273 is drawn by various artist. Buy this book if your a big fan of X-Men and Jim Lee. Highest Possible Recommendation.

Remedial Christianity: What Every Believer Should Know About the Faith, but Probably Doesn't
Published in Paperback by Polebridge Press (2000)
Authors: Paul Alan Laughlin and Glenna S. Jackson
Amazon base price: $14.00
List price: $20.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $10.99
Buy one from zShops for: $13.85
Average review score:

Christianity Presented with Substance and Humor
Having been with this book through several drafts, I can say with confidence that this is a very basic book for those who would like to increase their understanding of Christianity and its place in the contemporary scene. It has chapters on the Bible, God, the human Jesus, the Christ of faith, sin and human nature, grace and salvation, the Church, and a final chapter on alternative views and future prospects. The book is equallly useful for college classes in religion, for adult study groups in churches, for training courses for religions education teachers, and for the general reader. It presents the latest scholarship in lively prose, useful graphics, and with study questions and extensive references.

The author's extensive knowledge of Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism add richness to the discussion of Christianity by presenting the faith within the context of alternative belief systems.

Bordering on brilliance, in my view, and begging for more extended discussion are the sections on "A Mythical Christ" and "A Mystical Christ."

Remedial Christianity is written and illustrated with a touch of refreshing humor. It is a treasure trove of information and ideas, and it is affordable.

Breath of Fresh Air
Remedial Christianity is the type of book thinking persons need to examine, challenge and strengthen their Christian belief system. It is a breath of fresh air in the fundamentalist atmosphere in which I live. I found Dr. Laughlin's writing interesting, informative, and entertaining-- putting words and applying research to concepts I have embraced for many years. I am using the book in a Bible Study group and it has stimulated rich and exciting discussion, both positive and negative, from women of varied backgrounds, forcing us to better define what we believe and why we believe it.

The Thinking Christian's Guide
"Remedial Christianity" is one of the best resources available to gain an understanding of the history of the Christian Church. Dr. Laughlin achieves the remarkable goal of a book that is densely packed with information, and yet still readable and humorous. The inclusion of comparisons of Christian theology to Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism is instructive, and the details included in describing these theistic models is invaluable to Christians who truly think about God.
As part of a study on the history of Christian theology, my church's Adult Education Ministry offered this book to small groups for discussion. I had the pleasure of leading one of those groups, and engaging in a very thorough debate of this text. Opinions about some of the conclusions drawn by Dr. Laughlin varied - some were very supportive of his view, others were dissenting. What was so refreshing about the experience was the number of times that people in my group came to a meeting about a particular chapter saying "I never knew that." The knowledge we gained from reading this book- whether we agreed or disagreed with the views of the author - caused us to examine our own faith and understanding of Christianity. Far from causing anyone to doubt their faith, the text provides an opportunity for a deeper understanding of faith and theology, and is one of the best resources to help indvidual Christians come to their own understanding and "image" of God.
Happily, we also had a chance to meet the author and listen to lectures based on this and other material. He was content with any points of disagreement with his scholarship, and genuinely interested in alternative points of view.
I highly recommend this book, and I highly recommend its use by any congregation looking for a good study and debate about Christianity. You can agree or disagree with it as much as you want. Just do not pass up the great opportunity Dr. Laughlin provides to learn more about the Christian faith.

Say It Ain't So, Joe!: The True Story of Shoeless Joe Jackson
Published in Paperback by Carol Pub Group (1999)
Authors: Donald Gropman and Alan M. Dershowitz
Amazon base price: $11.17
List price: $15.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $4.98
Collectible price: $15.25
Buy one from zShops for: $4.50
Average review score:

Excellent Biography
Mnay biographies focus on human interest rather than factual information. This is not one of those. This book is meticulously researched and presents all the facts Mr. Gropman came across. The reader can make his or her own conclusion based on the facts the author presents, but the facts will probably lead the reader to conclude that Joe Jackson was not involved in the Black Sox scandal that nearly ruined baseball.

Mr. Gropman clearly demonstrates what many authors are unable to do: the ability to present an opinion based on fact, rather than speculation. I was impressed with this book because it provided me with much information on Joe Jackson's life, particularly on whether he was or wasn't involved in the scandal. The facts lead to the conclusion, not the other way around, and I like that. Baseball fans interested in the history of the game should read this book. They will enjoy it.

Shoeless Joe should be in the Hall
I loved this book! Joe Jackson should be in the hall of fame! After reading this book and all the insights to his life, I have become a huge fan of Shoeless Joe. This book will tell you all about his involment with the "Black Sox". Like how he tried to tell Comiskey about the scandle before the 1919 series. And, how he also tried to give the money to Comiskey before the news hit the papers. If you want to know about one of the best players you need to read this book. By the way it was a life time band from baseball....his life ended in December 1951.

easy and pleasant reading about the great shoeless joe.
The book sheds tremendous light on shoeless joe jackson and his era. the book gives deeper insight into the black sox scandal of 1919.Jack M. Purvin,M.D.

A Rhythmic Vocabulary: A Musician's Guide to Understanding and Improvising With Rhythm
Published in Paperback by Dancing Hands Music (1997)
Authors: Alan Dworsky, Betsy Sansby, and Robert Jackson
Amazon base price: $20.97
List price: $29.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $20.92
Buy one from zShops for: $20.87
Average review score:

Not the author's best work for drummers...
Alan Dworsky has provided great instructional texts for drummers. This book is probably best suited for musicians playing instruments other than drums, who want to understand rhythm better.

For those who are looking for a book to teach them how to play their drum, I would suggest Dworsky's other books, specifically, "How to Play the Djembe" and "Conga Drumming - A Beginner's Guide to Playing with Time". Both of these are excellent resources and probably the best books available for entry level instruction for these instruments.

musical notation
I am finding this book very useful. It teaches important rhythmic concepts in very direct ways. The only thing that I question is the decision not to use standard musical notation. The book is supposed to be for musicians of all instruments: why not write the rhythms in a language that will be understood almost universally by musicians instead of creating a different system (which admittedly is fairly simple and visual)? By doing this, perhaps they are opening up their audience to some non-musicians, but at the risk of alienating the musicians the book was meant for.

Even if you aren't a drummer don't discount this one!
As a bass player I'm always looking for ways to keep my grooves fresh. You always have to worry about falling ino the trap of laying out on the same rhythms all the time. This book will give you a kick in the pants though. As someone who has studied music at a college level, and knows how to read music I was concerned the charts would be a pain since I've known how to read music for years. However picking up on them was not confusing at all..and in fact it's very much tied into the way you count on regular notation and it's really not a problem. Afro-Cuban/Latin and African rhtyhms are the focus here but you can use this on anything. I found myself taking a latin rhythm and adding one note here or there, and changing the notes and turning it into a funk riff or something. I'm not nearly done working through this book..some of the exercises are a challenge, especially on a pitched instrument. However in the end they do serve to freshen up your grooves. I'm going to recommend this to all the rhythm players in my band. Thanks.

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