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Behind the Mask: Destruction and Creativity in Women's Aggression
Published in Paperback by Harvard Univ Pr (2001)
Author: Dana Crowley Jack
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It's about time...
For many feminists, exploration of why women resort to the use of violence in relationships has been a taboo subject, a betrayal of women victimized by abusive partners. Ms. Jack sheds an insightful light where others fear to tread. She allows previously silenced voices to be heard. As a social worker who works with women who have used assaultive behavior, I've heard stories and tears similar to those of the women in BEHIND THE MASK. We focus on accountability for abusive behavior and build new problem solving skills to counteract the temptation to use violence. In order to be part of the solution, we must first recognize the dynamics that steer these women in a disasterous direction. In this book, Dana Crowley Jack helps us move toward peace and healthy connection.

This book is unique and important.
Dana Jack's BEHIND THE MASK remains extremely valuable for me personally and professionally. I am in my second reading and have already loaned it out twice. Women's voices tell their experience, thoughts and feelings surrounding aggression, anger, repression, creativity, power and lack of power. I recognized myself and was deeply touched as I heard my own conflicts and victories descibed. Professionally, I work with addicted women in a county jail. My own increased understanding and self-acceptance created an improved environment where the women I work with feel safe discussing their conflicts with being a "nice" "good" women while also being powerful, creative and, sometimes, violent. I cannot overstate the subtle power of this form of research. Ms. Jack gives women a voice and with great sensitivity brings the reader's attention to common themes. Western culture gives women extremely destructive messages about their power. We are punished for powerful expressions of self, whether expressed destructively, in self-defense or in acts of creation. BEHIND THE MASK brings IMPORTANT, NEW, HEALING insight to our lives as women.

Exploring Anger/Aggression
Finally, someone brave enough to unleash the bounds of women's anger and aggression. If you are a woman, you must read this book as it will uncover why you often internalize your anger and will offer you glimpses of others who do the same as well as others who operate outside of that norm. You will recognize yourself in the pages and realize you are not alone. You will also find hope in how to channel this natural and valid emotion into positive outlets, something we all need to learn but usually are not taught. This book validates women's experiences and sheds light and hope for women's growth. Dana Crowley Jack is a goddess.

Silencing the Self: Women and Depression
Published in Hardcover by Harvard Univ Pr (1991)
Author: Dana Crowley Jack
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Depressed women
It is well established from epidemiological studies that women suffer more depressive illness than men. Housebound housewives have a specially high amount of depression. Men commit suicide more often and are more ptone to alcoholism. A number of theories have been suggested to account for these facts.
Jack reviews some of the psychological theories (none of the biological ones) and presents her own theory that the depression is the result of women's indoctrination to self-effacement and low self-esteem (This is an over-simplification, and you'd have to read the book to do her ideas full justice).
She supports her thesis by a two year study of twelve depressed women. She did not have a control group. I don't see why not. It could be that she wanted to concentrate on the individuals' feelings in a non-quantitative way, but she does present a questionnaire and some statistics.
Nevertheless the interviews and case studies are well done and helpful to anyone interested in depression. Her recommended psychotherapy methods (medication is barely mentions) seem to be what is sometimes called dialectical or cognitive. Again you'd need a control group to prove treatment effectiveness.
As a self-help book for depressed patients themselves. I think it's a little too densely written. The writing is good and lucid, but someone in the throes of a severe depression would find trouble following it. Relatives of depressed women, especially husbands, might benefit more but this is not one of the depression books I would highly recommend to non-professionals. Prodessionals who work with depression and students who are interested in cognitive and dialectical approaches with (ok - now it comes) a feminist slant should find it useful and highly readable.

Excellent for women to re-discover who they were and can be!
An opportunity for women to put the pieces of thier lives together to form a complete picture of themselves. Offers others' lives to identify with through thier experiences. Also presents an opportunity to recognize that society plays a major role in women's self-distortion. If one can make it through the first chapter, the rest is easy!

Moral Vision and Professional Decisions : The Changing Values of Women and Men Lawyers
Published in Hardcover by Cambridge University Press (1989)
Authors: Rand Jack and Dana Crowley Jack
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