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Heirloom Gardener
Published in Hardcover by Sierra Club Books (1984)
Author: Carolyn Jabs
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I learned a great deal about heirlooms from this book.
If you never knew what an "heirloom" was in terms of gardening, you will after this read. I came away from this book with a whole new perspective, admiration, and appreciation for maintaining the integrity of each individual plant, not matter what it was.

This provides insight on all the aspects of heirlooms from the government, scientists, seed companies, and home gardeners. What started out as an article for the New York Times culminated into this book which is highly informative from someone who knew nothing in the beginning and learned more than most of us ever will about the subject.

Re Uses
Published in Paperback by Crown Pub (1982)
Author: Carolyn Jabs
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $15.65
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