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My Mother's Keeper
Published in Textbook Binding by G K Hall & Co (1986)
Author: B.D. Hyman
Amazon base price: $18.95
Used price: $2.49
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Everyone here who has already mentioned how unintentionally hilarious this book is-- right on! Yet it is also a tragically exploitative book; as opposed to the genuine anguish depicted in "Mommie Dearest." While Christina Crawford may or may not have been motivated by revenge in writing her book, she actually had something legitimate to avenge. There has been ample evidence from countless sources-- family, professional associates of her mother's, and subsequent bigraphers --that the horrors Christina catalogued were far from fictional. B.D. Hyman, on the other hand, has received no such affirmation. With very few exceptions, even those who agreed that she had every reason to resent her mother's faults were concerned by the manner in which the truth was manipulated in MMK. As nearly every Bette Davis biography written subsequent to MMK's publication has evidenced, B.D. Hyman, her husband, & her sons were COMPLETELY DEPENDENT UPON BETTE DAVIS FINANCIALLY. The fact that Bette Davis had NO CHOICE but to work to support the Hyman family, despite advancing age & its attendent diminished career options, goes far in explaining much of the tension between Davis & her daughter, not to mention Davis's well-chronicled antagonism toward her son-in-law-- a man who had not maintained consistent gainful employment since the mid-late '60s. This is all documented in various Davis biographies published after 1985. By her own admission, Hyman decided to write MMK only AFTER witnessing the extent of Davis' recovery from two strokes & a mastectomy due to cancer. Fearful that her mother would no longer be able to work/support her (just prior to her illness Davis had saved the Hyman farm from foreclosure), Hyman decided to cash in. Even after receiving a six figure advance for MMK, the Hymans were still in such a bad financial situation that they didn't sell their farm before relocating to the Bahamas; they abandoned it for the bank to reclaim in their absence. HAD SHE MENTIONED THE EXTENT OF HER FAMILY'S FINANCIAL DEPENDENCE ON HER MOTHER IN MMK, DO YOU THINK ANYONE WOULD HAVE EVEN BOTHERED TO PUBLISH THIS SHAMEFUL ABORTION? Bette wasn't a particularly good parent during BD's childhood or adulthood, but nothing in the book or in any book about Bette justifies the treachery of BD writing this book in her mother's lifetime. Financial necessity & the sense of entitlement of all spoiled, over-indulged children drove her to it. As Bette herself concluded, "B.D. thought I was going to die. That's why she wrote the book."

The infamous "expose" in which the only natural daughter of screen legend Bette Davis gave the world a glimpse of just what a "monster" her mother really was. Pure, silly malarkey!!! It is VERY obvious that B.D. was indeed interested in getting HER 15 minutes of fame & getting paid handsomely for it, too (the advance alone for this book was reportedly $1OO,OOO). Is there anyone who can take this book all that seriously? Granted, Davis was an egomaniac who could be a fiesty witch in her private life, but so what??? She wasn't evil incarnate like Joan Crawford was: there was a legitimate book in MOMMIE DEAREST. Although one can see B.D.'s view upon occasions, it was in horrific taste for her to publish this book at all, let alone crucifying her mother when she was still alive. Davis wasn't famed for being a Martha Stewart model of a mother - it was her superlative efforts as an actress of which the public cared about: we all knew she was fiesty. That was her appeal.

Outsiders Never Will Know...
It is just amazing to me how people who have not lived in a certain situation can sit back and play judge and jury. It is also amazing to me how people in this world hold up idols, such as celebrities, and believe that they are superhuman and have no faults. If you have ever lived with controlling and manipulative parents, then you will empathize completely with this author. It can be hell. Sometimes the only way to shut them up is to expose them. This is not a revenge book. Ms. Hyman has a great ministry today and is helping thousands break free of bondages. Too bad Bette did not listen to her daughter.

Narrow Is the Way
Published in Hardcover by William Morrow (1987)
Authors: Jeremy Hyman, B. D. Hyman, and Pat Golbitz
Amazon base price: $16.95
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Narrow is the Mind
This book is laugh out loud funny, but it is entirely unintentional. The Bette Davis book they wrote must have been a huge sensation; there is no other explanation for why this nonsense was published. The Hymans have to be the most self-serving couple on the planet. Too bad they reproduced; I fear for their children. These people are reprehensible, and they embody the exact opposite of Christ's teachings. I wonder if B.D. still believes one can be a good Christian even if they regularly skip church services for yachting & lobster expeditions now that she has her own ministry. These people are absolutely venal. That said, the book is a hoot for that very reason.

What a couple of freaks...they deserve each other...
Don't waste your money! This book is nothing but [junk] from beginning to end. Only in America could two pathetic losers such as these two actually find someone to publish their ridiculous story. On the other hand, their meal-ticket for years, the loveable Miss Bette Davis, is no longer alive to support their sorry butts. Guess they're getting desperate for money. I had to give it one star, but that was only because there wasn't a zero. Suggestion for B.D. and Jeremy: crawl back under that rock--you're scaring people!

What a dreadful person the author must be, narrow minded and mean as are most religious zealots. Now, lady, I will quote the bible:"Honor thy father and mother"."Judge not lest thee be judged".Better pray for an open mind and a more loving spirit. You need it.

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