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The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Published in Audio Cassette by Dh Audio (1994)
Authors: Robert Louis Stevenson, Donald Pickering, and John Hurt
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An Enjoyable Classic
Let me first echo the sentiments expressed by others and comment on what a beautiful edition the Univ of Nebraska Press has produced. The margins are indeed wide and the type very readable. This edition is easily held, the illustrations nicely complement the text and the binding is quite durable. The introduction by Joyce Carol Oates is helpful albeit pedantic. Also, those who've read the Univ of Calif Press edition of Frankenstein will notice some overlap between this introduction and the one that Ms. Oates wrote for that particular edition. Nonetheless, the introduction is valuable.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is one of those stories, like Frankenstein and Dracula, that seemingly everyone has heard of and believes they understand("mythopoetic " in the language of Joyce Carol Oates). Much like the aforementioned works, the actual details of the story may come as a surprise to those who assume they know the story based solely on the popular understanding. For that reason alone I think the book is worth reading.

Dr. Jekyll is a respected if somewhat reclusive London doctor who has, through the course of years of experimentation, managed to create a solution which brings to the fore his evil alter-ego. Unlike many gothic literary villains, Hyde is not imbued with superhuman strength or exceptional gifts of any kind. In fact he is of a smaller and less imposing stature than most men. What he does possess however is a complete lack of compunction with regards to others. Hyde for example ruthlessly runs down a small child who gets in his way. As is the case with Frankenstein, Dr. Jekyll creates something that he can't control and which eventually destroys its creator.

The inhumanity that the fictional Hyde displays can be seen in the non-fictious world on a daily basis. As such, there is a realism to the story which is missing from many horror stories past and present. The fact that such a short and captivating work exists in an attractively packaged edition makes this one classic that will be a joy to read for all.

The strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a clasic so, naturaly, I had high expectations. I certainly was not let down. It has a totally unique style with much detail and extensive writing. Yet, this novel is a very quickly read novel, unlike other excessively detailed books like Dracula. This book is not boring. This book is fun. It doesn't ruin the plot with too much detail like other books. Other fantasy books are usually not even close to realistic. Whereas Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is close to being conceived realistic. This book has a general morbid feeling to it where other fantasies are sometimes cheerful and happy. Robert Louis Stevenson is a realy good writer in my opinion.
He uses a very wide range of vocabulary. Stevenson uses many 19th Century terms that seem weird and different to me.
One thing bad about his writing is his punctuation. He uses way too many semicolons and comas. He makes one sentence out of six or seven sentences.
This book was not the best book I ever read, but was not the worst either. it was mediocre. however It was miles ahead of Dracula. Dracula is boring, whereas Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is fast paced, quick, and fun to read. its pritty morbid which is kind of a down side, but Since it is very short it is a good book on my list.

beautiful edition of classic story
The University of Nebraska Press edition of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is beautiful! The illustrations by Barry Moser, woodcuts that progress chronologically through Dr. Jekyll's life as it is described in hints throughout Robert Louis Stevenson's story, are atmospheric and evocative; a picture of a boy being guided by his father, for example, echoes Dr. Jekyll's comments that he has a "fatherly" interest in his alter-ego, Hyde, while Hyde has a son's "indifference" to the father; the cover illustration is a portrait of Dr. Jekyll's father destroyed by Mr. Hyde on a rampage.

Joyce Carol Oates's introduction is worthwhile, especially for those readers who know the story, as most English-speaking people do, in its basic framework, but who have not yet actually traveled the dark road with Dr. Jekyll and his friends.

It is a pleasure to read a classic book in such a carefully crafted edition. Too often books such as this are printed in cheap editions with narrow margins and lousy type; this one fits comfortably in the hand and is easy on the eye as the reader is drawn into this allegorical nightmare.

This review refers to the University of Nebraska Press edition only.

Jekyll, Alias Hyde (A Thomas Dunne Book)
Published in Hardcover by St. Martin's Press (1988)
Author: Donald Serrell Thomas
Amazon base price: $15.95
Used price: $1.00
Collectible price: $7.00
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Make Up Your Own Mind
This book is written assuming the reader has already read Robert Louis Stevenson's _The Strange Case of Doctor Jeckyll and Mister Hyde,_ one of the classics of horror/science fiction. It's an interesting companion volume in which the author picks apart Stevenson's assertion that the two men, Jeckyll and Hyde, are the same individual. Every reader has to make up their own mind whether they buy the argument, but it's incontrovertable that Donald Thomas makes a good case.

Death on the Colorado Express: The Glen & Bessie Hyde Mystery
Published in Paperback by Canon Pub Ltd (1997)
Authors: Donald L. Baars and Renate E. Baars
Amazon base price: $10.95
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This is SOOOOOO bad!
This book, billed as "historical fiction," is closer to pornography-poorly written pornography at that. Much of the "evidence" used to make the author's case is, indeed, fictional. For instance, the photograph on page 178, said to be the last photo from Bessie Hyde's camera, is actually one taken two weeks earlier at Phantom Ranch by an onlooker. The significance heaped upon it, then, is imaginary. The lurid details of the Hydes' sex lives, brutality, and crudity, are pure fiction and based not on history, but on the author's twisted fantasies. Fiction, yes. Historical, no. Don't buy this.

Diaries, Prayers and Annals
Published in Hardcover by Yale Univ Pr (1986)
Authors: Samuel Johnson, E. L. McAdam, and Donald Hyde
Amazon base price: $80.00
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