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The Galveston That Was (Sara and John Lindsey Series in the Arts and Humanities, No 5)
Published in Hardcover by Texas A&M University Press (1999)
Authors: Howard Barnstone, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ezra Stoller, James Johnson Sweeney, Peter H. Brink, and Houston Museum of Fine Arts
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Galveston that was
I expected to see pictures of Galveston as it was . This is a bunch of pictures of Galveston decayed.

Beautiful photos; fascinating history
The city of Galveston, Texas was a vibrant, prosperous port at the start of the 20th century, outstripping even New Orleans. Fine Victorian homes were built by prosperous merchants, many in grand style. The deadly hurricane of 1900 dealt the city a blow from which it never entirely recovered. But Galveston's economic slump had a silver lining -- as shown in "The Galveston That Was." There was no economic incentive to tear the old homes down; so scores of these remarkable Victorian homes survived, though many fell into disrepair. Howard Barnstone secured two superb photographers and wrote text for this beautiful book, which displays the faded glory of Galveston's Victorian architecture. The book's first edition inspired Galvestonians to restore many of these homes, and sparked a preservation revival there that lasts to this day. Always a beach destination, Galveston now draws visitors to the Texas coast for beautifully restored Victorian homes and historic business district, the Strand. The book's photographs are simply beautiful and the concise history of Galveston is intriguing.

Canadian Sioux
Published in Hardcover by Univ of Nebraska Pr (1984)
Author: James Henri Howard
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