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Written in Blood
Published in Paperback by University Press of America (26 March, 1996)
Authors: Robert Debs, Jr Heinl, Nancy Gordon Heinl, and Michael Heinl
Amazon base price: $42.50
Used price: $40.34
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Shoddy editing and production.
This updated edition of Written in Blood is a thorough treatment of Haitian history. The topic is exhaustively and one hopes accurately covered. I hope that it is accurately covered because the editing and production process evident in the copy that I bought is abominable. The book is rife with every conceivable editorial and production error known to Man. And the index is an abomination! If the quality of the research and writing that went into it is equivalent to the quality of its editing and production, this book is problematic. Because of my experience on Hispaniola, however, I suspect that such is not the case. I would recommend Written in Blood to anyone (particularly those limited to English) interested in Haiti. But I would admonish prospective readers to bear this caveat in mind,

Excellent reading , well written , and thorough
As a lawyer representing Haitian refugees , I was looking for a book that could put into historical context the experiences that I daily hear from my clients . This book , which I chose by pure happestance , is one of the best historical books that I have read. ( as a history buff I have read many). It exhaustively covers the whole history of the Haitian people in exquisite detail (1492 to 1995 ) and has definitely helped me better represent my clients in a very hostile asylum process. I highly recommend it.

Ranks with Churchill, Gibbon and Maculay as Timeless Classic
Very fair, with great detailed understanding of the convolutions of Haiti's tragic history. Glossary provides definitions of French and Creole terms. Photos and maps, along with a very helpful chronology .

I've read Churchill, Gibbon and Maculay's histories and say this book belongs in their company. The compassion for the suffering peoples and the trenchant and bitting comments about the selfish and deluded men and women who usually gain power, is very easy to read and hard to put down.

Living in Miami, having Haitian friends, I now understand why thse people are immagrants, and most of the Cubans who live here are "exiles"; eternal foreigners dreaming about a land with no Fidel. I also reccommend "Continental Drift", a novel about Haiti and the US, as well. Also a very good read. "Written In Blood" is a giant and great book that will leave you with one sure thing: congratulating yourself for reading it and your feeling anger at the poor leaders of Haiti, and compassion for the ordinary people who flee and those who remain.

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