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Unholy Order : A Paul Devlin Mystery
Published in Hardcover by William Morrow (22 January, 2002)
Author: William Heffernan
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The Firm in Clerical Collars
One of the really funny aspects of John Grisham's novel The Firm to me was the idea that a law firm could be a Mafia front. In Unholy Order William Heffernan presents an even more diabolic relationship between a secretive Catholic order and a Columbia drug cartel.

Heffernan's novel falls short only by failing to fully exploit the oppotunities the cultish criminal enterprise offers. As he draws near the end of his tale, the focus becomes concentrated on one member of Opus Dei, rather than the order itself.

While this enables him to wrap up his novel, the reader wants more. In a sense Grisham had the same problem and reached for the same quick solution in The Firm with the "mail fraud" prosecution. But this book is, if anything, more artfully presented than Grisham's classic, and such a facile solution is a bigger loss to the reader.

Couldn't put it down!
I've been a fan of Heffernan since I read Ritual, which was the first novel to feature Paul Devlin. Unholy Order is the best one in years. I'm not going to give a plot blow by blow. That's what the book jacket is for. The story is very interesting, the characters are as real as they get. An outstanding edition to a great series!

Excellent Police Procedural!
My favorite kind of novel. I couldn't put it down. Devlin and co. always entertains as they try to solve the hardest of cases when road block after road block is thrown in their path. All the supporting cast were great, even the villains. Loved the ending. Highly recommend.

Testimony of Hope: Spiritual Exercises Given to Pope John Paul II
Published in Paperback by Pauline Books & Media (2002)
Authors: Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan, Julia Mary Darrenkamp, and e Heffernan
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The most inspiring book for the new year
Every year, Pope John Paul II selects a preacher for a course of Spiritual Exercises for himself and the Vatican's Roman Curia. For the Jubilee 2000, he chose Vietnamese Archbishop Francis Xavier Nguyen Van Thuan.

I originally read Archbishop Thuan's exercises by way of Zenit - the News of Rome. As compelling as those accounts were, the book is even better. Archbishop Van Thuan's experiences, as a prisoner in Communist prisons for 13 years, and his insight on faith are true food for a hungry soul.

Testimony of Hope is the complete text of those Exercises. Archbishop Van Thuan's description of isolation and abandonment, and his secret for finding hope in despair makes for moving and uplifting reading.

I guarantee that readers will be moved by the 22 meditations. Archbishop Van Thuan offers light amidst the darkness. The book is a quick, easy, and inspirational read.

Published in Hardcover by Penguin Audiobooks (1989)
Author: William Heffernan
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It kept me interested in finding out what was goin to happen
Like I said it kept me interested in finding out what was going to happen next. The story was filled with lots of surprses,and took place in diferent parts of the world as the detective ran around pretending to find out what was happening to the victims!Thru the whole story I kind of figured it was the detective but really could not pinpoint it.

Blood Rose
Published in Hardcover by E P Dutton (1991)
Authors: William Heffernan and William Hefferman
Amazon base price: $18.95
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Hokey characters and plot. A waste. Not recommended

Great Suspence/Thriller

This is a book you don't want to miss.
It keeps you interested throughout the entire
book. I just kept trying to guess who was involved
with the murders but it was to tricky. So many things
were going on you didn't want to put the book
down. I would really like to see this book put
on the big screen or even a T.V. movie. If you like
thrillers don't miss this one.

Red Angel: A Paul Devlin Mystery
Published in Mass Market Paperback by Avon (04 December, 2001)
Author: William Heffernan
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Possibly Heffernan's Worst
This book works as a travelogue; as a police/detective thriller novel it is poor. Readers are asked to believe that detective hero Devlin would accompany his paramour to Cuba, placing her, his friend, and himself in mortal danger - in order to seek out the dismembered corpse of his lover's aunt and give the body a "proper burial." Poor character definition, poor plot, and a lot of mumbo-jumbo history of Cuban voodoo. Writers get a tax exemption for travel, which is why we see a lot of novels set in foreign locales. Most of them work as tax exemptions and most of them don't as novels. This is a prime example.

RED ANGEL - Frantic off color search for a missing saint
New York City cop Paul Devlin takes his instincts on a vacation to Cuba in search for the truth about his girlfriend's missing aunt, the so-called Red Angel and hero of Castro's epic revolution. Physician Adrianna Mendez helped Castro into power decades ago, and has since dedicated her life to the welfare and health of the needy and underprivileged. Now she is said to be dead, with her body stolen and missing.

In a land of religious voodoo and secret police, Devlin's detective skills are foreign for a country that seems to be in a mercurial state of chaos and poverty. He's not sure whether the local cops are good guys or bad guys. And he needs a score card to figure out what the nine different law enforcement agencies have jurisdiction over. In a state of utter confusion, he enlists his in-your-face partner and sidekick, Ollie Pitts, to come to the red nation to help make sense out of this and the evolving and bizarre clues surrounding the missing aunt and Cuban hero. New York's finest soon learn that witch craft and human sacrifice are a religious way of life for many in Cuba.

Devlin is use to the standard fare of chasing the bad guys around in the Big Apple. But it seems the opposite is happening in Cuba while he, tough-guy Pitts and the local police hunt for the missing Red Angel. But why are the Americans themselves being hunted on the island? The quid quo pro chase makes for a constant nerve-racking suspense. And with religion and other belief systems in constant play, it seems that anything is possible. All the possibilities surrounding the missing Red Angel are sorted out with a clever, intriguing and satisfying close to this continuing Paul Devlin mystery series novel.

Quite Entertaining with Skillful Plotting...
New York Police Detective Paul Devlin is back and in the midst of a Mafia showdown when he shifts gears and heads to Cuba with his girlfriend, Adrianna, after she learns that her aunt is dead and her body is missing. When they arrive in Cuba they are met by an overly attentive policeman named Martinez. He proceeds to tell them that Adrianna's (Devlin's girlfriend) aunt was a healer, staunch Castro ally and revolutionary war heroine that the Cuban people worshipped and nicknamed the "Red Angel". He also believes that her body may have been stolen by a mysterious religious sect known as the Abakua to use as part of their voodoo rituals.

When the threesome set out to find the Red Angel's body, they confront the sinister head of the Cuban secret police, Colonel Cabrera, who says he wants to help, but is actually in cohoots with the Mafia henchmen that Devlin has been dealing with in New York.

So much for the beginning...the plot only thickens from this point on. There are so many twists, turns, political innuendos, and black magic to absorb in this book that you're guaranteed to lose some sleep, if not from the action, then certainly from trying to keep up with who's who and what's what.

Overall this was a very entertaining read. Although it does get bogged down with details in several spots, I made it to the end quite satisfied.

I would rate this 3 and 1/2 stars. The characters lack some depth, the explanations were a bit too long in spots, but Heffernan is a very smart writer who handles a ton of information and a very eager audience quite deftly.

Heffernans from Clonbonane : the story of a Heffernan family set in Ireland, Australia, and America
Published in Unknown Binding by P. Bateman ()
Author: Paul Bateman
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