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Antarctica: The Last Continent (National Geographic Destinations)
Published in Hardcover by National Geographic (1998)
Author: Kim Heacox
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Used price: $3.00
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Best book on Antarctica I've read
I've been fascinated with Antarctica for some time now, and I recently acquired several books on the continent after seeing the Boston Museum of Science Omni Show, "Shackleton's Antarctic Adventure." Of those books, this is clearly the best. It provides information on the geography and topography of Antarctica, a history of South Pole explorations, and information on the wildlife that populates the coasts. The pictures are far superior to any other book I've read. The writing is concise and easy to understand. It is a truly amazing book--the pictures alone are worth the cost.

When I needed reference material on Antarctica for fact-checking my next suspense novel, I turned to this National Geographic classic. I expected the usual fare: extraordinary photography and a few pertinent bits of data. My expectations were exceeded.

The volume is divided into four sections. The first covers the physical geography, a litany of world record extremes. The coldest, driest, highest, windiest, least populated, etc. The next touches on the rich heritage of exploration and discovery there, incredible tales of bravery and hardship like those of Shackleton, Scott, and Mawson. You'll want to read more after this primer. The third section is on wildlife, very little of which is land-based. But the surrounding seas and sky are the most fertile and abundant on the planet. Penguins, seals, squid, krill, albatross, whales, algae, and more. The final section is devoted to Antarctica's environmental peril. Kim Heacox simply states the facts here, avoiding the overstatement and wolf-crying that cause such disservice to the environmental movement.

The biggest surprise was the quality of writing. My previous exposure to National Geographic was cursory perusal at the dentist's office. This one I read from cover to cover. The writing is simply wonderful. It was the mother lode of information for my next book, and will now rest on my coffee table, proudly displayed for years to come. --Christopher Bonn Jonnes, author of Wake Up Dead.

Antarctica - The World Splendors
Kim Heacox shows in his book,Antarctic Value daily way of life in the Southern Antarctica. The writer recounts to us the history of discovery missions sent to this continent,which is characterized by its interesting style with avery wonderful and unique photos taken be these missions. These photos interpret the very nature of hard life over there on the Antarctica. All the pictures tell the story of human,animal,sea life in this continent in splendid and exciting manner. In addition, there are sufficient and helpful remarks about every thing pertinent to Antarctica. of course,the Antarctica enjoys many splendid characteristics in animal and sea life, which make it distinguished and unique in all over the world. There are also many detailed maps about the Antarctica. It is a minimum- size volume distinguished in its subject matter and photos, which are represented in simple and easy manner. N. B.: It should be noted that the success of an geographical/travel guide book depends on the sufficient number of photos available their quality and this book we find that there are many photos covering all life aspects on this continent. The photos are of high quality and exciting shots which attract your attention to the extent that you would imagine that you would believe that the photos represents one book inside this book. In short this book is recommended for any one who likes to discover this ambiguous area and who can not visit it. Iconsider this book as a reference/easy guide for the wonderful southern Antarctica.

Shackleton : The Antarctic Challenge
Published in Hardcover by National Geographic (1999)
Author: Kim Heacox
Amazon base price: $35.00
Used price: $2.21
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You need this one, too.
This book must be added to your collection if you are a true student of the Shakleton story. It combines the best of all the books (picture books, biographies, and personal accounts) out there with beautiful photographs in the tradition of National Geographic and the color shots truly enliven the original black and whites from the expedition. The maps are outstanding and there are reproductions of pages from Shackleton's and Hurley's diaries.
I haven't really found a book on the Shackleton story that is horribley bad. Maybe the story is so inspiring it tells itself. Trapped by The Ice, the picture book for kids by Michael McCurdy, is the worst example I know and I still like that for the rendering of the sea leopard leaping at Ordes-Lee, the officer in charge of food supplies. There are better children's books, Sea of Ice, by Monica Kulling, a fairly easy read for upper elementary students with beautiful watercolors, Trial By Ice, by K. M. Kostyal, a photobiography of Shackleton, Ice Story for middle school students, with black and white photographs and a magnificent large picture book with paintings and photographs, Spirit of Endurance, by Jennifer Armstrong. Get them all!

A maxum for True Leadership: dedication with heart.
The major events of the ill-fated voyage of Sir Ernest Shakelton's attempt to cross Antarctica are well known. However, what most do not know or understand is the depth and breadth of this extraordinary man. Shackleton was not only a bonified explorer, more importantly he was a noble leader.

"Leaders do not force their fellow citizens to follow, they inspire them to do so."

If there is one thing to learn from this book, it is the true meaning of leadership and how important willing-loyalty is to our basic survival. Seen in the face of unimaginable odds, they survived - and they survived in whole: worn and frazzled from nearly 2 years of struggle, they were rescued mentaly tough and spiritually whole. In no small part, this was due to the quality of leadership demonstrated by Shackleton: it was embraced and reflected in his men.

It is amazing, this entity we call 'the human spirit'. If trained - but, not broken - like a fine horse, it has great wonders to show and is a true beauty to behold. Such are the many lessons learned from the tales of this "Endurance" voyage: did anyone ever wonder about the naming of that ship? What started out as a championing exploration, became a struggle with life itself to survive.

Likewise, what most will perceive as an "interesting read", will soon become an invaluable source for life-guiding principles. Get the book - read it - and put these incalculably precious lessons into practice in your own life. You never know when you'll need the endurance.

Alaska Light: Ideas and Images from a Northern Land
Published in Paperback by Univ of Nevada Pr (01 June, 1998)
Author: Kim Heacox
Amazon base price: $13.97
List price: $19.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $13.87
Buy one from zShops for: $5.15
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Photography as Poetry
I saw this book alongside more than fifty kindred at the Denali Visitor Center. We chose this for our table display book because it alone showed Alaska as the word itself defines - "The Great Land." This is the book Robert Service would have chosen to illustrate his poetry about "the great, big, broad land 'way up yonder...the beauty that thrills me with wonder, it's the stillness that fills me with peace."

If you can't go, you are the poorer for it, but this book will enrich your eyes and your spirit.

Lee in Tucson

Alaska's Inside Passage
Published in Paperback by Sunrise Publishing (CA) (1987)
Author: Kim Heacox
Amazon base price: $7.95
Used price: $9.95
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Photography capturing natures multitude of wonders
This book offers the serenity and solitude of the outdoors, seen by few and unexperienced by many. The inside passage is the untouched adventure that the photographer has magnificently demonstrated by the composition of the moment! Incredible, to the point of allowing the reader to share the feeling of the experience.

Bush Pilots of Alaska
Published in Hardcover by Graphic Arts Center Publishing Co. (1989)
Authors: Kim Heacox, Fred Hirschmann, and Lowell Thomas
Amazon base price: $27.97
List price: $39.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $17.50
Collectible price: $29.50
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Flying Photos in AK
This is a wonderful compilation of photographs centered around flying in bush Alaska. Anyone who has lived or travelled off the beaten path in the far north knows how essential airplanes are for travel and life in the 49th state. While the essays in the book tend to be a little sappy and trite, the beautiful photographs more than compensate as the reader is shown the beauty of Alaska from the perspective of bush planes.

The Milestones
Published in Hardcover by National Geographic (1999)
Authors: Leah Bendavid-Val and Kim Heacox
Amazon base price: $50.00
Used price: $5.50
Buy one from zShops for: $7.00
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NG Does it again!
One of my favorite things about National Geographic has always been the photos and this book is no exception. It is filled with a beautiful photos that span many years and great changes and advancements in photography. I devoured this book, photos only, in an evening at the local bookshop. When I am looking for a relaxing evening I can think of nothing better than to have a National Geographic magazine or collection of photos to pour over.

Seasons of Alaska
Published in Hardcover by Greatland Graphics (01 June, 2001)
Authors: Multiple Alaska Photographers, Kim Heacox, and Alaskan Photographers
Amazon base price: $34.95
Buy one from zShops for: $34.75
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The best of the best
This book is magnificently thought out and put together with the best photos of Alaska I have seen. The international edition appeals to the most frequent travellers to Alaska - German speakers, Enlish speakers and Japanese - as well as residents of Alaska, Canada's Yukon and the United States. There are MANY books out there on Alaska and the Yukon but the editors of this book selected the best photographs from the past 20 years and wove them together with acurate descriptions and inspiring prose. It is a 'must have' and an ideal gift.

An American Idea : The Making of the National Parks
Published in Hardcover by National Geographic (2001)
Author: Kim Heacox
Amazon base price: $24.50
List price: $35.00 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $3.62
Buy one from zShops for: $7.75
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Summary of how national parks came to be
First I should note that this is a National Geographic book so that can give you some idea of what this book is like. In short it details the history and philosophy of the National Park System. The book is not a coffee table book. It does have a lot of nice pictures and illustrations - mostly from photographers or painters who were among the first to visit Yellowstone, Yosemite, or the Grand Canyon with expeditions. Don't expect nice color photos from modern photographers. Instead you get lots of early black & white photos along with paintings.

The text covers the idea of national parks starting with lands reserved for the King of England. It traces American Transcendentalists who helped popularize the idea of nature. It also details some of the early expeditions into the West to explore areas that became U.S. National Parks. The book also summarizes Teddy Roosevelt's importance in setting aside lands. It should be noted that Yellowstone, Yosemite, and the Grand Canyon make up the bulk of the material. There is very little on any of the other parks here. In addition the book ends in the early 20th century so there is little on how the Park Service evolved or conservation fights later.

The book is a very good summary of how National Parks came to be for a general audience. If you are looking for a more meaty treatment of the subject look to "National Parks: The American Experience" by Alfred Runte. If you are looking for a general treatment with a lot of illustrations then this book may be what you are seeking. There are few books that will give you the history of parks in such a nice layout.

Alaska's National Parks
Published in Hardcover by Graphic Arts Center Publishing Co. (1990)
Authors: Fred Hirschmann and Kim Heacox
Amazon base price: $39.95
Used price: $6.00
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Cal 99 Alaska's Inside Passage
Published in Paperback by Graphic Arts Center Publishing Co. (1998)
Authors: Kim Heacox and Graphic Arts Center
Amazon base price: $10.99
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