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Endless Rapture: Rape, Romance, and the Female Imagination
Published in Hardcover by Scribner (1983)
Author: Helen Hazen
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It's been several years since I read this slim volume (for a second time), but it's one of those which I find myself looking for in bibliographies in order to rate an author's expertise and depth of research. Surprisingly, and disappointingly, it seems to have been all but forgotten. This is a shame because it's quite a fine book and well worth the attention of anyone interested in these difficult topics.

I remember it as being almost in the form of an extended, musing essay, full of interesting surprises and insights -- the kind of book which makes you think about things differently than you did before without really being able to put words to it. Whenever I think of the book, I wonder why apparently nothing more was ever written by the author.

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