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The Christian Educator's Handbook on Children's Ministry: Reaching and Teaching the Next Generation
Published in Hardcover by Baker Book House (1998)
Authors: Robert J. Jr Choun, Michael S. Lawson, and Howard G. Hendricks
Amazon base price: $21.99
Used price: $16.94
Collectible price: $15.25
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This book is great for helping organize an effective ministr
This book covers every aspect of Children's Ministry. This is one of those resources a Children's Minister can not do without. GREAT TOOL!!!!!

Mostly Good and Competent Men
Published in Paperback by Inst for Public Affairs (1999)
Authors: Robert P. Howard, Peggy Boyer Long, Mike Lawrence, and Michael Lawrence
Amazon base price: $19.95
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Illinois governors
Illinois Issues, devoted to Illinois politics, has published its second edition of this collection of sketches of Illinois governors. A colorful and sometimes idealistic lot.

New Business Ventures And The Entrepreneur
Published in Hardcover by McGraw-Hill/Irwin (29 September, 1998)
Authors: Howard H. Stevenson, Michael J. Roberts, H. Irving Grousbeck, and Amar V. Bhide
Amazon base price: $121.80
Used price: $62.00
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Excellent practical cases from real life!
I require this text in my graduate New Venture course at Western Michigan University. The real life cases and fundamental concepts covered provide a great foundation for New Venture teaching. I also require my start-up consulting clients to read Chpt 1,2 & 3 along with the case study "R&R". Good way to find out if they have what it takes. I first used and enjoyed this book from the other side of the class during my MBA studies at the GSB - University of Chicago.

The Entrepreneurial Venture (The Practice of Management Series)
Published in Paperback by Harvard Business School Press (1999)
Authors: William A. Sahlman, Howard H. Stevenson, Michael J. Roberts, and Amar Bhide
Amazon base price: $27.97
List price: $39.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $18.75
Collectible price: $21.18
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A rigorous analysis but could use more practical input
The 1999 edition that I read is a collection of 34 Harvard Business Review articles, class discussion papers and case studies written by the four authors (all business school professors) and a few others over the 1980s and 90s.

The chapters written by the four professors have a strong academic/pedagogic orientation. Dealing with basic issues in extreme analytic detail, they frequently belabor the obvious and often come across as though they have all the answers (chapters written by Sahlman were especially bad for this). The book does, however, provide some thought-provoking discussion and a reasonable introduction to the issues of assessing viability, planning and managing a new business, and of attracting resources. Some of the chapters not written by the professors provide a good "textbook" reference for subjects such as patent law, raising venture capital, and management technique in checklist style.

I give the book three stars for its rigorous analysis but not five because of its presumptuous tone and the fact that too many of the chapters lean toward the hypothetical. It lacks the genuine, practitioner-based input this subject deserves.

Sahlman provides a very comprehensive volume on the current stage of knowledge of entrepreneurship as a field. In the articles, which are mainly written by a limited number of professors, all important topics related to entrepreneurship are addressed, such as finance, personality, marketing, strategy, culture, and many more. From an academic perspective, it is a 10.

However, I often felt that it was missing more on the practical side. For example, there are a few case studies, but only on certain topics. It was missing more of the "been there, done that" perspective. Definitely there were stories, but in those there was more of a strategic analysis rather than visionary or inspirational.

Overall, this is a very good book to use as reference to certain topics, especially in an academic environment.

Previous student and current early stage investor
As an MBA student at Harvard six years ago, I had the opportunity to learn under Professor Sahlman. His class and his books are worth their weight in gold if you intend to either start companies or invest in them. This book brings together some of the best ideas from his colleagues.

Ghor, Kin-Slayer: The Saga of Genseric's Fifth-Born Son
Published in Paperback by Necronomicon Pr (1997)
Authors: Robert E. Howard, Karl Edward Wagner, Joseph Payne Brennan, Richard L. Tierney, Michael Moorcock, Charles Saunders, Andrew J. Offutt, Manley Wade Wellman, Darrell Schweitzer, and A. E. Van Vogt
Amazon base price: $8.95
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Ghor, Kin-Slayer: The Saga of Genseric's Fifth-Born Son
I have been a fan of Mr Howard for nearly 12 years now, which in my opinion, makes me a bit of a connoisseur, and frankly this book was a bit of a disappointment. Undoubtedly the contributing writers are well-respected and immensely able but their writing lacked the Howardian flavour I have come to love. Ghor's sudden personality shifts are hard to follow and the various ideas in the story lack sufficient depth. This book is not the way Mr Howard would have written it. Nevertheless, this should be read because the original idea belonged to the great REH.

GHOR is the Cthulhu's Conan.
Ghor is a nice blend of Conan and the Cthulhu Mythos together. Abandoned as a child because of a deformity, Ghor is adopted by a pack of wolves. Raised by them, he adopts the ways of the wolf, yet when he meets up with humanity joins them. Constantly struggling with his wolf upbringing and his human surroundings, Ghor becomes a mighty war hero wherever he goes.

This is an excellent adventure book that takes a Conan like hero and plots him against all sorts of evil (and good), including some Cthulhu creations as well.

Originally Ghor was an unfinished story by Conan creator Robert Howard. Upon finding this unfinished story, a magazine decided to finish it. What they did was have a different chapter every month written by a different top fantasy writer. It made the reading interesting.

While most of the chapters were great. Some were excellent. Unfortunately there were a couple chapters that I just wanted to get through to reach the next writers' chapter. Overall a really good read.


MCSE TestPrep: Networking Essentials
Published in Paperback by New Riders Publishing (01 December, 1997)
Authors: Michael W Barry, Robert J. Cooper, Ron Milione, Howard F. Hilliker, Mark D. Hall, Joe Casad, and David Yarashus
Amazon base price: $6.25
List price: $24.99 (that's 75% off!)
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What a disappointment!
I have used other books in this series and was quite happy with them. But after reading the first few pages in this poorly constructed book, I could see it was only going to frustrate me with it's blatant and carelees errors. Some of the questions were appreciated, but over all it was not worth the time to even scan over it. Too many errors for my liking...Here is a simple explaination found before the 1st chapter.....We all know that the minimum RAM required to install Sever 4.0 is 16MB...right? According to this book..both Workstation and Server require 32MB!!!! DAHHHH

Errors, Errors, and more Errors
If you can figure out all the errors, then you will probably pass the (70-58) exam. This book was very poorly edited. The concept and design is good, and would be a great help to anyone wanting to pass the (70-58) exam, if it did not have so many errors.

Found the pool of questions to be useful
In comparison to the Exam Cram Networking Essentials I found this publication to be more than adequate. In fact I managed to pass the exam mainly through the questions in the book. Yes, there are errors, but if you know your basics you will pick them out. Yes, the publisher should have proofed it better. But on the whole I found that many of my exam questions had something in common with those in the book. This was a second purchase from this series and it's a cheaper method than Transcender

The Roebuck in the Thicket: An Anthology of the Robert Cochrane Witchcraft Tradition
Published in Paperback by Chieveley Berkshire (2002)
Authors: Evan John Jones, Robert Cochrane, and Michael Howard
Amazon base price: $22.95
Used price: $21.90
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The Swords of Shahrazar
Published in Hardcover by Starmont House (1976)
Authors: Robert E. Howard and Michael William Kaluta
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $5.95
Collectible price: $31.76
Buy one from zShops for: $49.95
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War, Strategy, and International Politics: Essays in Honour of Sir Michael Howard
Published in Hardcover by Clarendon Pr (1992)
Authors: Lawrence Freedman, Paul Hayes, and Robert O'Neill
Amazon base price: $75.00
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Wood Ranch Thermal Anomaly, Iron County, Utah
Published in Paperback by Utah Geological Survey (1991)
Authors: Howard P. Ross, Robert E. Blackett, and Michael A. Shubat
Amazon base price: $5.50
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