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Great Lakes Triangle
Published in Paperback by Fawcett Books (1977)
Author: Jay Gourley
Amazon base price: $1.75
Used price: $4.90
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Pure Garbage
I can only testify as to the missing ships he writes of, as I have never researched the planes. But if his lack of research and misinformation is as bad regarding the missing planes as it is with the ships, the only thing this book is good for is the fireplace. One example: he has the ship Charles M. Price as 'mysteriously disappearing' on Lake Huron in 1913. What he totally neglects to tell the reader is that the Price (which didn't 'disappear'-the hull was found capsized with many of the crew washed ashore) was in what many historians consider to be the worst storm the Great Lakes have ever seen and appears to collected most of his material from one writer, and rather selectively at that. Many of the other ships which he alludes had 'mysterious' disappearances were actually victims of severe storms, which the author usually neglects to mention.

Best of the 70's triangle books
This book,titled to cash in on the hugh sales that Bermuda Triangle-Devil's Triangle type books were enjoying at the time,is actually quite entertaining. It actually can be a little eerie at times. Reasonably well reasearched unlike most of the other triangle books. About vanished ships and planes in the great lakes area. Some very interesting stories here. A good read. Note: there is a similarly titled book by an author named Hugh Cochran,which came out shortly afterward. Avoid this one as it is a lame copy.

I had this book
I found it very interesting. The planes just flew into Lake Michigan on a clear night. Ships just sank. The wreck of the
Edmund Fitzgerald, of which Gordon Lightfoot sang in the
1970s, was real. In November 1975, the Edmund Fitzgerald,
a Great Lakes ore carrier with 29 crewmen, sank on Lake
Michigan. She sank in the worst storm in over sixty years.
The Edmund Fitzgerald was traveling in tandem with another ore carrier, the Arthur M. Anderson, when she sank.
The Discovery Channel had a special about her in the '90s, and they had a salvage team raise the ship's bell. A plaque
rests on the bottom of the lake.

Tabloid: The Inside Story of the National Enquirer
Published in Hardcover by National Press Books (1990)
Author: Jay Gourley
Amazon base price: $17.95
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