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An Introduction to Mixed-Signal Ic Test and Measurement (The Oxford Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Published in Hardcover by Oxford University Press (2001)
Authors: Mark Burns and Gordon W. Roberts
Amazon base price: $115.00
Used price: $65.00
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Well written and very practical
I've been a Test Engineer for 13 years and take it from me, this book is so close to real life situation. It obviously written by people who practice the art of Test Engineering. I wish that I had this book in my very 1st year. This is the bible for every TE.

A truly practical book
Most texts on testing seem to be written for the design engineer. They talk a lot about the fault model, the doping process, how the pattern generation algorithms are not perfect...It's like teaching Chemistry at a cooking class.
But don't get me wrong, this is not a cookbook. It does teach a fair amount of "Chemistry". But it's able to show the reader why the theories are relevant and how to apply them. The solutions are presented in the context of the problems, not the other way around, like most text books.

best book on the matket for mixed signal test
I looked for a book which covers all the important issues for
mixed signal test. This book delivers all the nesessery information for a mixed signal test Eng. It explains all
issues very simple and because of so many example it is
very useful even for not-experienced people.

Trading Paint: Dale Earnhardt Vs. Jeff Gordon Classic Photos from a Classic Rivalry
Published in Paperback by Total Sports (02 March, 2001)
Authors: Mark Bechtel and George Tiedemann
Amazon base price: $29.95
Used price: $10.74
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A great book by the two greatest drivers!
If you love racing, and if you have the respect of great drivers you will love this book. I own many NASCAR books, and this is my favorite. The pictures are amazing the information is great. You can't go wrong with this book. There is one sad thing about the book...after reading it reality sets in that we won't see this rivalry on the track ever again. The memories are well-documented in this book and will live on! Thanks Dale and Jeff!

Some of the greatest racing pictures ever. What a great way to remember Dale Earnhardt. If you LIKE Nascar you will LOVE this book. I have seen a lot of George Tiedemann's work and this is as usual, quality work. Buy it!

Excellent images
I ordered this book a few days after the death of Dale Earnhardt. I've been a Jeff Gordon fan for a few years now, and loved watching the on-track duels between these two drivers. The stories and pictures compliment each other very well, telling the story of two fierce competitors and their respect for one another. I am sad knowing that there will never be another last lap duel between 'Wonderboy' and the Intimidator, but this book helps keep the memories alive. Highly recommended for fans of either driver, or NASCAR fans in general. Guide to the Top 50 Law Firms, 3rd Edition
Published in Paperback by Vault Reports Inc (2000)
Authors: Vault.Com Staff, Steve Gordon, Hussam Hamadeh, Mark Oldman, Douglas Cantor, Catherine Cugell, Michael Erman, Marcy Lerner, Chris Prior, and Vault Com Inc
Amazon base price: $17.47
List price: $24.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $9.25
Buy one from zShops for: $14.00
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Order it from
This is a great book, but if you need it right away and don't want to pay a special handling fee order it directly from The eBook version is also available there as well as the new 2003 edition that is not available yet in bookstores.

a superb book and the only one of its kind
i don't normally write reviews as i'm too busy slaving away as a lawyer...but i must add my $.02 this vault guidebook is astonishingly good. my fellow lawyers and i can't get enough of "The Buzz" which tells what lawyers are saying about various firms. this is the ONLY resource that tells it like it is in the arduous, sometimes rewarding, sometimes nauseating world of BIGLAW

The best edition yet!!!
The folks at Vault have really outdone themselves. This new edition is huge and very much expanded from previous editions. The material inside is all new as well. The have increased the detail and have done an incredible job providing the scoop on the top law firms in the country (including many that didn't make the top 50). They have included information on the quality of life rankings and their methodology. The book is invaluable for any law student as well as any lawyer considering a lateral move. I have a copy on my desk at a prominent law school and find people constantly borrowing it. Highly recommended.

Book of Fictional Days 2003 Calendar: A Collection of Events That Did Not Really Happen
Published in Paperback by Tidemark Pr Ltd (2002)
Authors: Tide-Mark Press, Bob Gordon, and Gigi Bayliss
Amazon base price: $14.95
Used price: $6.00
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A real look at a fictional world
This is a great calendar for a book lover! You'd be amazed to see how many books of fiction are represented...and it may whet your appetite for some good reading.

The coolest thing since pastrami on rye!
This unique calendar, now in it's third year, I think, has an innovative approach to your plain old, boring calendar. It, instead of listing events taht happened, or holidays that take place, lists what DIDN'T happen! (It also has the holidays) Bob Gordon, you're a genius!

Inside the Minds: Internet Lawyers - The Most Up to Date Handbook of Important Answers to Issues Facing Every Entrepreneur, Lawyer, and Anyone with a Web Site
Published in Paperback by Aspatore Books (2001)
Authors: Aspatore Books Staff,, James Hutchinson, Mark Fischer, Arnold Levine, Carl Cohen, Brian Vandenberg, Harrison Smith, Mark Gruhin, and Gordon Caplan
Amazon base price: $27.95
Used price: $22.95
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Mark Gruhin Chapter Fantastic!
This is an excellent book with an extremely insightful and fascinating chapter written by Mark I. Gruhin. He is a very skilled writer and lawyer, and I look forward to his future writings.

Great Book-Very Interesting....
Being a lawyer in NYC, I was very impressed with some Inside the Minds: Interne Lawyers. Although it is impossible to cover every Internet related topic, the book does a good job at covering some very interesting topics. In addition, the individuals portrayed in the book represent a good cross sampling of different talents related to Internet law. I particularly enjoyed the interview with Mark Fischer at Palmer & Dodge. If you are a woman, make sure to also check out Inside the Minds: Leading Women.

Power, Holiness, and Evangelism: Rediscovering God's Purity, Power, and Passion for the Lost
Published in Paperback by Destiny Image (1999)
Authors: Randy Clark, Steve Beard, Pablo Bottari, Harvey R., Jr. Brown, Michael L. Brown, Pablo Deiros, Gordon D. Fee, Chhris Heuertz, Scott McDermott, and Carlos Mraida
Amazon base price: $10.79
List price: $11.99 (that's 10% off!)
Used price: $2.25
Buy one from zShops for: $2.77
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Power/Holiness/Evangelism: Rediscovering God's Purity, Power
I purchased this book as a second thought, and found out I got more than I bargained for. The level of expertise and experience with God impressed me initially, but it was the depth of each topic presented by each of the authors that shocked me. When dealing with God and spiritual subjects in books, there are so many approaches, and many that are really weird, but in this book the contributing authors do much to show by scriptures and experience the reality of the need for the church to be seeking God's power, holiness, and evangelistic outreach to the human race. This is not a book of testimonies alone, but scriptures and the reality of the topics listed in the title. Another book that assisted me in certain sections of this book was I Give You Authority by Charles Kraft. Though much different in subject, it assisted me in understanding some things that are occurring in the South American churches. I highly recommend this book for one's bookself, not only for reading, but as a text book for what is happening in Christianity today.

Unity and Passion for God
The chapters are written by individuals from various backgrounds who are sensing the Holy Spirit drawing them into a closer relationship with God. This purity of heart has been documented in past and present revivals around the world.

The Quotable Writer: Words of Wisdom from Mark Twain, Aristotle, Oscar Wilde, Robert Frost, Eric Jong, and More
Published in Hardcover by McGraw-Hill Trade (03 March, 2000)
Author: William A. Gordon
Amazon base price: $14.95
Used price: $7.00
Collectible price: $14.95
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More Content than Chicken Soup for the Writer's Soul!
William Gordon did a fabulous job compiling this gem of a collection. This is a "must" for any writer for both inspiration and information. I reach for it often in my struggle to write my second book. I appreciate the varied resources from all kinds of backgrounds (and different ages), but most of all, they are writers who have gone down the same path as I.

Bet you can¿t read just one
Writers love words and Bill Gordon loves writers. Hehascompiledover 170 pages of categorized quotations from more than 600authors. This book is recommended to all writers, not just for yourown enjoyment but as a resource. When it is not on your nightstand, it will be within easy reach of your desk, next to your dictionary.

A Romance With Baking
Published in Hardcover by Redfern Books (06 April, 2000)
Authors: Karol Redfern Hamper, Shelley Odegard, Robert Cushman Hayes, and Mark Gordon
Amazon base price: $40.00
List price: $50.00 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $18.85
Collectible price: $30.69
Buy one from zShops for: $13.95
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Come smell the bread baking!
I have been producing and marketing books since 1985 and this is by far THE BEST cookbook that I have had the honor to review. Your book is filled with fabulous recipes, poems that touch your heart, wonderful pictures, the history behind the American Flour Milling Industry, and most importantly the feeling of love is felt on each and every page.

Linda F. Radke, author of "Linda F. Radke's Promote Like a Pro" Five Star Publications, Inc./Publishers Support Services

A Romance with Baking
When I have the time, I enjoy baking. I never use a mix and I like to make a variety of baked goods. Karol Redfern Hamper has not just written another book on baking, but she has created very practical recipes which are a feast for the eyes, as well as for the tastebuds. This book is a must for the novice baker with well-written directions and the very accomplished cook with lots of great new ideas for breads and desserts. I can't wait to try them all.

Baseball: The Fan's Game
Published in Paperback by Society for American Baseball Research (1993)
Authors: Gordon S. Cochrane, Mickey Cochrane, and Mark Alvarez
Amazon base price: $9.95
Used price: $3.25
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SABR rattles off a magnificent reprint!
The Society of American Baseball Research (SABR) is to be commended for reprinting his marvelous baseball artifact.

Sixty-three years after this book originally came out to celebrate baseball's 100th anniversary, a strong case can still be made that Gordon S. Cochrane of Bridgewater, Massachusetts, dubbed "Mickey" by a Pacific Coast League owner who wanted a Boston Irishman for promotional purposes, was the greatest catcher of all time.

Never mind the inebriated Cochrane-sucker ingrate who spurned Ty Cobb's generosity during the 1960 Hall of Fame ceremonies in the Tommie Lee Jones movie. In 1939, he appears to have been very much in love with the game and with life, if this book is any indication (though, in fact, he had already suffered a nervous breakdown and from a wild pitch that had fractured his skull). He couldn't have known it at the time, but when Mutt Mantle's son was born eight years earlier, his father already had a baseball future in mind for him, and young Mantle was indeed named after the Philadelphia A's star catcher.

This book will teach you almost all of what you need to know to be a successful major league catcher-manager. Almost? Well, as the author informs us, he could always hit, and he always knew that he could hit, no matter what league he was playing in. So there's not a tremendous amount of hitting instruction contained in this book, and the reader will gain more from it, if, like the author, he is ALREADY naturally able to hit .300 against big-league pitching (Cochrane's lifetime batting average was .320).

Such hitting instruction as there is in this book might be more entertaining than helpful. On the one hand, he urges, "Take a strike. Take two strikes to get the ball you want to hit.". But at another point, he remarks that when you are facing a pitcher with good control, first-ball swinging, rather than allowing oneself to fall behind on the count, sometimes produces rallies.

He's mildly contradicting himself with his hitting advice, certainly, and that's to be expected when someone tries to give instruction on something that he can do naturally and instinctively.

But we are reminded that all hitters, even the greatest, will have bouts of sustained failure.

"Batting slumps are about as pleasant as an income-tax threat or the threat of a truant officer over a small boy's head. At some time or other, all ball players meet 'Miss Slump' in person. Base hits become as alien as beef stew in the tropics."

Damn, if only we still lived in a world where people in general and ballplayers in particular talked like this!

But in an era that preceded the designated hitter, Cochrane had to play some position in the field that would get his bat in the lineup, even though he also suggests that if you can hit, they will always find a place for you. Still, long hours of hard work to turn himself from a hopeless catcher to a great one show in his detailed instruction.

Catcher was always my favorite position because the catcher guards the last outpost that must be reached by a hostile opposing base runner before he scores a run. My greatest moment on the sandlot involved leaping up high to snare a wild throw and then tagging a would-be tying run out at home plate. And Mickey naturally pays great homage to this aspect of a catcher's job. Get in front of every throw! Block the base runner off, if you can! And if you have to move away from the plate to receive the throw, dive at the plate with the ball, not at the base runner.

How unchanging is the game? Well, there are passages in this book that will raise some eyebrows with their familiarity. The defensive "shift" that opposing players put on for Babe Ruth seems to greatly resemble not only the later "Ted Williams" shift but the one imposed against a contemporary baseball giant, whose name is often mentioned in connection with Ruth's.

And thirty-three years before the American League established the designated hitter rule as a means of replacing weak-hitting pitchers in the lineup with regular hitters, Cochrane - explaining why he and his contemporary American League managers disdain the sacrifice bunt early in the game - declares that the American League is the league of the "big inning", where if one run is going to beat you, you might as well concede the game before you leave the clubhouse.

This is historical evidence that the American League's contemporary reputation as an offense-happy league doesn't stem from its relatively recent predilection for designated hitters and Astro Turf ballparks, but rather that these changes were adopted as a result of a pre-existing pro-offense philosophy

But there are noticeable differences between the baseball eras too, of course. Cochrane informs the aspiring manager that his four best pitchers must start but that he needs two good relievers, as well. He's not anticipating an age of specialization where a team will carry as many relievers as starters, where the relievers will have varying specializations, and where a "closer" who throws for one inning to finish a game can possess "star" luster, equal to that of the starter.

Mickey would have reached his 100th birthday next April 6 if cancer had not taken him in 1962, and this book is also proof that, regardless of experience and expertise, you never live long enough to see everything that can take place in a baseball game.

Referring back to the catcher's Horatio-like role as the final barrier between the runner and home plate, Cochrane declares, "No one has yet made a putout without the ball." Begorrah Mickey, if you could have only lived long enough to see the 1970 World Series between the Cincinnati Reds and the Baltimore Orioles, you would have seen Oriole catcher, Elrod Hendricks, do just that to Bernie Carbo. Thanks for this and for all of your contributions, me bucko!

The Ice at the Bottom of the World: Stories
Published in Hardcover by Knopf (1989)
Authors: Mark Richard and Gordon Lish
Amazon base price: $16.95
Used price: $9.74
Collectible price: $8.47
Average review score:

Shame on Doubleday
Mark Richard is simply the best current short story writer (with some competition from Tom Franklin). While no single story in this collection rivals Richard's "masterpiece," the story BIRDS FOR CHRISTMAS collected in CHARITY, each piece is subtle, precise, brilliant.

However, the overall enjoyment of the book is hampered somewhat by the shameful job performed by the publisher (Doubleday). ICE AT THE BOTTOM OF THE WORLD feels like it's printed on two-ply paper towels shoved between dry cleaning shirt cardboards which serve as the cover. You worry something must be wrong with the book because the publisher did such a cost cutting - dismissive job in producing it.

The Ice at the Bottom of the World
I've never read a short story collection like this one. I've since read it dozens of times and have sought out everything written by Mark Richard. The most frustrating thing about his books is that he doesn't write them fast enough.

Macabre, hilarious, desperate, heartwarming
Macabre, hilarious, desperate, heartwarming, Mark Richard's collection is stunning in its stark juxtaposition of a gamut of emotions and moods. The prose is sparse, and all the more evocative because of it. The world Richard depicts is itself sparse - his characters take their comfort where they can. It is a world of immense cruelty and immensely harsh beauty. There is pain in this washed out, painted over landscape of mudflats, fairgrounds and burning shacks, but also a piercing redemptive vision. As I read I found the first story superlative, then the next, then the next, right to the end. Books may not change your life, but this one may well leave its images searing your imagination for a long time. When I consider the lack of attention Mark Richard has received for his fiction, I'm tempted to believe there's no justice in the world at all, but then I realise that for such a gem of a book to exist at all is a kind of secret miracle. Witness it while you can.

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