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Harry Clarke, his graphic art
Published in Unknown Binding by Dolmen Press ; H. Keith Burns ()
Author: Nicola Gordon Bowe
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Used price: $139.50
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Harry Clarke: His Graphic Art
This book reveals more about Harry Clarke as an artist than any other. Some of his early sketches, his private drawings are outlined here giving useful insights on his man's work as well as the man behind the drawings and designs. They permit us to follow his development as one of Ireland's leading artists through his work. His reputation has always been assured as a stained glass artist but for a while it seemed his graphic art was not as widely recognised as they should be. This is no longer the case as his work is highly sought in Ireland, the UK and the States and elsewhere. I have a couple of first editions of books he illustrated and while alas they are only in fair condition they are treasured highly within my library. If you have only recently come across Clarke's brilliantly intricate work then this is the book for you. It is also invaluable for those who have, like myself, have long loved the artist's work. Nicola Gordon Bowe is the leading international expert on and biographer of Clarke. Her knowledge and passion for her subject comes across in her writing as she brings Clarke to life amongst the pages.

I would highly recommend this book to readers and students of gothic literature, fine art, design, theatre, illustration and graphics students. Collectors of illustrated books would also find this profile of one of the most endearing illustrators of the weird and wonderful a valuable addition to their libraries. His jewel like creations come to life not only in stained glass but also in his graphic art output. Today there are many of us who appreciate Clarke's work.

Nicola Gordon Bowe draws on his contemporaries to glean a profile of the man allowing us to feel that, we are at times, in his presence. We are indebted to her for explaining so aborbingly why his work reaches out to touch us in a way that eludes so many other illustrators and designers.

The Life and Work of Harry Clarke
Published in Hardcover by Irish Academic Pr (1994)
Author: Nicola Gordon Bowe
Amazon base price: $49.50
Used price: $174.03
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Review of the Life of Ireland's Best Stained Glass Artist
When I got this book as a gift from my brother-in-law's mother, who lives in Ireland, I thought that is was going to be a boring autobiography on some unknown artist. Of course, I was totally wrong. In all,I have read this book about 7 times, and I never cease to tire of it. It has complete info of this man's life, and in between it gives beautiful illustrations and stories of his stained glass art. I was taken away, and I still can't believe the great care this man has taken to create, out of his own hands, these masterpieces. This book has even gave me the want to go to these churches and see firsthand what Harry Clarke made. I totally urge to read this book, and you will treasure it as I do and will forever.

Loss Models : From Data to Decisions
Published in Hardcover by Wiley-Interscience (2004)
Authors: Stuart A. Klugman, Harry H. Panjer, and Gordon E. Willmot
Amazon base price: $110.00
Used price: $88.95
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great introduction to models needed in insurance
When I took a job to model prediction of loss reserves for workers compensation insurance, I began to realize that the traditional statistical methods that I generally relied n would not help me (without modification). The required modification would be either to transform variables or to model long-tailed probability distributions. This is because in the insurance business you have to reserve for those big catastrophies. The cost data for workers compensation data generally show a high frequency of low to moderate costs... . However occasionally there are a few cases of sever injury causing permanent disability which could run over 1 million dollars. Even though the probability of occurrence is small the cost is so high that it cannot be ignored. Such claims will surely be found when large insurance company cover millions of employees over many years.

The problem occurs when insuring for floods, earthquakes, fires and other disasters. Stuart Klugman and Bob Hogg in 1984 wrote the first introductory text to acquaint statisticians with such probability models that are important in the insurance business. Other books covering the subject were covered in books on risk theory designed for actuaries. This book covers all the topics and assumes mathematical and staistical knowledge at the level of the book by Hogg and Craig (so some calculus is required).

Yukoners: True Tales of the Yukon
Published in Paperback by Hancock House Publishers (1990)
Author: Harry Gordon-Cooper
Amazon base price: $12.95
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Collectible price: $8.94
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My uncles's adventures
This is a great book of tall tales and real life adventures. Harry Gordon-Cooper. As my mother called him a Jack of all trades. He led a remarkable life in the wilderness of the Yukon. From tales of wolfs tracking humans to the real life drama of child berth on a stricken bush plane. The book is well written with a great narrative style. You can almost picture Ira Biber and his clan. You can feel the call of the wild. A must book for all sourdoughs.

The Shadow of Death: The Holocaust in Lithuania
Published in Hardcover by University Press of Kentucky (1992)
Author: Harry Gordon
Amazon base price: $22.00
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Collectible price: $31.76
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Please keep genealogy searches off the review page
While I know that genealogy searching can be difficult, please share this information where it will do the most good: with the author. As a Librarian, I depend on the kind of informative, concise, and relevant reviews that are shared on a regular basis by those kind souls who have actually read the book in question. Not having read the book, my stars are simply there so that I could post the messege. Thank you

Great Reading!!!!
I couldn't put this book down and didn't want it to end. Harry could easily write a sequel to this book of how he transitioned into American life. This book is very easy reading and insightful of the atrocities that happened in Lithuania. Harry I admire you.

Haven't read it yet! Just find out!
Hello, Harry! I am your cousin, Leslie Hoffman Levenson (my mom's name was Ina Ginsberg, daughter of my grandfather Jack Ginsberg). I learned about your book on this title a while ago. I'd like to hear from you thru e mail shown at below ( Our cousin, Esther Ginsberg Cohen (daughter of Alex Ginsberg)also learns about you recently thru our cousin, Shelly and Marlee Ginsberg who went to the Museum of Holocaust in Wash. DC. Esther and I found each other by accident! Long story! We also found out there The Ginsberg brothers (Jack, Alex and Barney) did have sisters back in Lithuania we never knew ever existed). Please contact me and let you know that you have more cousins still living and well! Unfortunately, your book is out of print! Is there any way we can obtain that? Please don't put this on line as we the cousins are trying to locate you! :-) We are surely proud of your accomplishment for writing this book we want to read. We would love to know more about our descendents despite the history that happened. Thank you so much, Harry from your long lost cousin, LESLIE of Granada Hills, CA born in Buffalo, NY in 1948 daughter of Morris and Ina Hoffman (both still living).

The Lifeship
Published in Hardcover by HarperCollins (1976)
Authors: Gordon R. Dickson and Harry Harrison
Amazon base price: $10.35
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Collectible price: $4.50
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A pleasant tale from two sci-fi greats.
This is an odd semi-political tale about the differences of race and class; and how people of different backgrounds can get along. Set in the far future, a starliner blows up in space and a few survivors make their way to a lifeship, the equivalent of a lifeboat. One human of the upper caste, who assumes the leadership role, several humans of the worker caste, who act in a manner similar to slaves, and two aliens, who are the only ones capable of piloting the ship. As the story goes we learn more about each character, and how they develop over time. In many ways this sounds a lot like a feel-good story of racial acceptance that would be more appropriate for the 1960's. The authors are both extremely good storytellers and this entertaining book delivers on that, without being too preachy.

Harry's Cosmeticology
Published in Hardcover by Chemical Publishing Company (2000)
Authors: Martin M., Ph.D. Rieger and Ralph Gordon Harry
Amazon base price: $295.00
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A useful introduction
This book is severely out of date, but still provides a good introduction to the science of cosmetics. Real chemistry knowledge may be needed though! Not a moment too soon comes v2000 thankfully.

nice book
It was a good book that I found until this time

Harry's Cosmeticology, 8th Edition
At last, the 2000 version of this classic book has been published. This book, unlike others in the market, is about cometicology, i.e., it includes a very thorough section on the physiology of the skin, nails and hair, that most books leave out. Then the other chapters provide not only the background for the production of different products but provide with very valuable formulation approaches and formulas. The manufacture of cosmetics chapter is specially useful. There is very little in the market when it comes to industrial production and the scale up process and this chapter is very instructive. A remarkable work as one would expect Dr. Rieger to render with the contribution of more than thirty world experts in different fields. Given the approach of the book, this reference should be helpful not only to cosmetologists but to cosmetic dermatologists and cosmetic surgeons and everybody in the cosmetic industry.

Australia and the Olympic games
Published in Unknown Binding by University of Queensland Press ()
Author: Harry Gordon
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $135.17
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Below the surface; confessions of an Olympic champion
Published in Unknown Binding by ()
Authors: Dawn Fraser and Harry Gordon
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $10.00
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Blood Feud: The Murrays and Gordons at War in the Age of Mary Queen of Scots
Published in Paperback by Tempus Pub Ltd (2002)
Author: Harry Potter
Amazon base price: $17.49
List price: $24.99 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $16.00
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