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What Are You?: Voices of Mixed-Race Young People
Published in Hardcover by Henry Holt & Company (1999)
Author: Pearl Fuyo Gaskins
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I wish it had been on the shelves when I was a teen.
I had been waiting for this book all of my life and when I found it and read it I wished it had been on the shelves when I was a teen and young adult. It is enlightening and enriching to finally hear the many voices that exist outside of the boxes. As an American born in this country who constantly heard and still hear, "Where are you from?" on a regular basis, I highly recommend this book to all adults who have lived through the mixed race reality and for their children who are mixed race.

Inside Her Head ...
Reading this book made me remember a biracial childhood friend. As young children, we thought of her as no different from the rest of the kids in the neighborhood. However, as we got to high school, people wanted to define her, wanted her to define herself. She didn't. I admired her for that. I always wished I could've felt comfortable enough with her to find out just what was going on inside her head during those times. After reading this book, now I feel that maybe I have a glimpse of that. This book will help anyone who is not biracial have a better understanding of the thoughts and experiences of those who are.

A valuable resource for those working with studets
Even though I'm not of a mixed race, I resonated with the thoughts and feelings of those in the book. As a Chinese-American raised in a Jewish neighborhood, I often did not know what I was and people would ask the question "Where are you from?" knowing full well the purpose of their question. I appreciated the range of emotions and thoughtful musings by the writers - from ambivalence to full acceptance of their unique heritage. This is an important resource to those who work in student development at the college level. It's a picture of the world as it is and will be.

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