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Who Broke the Baby
Published in Paperback by Bethany House (1979)
Author: Jean Staker Garton
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Whoever controls the rhetoric controls the debate
This book is all about the language of the abortion debate. It uncovers and dissects the rhetoric which the abortion choicers use to obfuscate the fact that abortion is the brutal axe murder of a defenseless child. For far too long, the abortion choicers have determined the language with which this political debate is discussed. The pro-life movement has allowed this to happen. Euphemisms have always been the tool of those who would hide the truth. The whole purpose of the book is to uncover the subterfuge. It does an excellent job of this. Unfortunately, many sincere people in the pro-life movement have fallen victim to the terminology of those who would excuse this horrible inhumanity to these tiny children. I urge every pro-life person to read this book thoroughly, commit to memory the information therein, and never again to let anyone get away with using language to rob people of their inalienable rights. The use of language in this manner has always been the tool of those who would legitimize evil. Do not let this continue to happen! Read this book and heed its message. Our very civilization depends on it.

Poignant Arguments Against Abortion
This book is an excellent addition to the library of any pro-life advocate. It contains carefully detailed political, scientific and biblical facts which get right to the heart of the pro-life/pro-choice argument. The author takes the focus off the woman and puts it where it rightfully belongs: on life itself. I plan to buy several copies of this book to give away as the need arises.

Credible and Convincing
Dr. Garton continues to bring credible and convincing analysis of the sloganizing of the prochoice movement. This is not a book for the close-minded.

Prochoice people will naturally dislike this book, but for the open-minded prochoice person looking to get an understanding of how some prolife people see the abortion debate, "Who Broke the Baby?" will be quite informative.

At first glance, these slogans hit the core fears of a woman facing an unexpected pregnancy, and feed at her most selfish intentions, that her life is more sacred than any other life. Broken down by Dr. Garton, these slogans are seen in their proper light, as fear-mongering mantras designed by people who are not concerned with her or her unborn baby.

Dr. Garton presents to women that they do have a choice, and shows them how they are being manipulated. Similarly, the media might not have had time to think about this bumper-sticker statements, but "Who Broke the Baby?" gives reporters a chance to know how they are being used.

Yes, there are a lot of issues that are complex for a mother to be to deal with. There is no denying the financial and logistical troubles she may face... but confusing her with the muddled thinking of men and women who think having childen is an insult to femininity is not the answer.

Recommended by C Everett Koop, and consistent with the theologies of both evangelicals and Catholics, Dr. Garton's book transcends denominations as she herself is part of mainline protestants, a Lutheran.

I fully recommend "Who Broke the Baby?" by Jean Staker Garton.

Anthony Trendl

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