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You and the Year 2000: A Practical Guide for Things that Matter
Published in Paperback by Indigo Ink Publishing (25 November, 1998)
Authors: Jeffrey M., Phd. Shepard, Lois Clifton, Stephen L. Goldstein, and Marci Shimoff
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A good, practical guide
I found this book very informative and practical. I particularly liked the emphasis on using your head and not making silly decisions because of all the hype.Lots of good information throughout.

Good enough for my husband to steal
I bought the book after having seen the book featured in TIME magazine. It was well worth the it. My husband had not been interested in hearing or reading anything about Y2K saying that the whole thing was overblown. He picked-up the book after I received it and he couldn't put it down - I haven't seen it since. I found out today he has now loaned it to a friend, so I am buying myself another copy, but I am having it sent to my office this time!

Finally, a book that gives me USEFUL info
So many Y2K books focus on telling you why you should be shaking in your boots. This book presents researched facts along with more useful and usable tips and advice than any other book I have read. And this one was also EASY TO READ and didn't contain pages and pages of technical stuff that, frankly, I don't understand anyway and don't want to understand at that. I HIGHLY recommend this book to everyone who wants straight info about Y2K and useful information. After reading the book I bought copies for my family and friends as gifts - my highest compliment!

Lesbian Identity & Contemporary Psychotherapy: A Framework for Clinical Practice
Published in Hardcover by Analytic Press (2003)
Authors: Eda G. Goldstein and Lois C. Horowitz
Amazon base price: $39.95
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