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Ford Tempo Mercury Topaz 1984-94 (Automobile Repair Manuals Series)
Published in Paperback by Haynes Publishing (1994)
Author: Mark Christman
Amazon base price: $13.97
List price: $19.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $4.25
Buy one from zShops for: $13.08
Average review score:

Excellent Books
...It's VERY worthwhile buying seeing that it tells you EVERYTHING about your car, and how to repair them inc. sensors, brakes, lights, replacing transmission gears, head gaskets ect...

It's the only book you need. I have one for my Sunbird, Topaz GS, Topaz L and my 2001 Malibu LS

with this book, even your wife can fix the car!
the book is great, I bought the book,and left it on the table, when i got back, my wife had the car in pieces, and starting to put it back together, she fixed it, and I didnt have to get greasy,

Sales Force Management (The Irwin/McGraw-Hill Series in Marketing)
Published in Hardcover by Irwin Professional Pub (1999)
Authors: Gilbert A. Churchill, Neil M. Ford, Orville C. Walker, Mark W. Johnston, and John F. Tanner
Amazon base price: $100.15
Used price: $5.75
Buy one from zShops for: $45.00
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A great insight on sales force management
While other books try to teach the selling process, this piece of art helps you understand all the issues underlying in a sales force area, it's administation, the relationship with pre and post sales areas and the way to succeed in a managing position. One of the best books I've read on this subject.

A must-have book for undergraduate sudents and teachers.
I teach in one of the finest schools of Mexico, MBA Marketing and Field Force management topics, and was really tired of looking for comprehensive, complete and reasonable readings that covers the most important areas of managing a Sales Force. Churchil is a must-have text for both, college and high level (superior / undergraduate) students, since it really takes you through every important aspect of the topic.

Camping With Henry and Tom
Published in Audio Cassette by L. A. Theatre Works (01 June, 1996)
Authors: Mark St. Germain, Mark St Germain, Charles Durning, David Dukes, L.A. Theatre Works, Jay Sandrich, Alan Alda, David Dukes, and Charles Durning
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $6.97
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Camping with Henry and Tom
Funny, funny, funny. What surprised me most was finding out it was based on actual events (meaning that they did go on a camping trip). I enjoy everytime I listen to it.

The Rockslide Rescue (The Shoebox Kids, Bk. 8)
Published in Paperback by Pacific Press Publishing Association (1998)
Authors: Sandra L. Zaugg, Mark Ford, and Jerry D. Thomas
Amazon base price: $5.99
Used price: $2.99
Buy one from zShops for: $5.39
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A great book just like the others in the series!
I have every book in the series and when I heard that a new one was out I started saving to buy it.Willie and his grandfather were coming home from a fair and got hit with a rock slide. After praying about their problem they fell asleep. The next night they heard voises. The next day a sheriff unit came and rescued them. I like it because it shows how we can pray to God and He will help us. It is a very good book and it keeps you in suspense. I recomend it to everyone.

No Name
Published in Digital by Amazon Press ()
Authors: Wilkie Collins and Mark Ford
Amazon base price: $2.99
Average review score:

Engrossing, densely textured read.
Could claim greatness on the basis of the Wragges and Madame alone, but also contains one of the most original heroines in Victorian fiction,and draws a fascinating portrait of venality, social corruption and hypocrisy -- at times, it reminded me of both 'Pere Goriot' and 'Les Miserables'.
And it's full of those little concrete details that make nineteenth century fiction so deliciously materialistic. Don't miss out on the Oriental Cashmere Robe!

tons of fun
This is the best-plotted book I have ever read. The intricacies of the ingenious cat-and-mouse game kept me unable to put the book down (despite its length, and my general impatience as a slow reader). Unlike other books I've read by Collins, this one is also extremely funny, largely because of one character who is an incredible rascal and scoundrel. This is really one of the most enjoyable novels I've ever found.

A piercing look at social mores
It is to Wilkie Collins' credit that more than a century after he wrote his novels, they still engage the reader and make sense in social terms. In "No Name," two sisters by the last name of Vanstone find out that they are illegitimate. Their formerly comfortable lives are disrupted to the core as their lose their places in society, their friends, their inheritances, and even, literally, their names. Collins makes their predicament alive and vital despite the fact that today this sort of news would barely stir a social ripple.

Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul: 101 True Stories of Angels, Miracles, and Healings
Published in Paperback by Plume (1998)
Authors: Arielle Ford and Mark Victor Hansen
Amazon base price: $11.16
List price: $13.95 (that's 20% off!)
Used price: $0.91
Collectible price: $4.75
Buy one from zShops for: $4.54
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A good read on a rainy afternoon or when you are down....
Just like the "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series, I enjoyed these inspirational stories. It's a book I'll read over and over again when I need a lift.

Love the stories . . . even the ones I wrote.

One of my favorite Bath -Tub-Books...
When I am feeling overwhelmed with world news I take "Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul" with me into a hot bath tub and read story after story to relax.

Because each story is written by a different person, from many different beliefs, it is educational to see how others think. It is like peeking into their minds as I read the magic and mysteries that are unfolding in their lives.

University Physics
Published in Paperback by Addison-Wesley Publishing (1998)
Authors: A. Lewis Ford, Francis Weston Sears, Hugh D. Young, and Mark W. Zemansky
Amazon base price: $18.00
Used price: $10.75
Average review score:

Confusing - I don't like this book
I'm using this book for my first college physics course. I find the text very dry and boring, and the problems at the end of each chapter are confusing and not well explained. For example, I'm doing my homework and one of the problems is "speculate on how gaseous diffusion works." Just that, does not explain what gaseous diffusion is. As with many of the problems in this book, the first thing that comes into my mind is "what the hell are you talking about??" Another question asks me to compare the length of something to "the diameter of a molecule." Huh? What molecule? Are all molecules the same diameter? And how the heck am I supposed to know what that diameter is? Gah. I do not recommend this book unless you like being confused.

Also, the discussion questions at the end of each chapter are very nice, but the answers are not provided anywhere. So how are you supposed to know if you answered them correctly? And another thing I really hate about this book, it will say "and why do you think this happens?" and then not tell you why. About 90% of the time my answer is "I have no clue why that happened." :/ This book makes me hate physics.

The perfect book for a general course
I've used both this book and Halliday's Extended 6th edition for my course on Physics. My conclusion, chapter after chapter, has been clear to me: this is the perfect book for a general course on Physics at university level. The language is simple to understand (Halliday too), the figures and tables are well done and useful (Halliday too), the content is thorough (Halliday: not so much !). Yes, this last is the striking thing: it's thorough and reaches a level of detail that is not a common feature for these kind of Physics books.
The problems set is well balanced both in content and number (an average of 85-90 for each chapter), and as usual odd-numbered problems' solutions are provided.
I've tried this book without anybody advising it to me, now I'm happy I've had it for the exam.

Easy to Understand
If I had to sum up this textbook in three words, it would be "easy to understand". The writing style is pretty informal when compared to most textbooks, but yet, this informality does NOT compromise on the depth of the explanations.

It is one of the main physics textbooks used for intro classes across the US, and though I've never read any other intro physics books besides this one, I'm not surprised to see on many university's intro physics courses web pages that THIS is the book that is used.

Unlike most textbooks that I've had to read, I can't really think of any complaints with this one. This doesn't mean that this book is perfect, but looking back, I really can't think of any major (or minor for that matter) problems I had with the book. I relied on this book instead of lectures to learn the material, so it isn't that I had a great physics teacher that helped me explain the material.

Nicholas Nickleby
Published in Digital by Amazon Press ()
Authors: Charles Dickens, Hablot K. Browne, and Mark Ford
Amazon base price: $2.99
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The Dickensian world
I would say this is "David Copperfield"'s B-side. It is a typical Dickensian book: the life of the Nickleby family from the death of the father until they are rich and happy. One of the most important parts of the book is the study of the horrible boarding schools of Yorkshire, where Nicholas is sent. We can read the dirty intrigues of Uncle Ralph, the adventures of Nicholas and Smikes as travelling actors (a world Dickens came to know very well), the kindness of the brethren Cheeryble.

Definitely, this is not one of Dickens's best novels, but nevertheless it is fun to read. The characters are good to sanctity or bad to abjection. The managing of the plot is masterful and the dramatic effects wonderful. It includes, as usual with Dickens, an acute criticism of social vices of his time (and ours): greed, corruption, the bad state of education. In spite of everything, this is a novel very much worth reading, since it leaves the reader a good aftertaste: to humanism, to goodness.

Entertaining to the last page, despite its length
I had never read one of Dickens book before Nicholas Nickleby, though I had always wanted to. I particularly enjoyed this book because of Dicken's subtle sense of humor and colorful characters. It was easy to hate the villains such as Squeers or Ralph Nickleby, and laugh at the amusing chracters of Mr. Mantalini and John Brody(whom I found to be the funniest) Authenticity of personality and speech allows you to connect with the various chracters. Although he was probably the least complex, my favorite was Smike, the pitiful victim of the Yorkshire schools of the 1800s.
The one drawback was the size of this book. Dickens spent much time giving detail of many places and people (and did a good job of it), but we must draw the line somewhere. Just when one thinks enough words have been spent on one topic, it diverges into yet another irrevelant matter.
I'd recommend this book to almost anyone, unless you have a great fear of commitment. But the book has plenty of plot and satire to hold you to the end. I certainly was, but I don't think my librarian would believe me.

One of the most entertaining novels ever
I read criticisms of this book that it is not one of Dickens' best. For me, it is up there with Great Expectations and David Copperfield as one of his most enjoyable novels (A Christmas Carol is a short story).

The social axe that Dickens had to grind in this story is man's injustice to children. Modern readers my feel that his depiction of Dotheboys Academy is too melodramatic. Alas, unfortunately, it was all too real. Charles Dickens helped create a world where we can't believe that such things happen. Dickens even tell us in an introduction that several Yorkshire schoolmasters were sure that Wackford Squeers was based on them and threatened legal action.

The plot of Nicholas Nickleby is a miracle of invention. It is nothing more than a series of adventures, in which Nicholas tries to make his way in the world, separate himself from his evil uncle, and try to provide for his mother and sister.

There are no unintersting characters in Dickens. Each one is almost a charicature. This book contains some of his funniest characters.

To say this is a melodrama is not an insult. This is melodrama at its best. Its a long book, but a fast read.

Kirk and Bistner's Handbook of Veterinary Procedures and Emergency Treatment
Published in Paperback by W B Saunders (2000)
Authors: Stephen I. Bistner, Richard B. Ford, and Mark R. Raffe
Amazon base price: $73.50
Used price: $58.75
Buy one from zShops for: $58.75
Average review score:

Nothing new
Thic book is adequate for emergency medical information, but is not a good quick reference in the midst of a true emergency. In most things, it is quite lacking, and other emergency "handbooks" seem to be more user and cost-friendly. Although this book is part of my library, I found little use for it when I worked as an emergency small animal veterinarian.

Great for technicians
This book has been a big help for me in my practice

Ford Crown Victoria & Mercury Grand Marquis Automotive Repair Manual: Models Covered: Ford Crown Victoria and Mercury Grand Marquis 1988 Through 1996 (Haynes Auto Repair Manual Series)
Published in Paperback by Haynes Publishing (1996)
Authors: Mark Ryan, John Harold Haynes, and Haynes Publishing
Amazon base price: $18.95
Used price: $9.95
Average review score:

Its not specific enough. Especially for my year and model.
It can get your hopes up for easy stuff, but the hard stuff is left out. It lacks the real stuff that shop mechanics' manuals have for each specific year and model changes. I know you; "get what you pay for!"

Easy to read and use
I would like to know why you state that the oil pan can be removed from the Crown Victoria without removing the motor. I have a 1992 and I followed the manual and the oil pan will not pass between the frame and motor. I even removed the cam covers but there is not enough clearance. Am I doing something wrong or is your manual wrong?

I have a question?
I have a 1997 Mercury Marqui Does Haynes have a manual for m

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