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Jewish Activities in the United States (Vol II)
Published in Paperback by CPA Books (10 January, 2000)
Author: Henry Ford Sr.
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There has been books that started wars and there are books, the suppression of which led to world wars. This book was published in 1927 and suppressed, with good motives no doubt, in 1927. Not six years from its publication but six years from its removal from bookshops the world got a Hitler. Soon, it was not to be found anywhere except in two nations worlds apart, both of which found themselves involved in events that led to the worst war ever.

After the war, we got two blocks diametrically opposed in everything but not in attitude towards this book. It was collected and pulped in all four occupation zones in Europe.

Then, it remained unavailable on both sides of the iron curtain for the whole duration of the cold war. This of course made it an asset for fringe organizations of dubious quality and as if that were not dirty enough, infected and infiltrated, ranging from white-supra and clan to worse.

Whoever pretends disgust towards these extreme deformations owed to a minimum honesty ciriteria to bring into open discussion why books of a one like the Henry ord would not be published by legitimate and legal publishers throughout the cold war on both side of the iron curtain. Not one of enviable career has opened this discussion in fifty years.

Now, mankind must not be deprived of an alternative scenario - that had this book not been removed fro bookshops in 1927, a world scale discussion might be the worst to come in 1939-1945. And let us be divided on the issue of which might be better: a world discussion or a world war.

Grandpa Sergei Nilus in his unknown grave is atlast at peace and thankful to AmazonCom. In 1904 Grandpa saw that it was time to choose between discussion or world war and with that honest motive did the honest bishop publish the first document to start the discussion. He disappeared that year, Japan was financed agains Russia next year, his church, the once great Orthodox Church was crushed 13 years later, his most loved and hated fatherland was replaced by an opaque monster and the world had not one benefit from all these losses of Russia. Just the opposite. No country was left untouched by the following calamities. An extreme example: Australia and New Zealand lost five million adult population in that hurricane.

Now to why the Henry Ford published the document for discussion. Like during the American revolution when Jefferson wrote from Paris to America that the most important single event in Europe in the last few years has been publication of the Anacharsis book by the good Abbe, just so, after 1918 the most important single document appeared to be that recipee of horror.

Two million white Russian emigrants were saying so, the last resistance to the bolshewik plague, admiral Kolchak and General Vrangel were saying so, the German and Japanese intelligence sources who managed to escape from Russia were saying so. But the media in Western Europe and America was NOT saying so, was not mentioning the document, was not even saying it is not so.

That moment did the Henry Ford, and not alone, guess with whom! non other than Thomas Alva Edison, after weeks of deliberation around a camp fire, considering the issue from all sides foreseeable by best brains, decided that to open the document to discussion could not be worse than what was obviously coming if this issue was not discussed to exhaustion.

So, Henry Ford published it, with Thomas Edison on his side, the printer being powered through a shaft connected to a Ford tractor outside the building in Dearborn, Detroit.

No book shop would distribute it. 2000 Ford dealers had to do this. No nespaper would discuss it. And soon, whole weight of the law, as interpreted by some, the bigest ever compensation in the history of America or elsewhere,Henry Ford in his publication supposedly having insulted a Chicago Lawyer (not Irish), had to pay that lawyer the amount equivalet to the sale price of three thousand Ford Autos! That was about 1927 and that was when Henry Ford was given the choice: pay or stop your publication, destroy existing copies, call back the distribution.

It is not very honest to suppress this part of the story and to say, Ford family distanced itself from the book. That was abracadabra of pre-web tumoroid media - dead now but awaiting autopsy.

Sleep well Grandpa. The Web is with you.

The American Axis: Henry Ford, Charles Lindbergh, and the Rise of the Third Reich
Published in Hardcover by St. Martin's Press (2003)
Author: Max Wallace
Amazon base price: $19.57
List price: $27.95 (that's 30% off!)
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Ford's Golden Fifties: All the Best from Henry II
Published in Hardcover by Ten Speed Press (2003)
Author: Lorin Sorensen
Amazon base price: $34.97
List price: $49.95 (that's 30% off!)
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Heart Smart II Cookbook
Published in Plastic Comb by Detroit Free Press (01 June, 1996)
Authors: Detroit Free Press and Henry Ford Health System
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $10.39
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Henry Ford II
Published in Hardcover by Orion Publishing Co (04 October, 1990)
Author: Hayes
Amazon base price: $
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Henry: A Life of Henry Ford II
Published in Hardcover by Grove Press (1990)
Author: Walter Hayes
Amazon base price: $19.95
Used price: $1.53
Collectible price: $4.24
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Man & the Automobile: A Twentieth-century Love Affair
Published in Paperback by McGraw-Hill Education - Europe (1979)
Authors: Judith Jackson and Henry Ford II
Amazon base price: $
Used price: $37.50
Collectible price: $8.47
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Never Complain, Never Explain: The Story of Henry Ford II
Published in Paperback by Berkley Pub Group (1983)
Author: Victor Lasky
Amazon base price: $3.50
Used price: $1.06
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