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Java 2 Micro Edition Developer's Guide (With CD-ROM)
Published in Paperback by Wordware Publishing (15 June, 2002)
Author: Steve Teixeira
Amazon base price: $49.95
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A great satire of the legends and lore of early Florida
Fleming takes the idea of real-life postal carriers who delivered mail by foot along Florida's beaches (before I-95, the railroad, etc.) and offers a hilarious, mostly fictitious look at the early settlement of Florida. If you know Florida, you'll recognize the brilliantly-drawn landscape and the optimism of those who go there to enjoy it. But even if you don't know Florida, you'll recognize the characters' determination to pursue their dreams, even when the pursuit doesn't take them where they expected! The only unpleasantness the book leaves you with is not knowing which of the characters you love most, because you will love them all!

Ged Science
Published in Paperback by Steck-Vaughn Company (1990)
Authors: Steck Vaughn, Steck-Vaughn Company, Staff Steck-Vaughn Co, and Inc Pc&f
Amazon base price: $10.96
Used price: $24.95
Collectible price: $33.00
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