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The Dead and the Living
Published in Paperback by Random House Trade Paperbacks (1984)
Author: Sharon Olds
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Best plat guide
Not only is this a great guide to edible plants, but it has some of the most tasty and unique recipes I have ever seen.

Great book!
This is a grand book for nature-lovers, gourmet cooks, and wild plant enthusiasts. It's written with clarity and a touch of humor. Where else could you find recipes for Oaxaca Iceplant Salsa, Stir-fried Saltbush, and Canaigre Sauce? With excellent illustrations and photographs of each plant, this book is a joy to read.

A Taste of Nature: Edible Plants of the Southwest and How to Prepare Them
Published in Paperback by Ancient City Pr (1997)
Author: Kahanah Farnsworth
Amazon base price: $11.87
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A detailed and informative book.
I like the book and am glad to have it. The information is thorough. We had it with us when we went on an outing, and it made the stay even more pleasurable. I wish the drawings were detailed and colored rather than just outlines of the plants. The color plates are too dark. Aside those two things, the book is worth having.

There is more then survival in the desert.
This is a wonderful concise book on edible and nonedible plants of the desert.She includes the Latin name for each plant making it easy to find out more about any one plant. Has good color plates,although I would have liked larger pictures of some of the plants.I am very glad I purchased it and I think anyone who likes seeing more in a plant then something to step on or over will enjoy it.I know I do.

This unusual book is entertaining and informative.
Ever dream of living off the land? A Taste of Nature is a guide to edible plants. This book tells you how to identify edible plants, and gives you a recipe for each plant. In addition, it is beautifully illustrated and reader-friendly.

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