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Cases and Materials on Contracts, Fifth Edition
Published in Hardcover by Foundation Press (02 June, 1995)
Authors: William Franklin Young and Edward Allan Farnsworth
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A great casebook.
Farnsworth's love of human trivia makes this case book far more compelling than most. It is a captivating introduction to the subject.

Excellent casebook.
I learned contracts with this book and it is excellent!

Born to Burn : Story of the Black Founder of Maranatha
Published in Paperback by Bridge-Logos Publishers (01 January, 1972)
Authors: Wendell Wallace and Pat King
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If the author's misuse of the apostrophe in the title is any indication of how they wrote the rest of the book, I would stay away.

Great for understanding the law of contracts
Excellent book, explanations are clear, text is organized and covers all relevant details what you need to know to succeed on the finals. I did not buy this book during the first term, unfortunately, but bought during the second term. It literally saved me from getting "C" and lower. Highly recommend for every law student.

Student edition of a great treatise
E. Allan Farnsworth was a reporter for the Restatement (Second) of Contracts, and until the American Law Institute publishes a Concise Restatement of Contracts, this book is about as close as we're going to get.

This volume is a one-volume condensation, for student use, of Farnsworth's three-volume treatise on contract law, and it's worth every penny it costs. It may, however, be a bit daunting for a One-L looking for a text to supplement the casebook, so you might consider using Calamari as your main hornbook.

But my personal recommendation is that you buy both if you can; where Calamari is brief, Farnsworth elaborates a great deal and provides plenty of dense, helpful detail. I myself used Calamari for basic principles and Farnsworth for further discussion.

Farnsworth is also the author of _Changing Your Mind: The Law of Regretted Decisions_. Check that one out too.

Behind the Walls of Terra
Published in Paperback by Berkley Pub Group (1984)
Author: Philip Jose Farmer
Amazon base price: $2.75
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Collectible price: $2.00
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Windows 2000 Professional Advanced Configuration and Implementation: A Comprehensive Guide to the New Mainstream Desktop Operating System for Professional Users
Published in Paperback by The Coriolis Group (23 May, 2000)
Author: Morten Strunge Nielsen
Amazon base price: $59.99
Used price: $76.36
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