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My Antonia
Published in Library Binding by Bt Bound (1999)
Authors: Willa Silbert Cather and Kathleen Norris
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Developing themes
No, this is not an 'action-packed' novel to astound readers, but it offers an intelligent look at the strength and vision of a pioneer women and the friendship of two, culturally and socially opposites. The characters in the novel are described in great detail; their personalities were fashioned such a way that the reader receives a true sense of each character. The book was published at a time when women characters were expected to find happiness only in love or marriage. 'My Antonia' gives us a forceful heroine who is independent and strong of mind and body. The use of plot, characters, setting, and perspective open readers eyes to a period in time that most people today can't imagine. The novel invites readers to feel the pain, hardships, joy, and satisfaction of the frontier characters. In 'My Antonia,' Cather successfully develops believable characters and an intriguing story of prairie life. While your reading this novel, look for the theme of friendship. This significant theme can bring your comprehension a little deeper. Willa Cather develops the friendship beautifully throughout the book. Jim and Antonia symbolize what every friendship should include. I believe my thoughts about the book are changed when Jim Burden returns and finally reveals the hidden emotions that he had for Antonia. I had to read this book for English class and ended up enjoying it. I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to read a great book that isn't hard to understand. As an English student, I was sick of reading difficult books. My Antonia can be enjoyed on many levels.

One can be happy even though life is difficult.
So many books have fairy tale endings these days, and while a fairy tale is fun to read, it is also good to read about real life. For those of you searching for reality, you will definately find it in My Antonia. It is a book with a heart; a heart that aches, and wants, and hopes, just like any other heart. This is a book without sappiness, but not without sweetness.

My Antonia defies the outline of most novels in that its two main characters are a man and a woman who do not fall in love. It's so refreshing to hear truth in a time when everything has a sugarcoating. This book shows that it is ok to write about life and heartache. Yet while giving us a look at hard life, Willa Cather still manages to portray the benefits of hard work and strong love.

When I finished this book, I realized how many lessons I had learned about life. For instance, life may be difficult, but it's the good times that make us stronger. I realized also that, because the pace of the book is not fast or furious, it allows the reader to sit back and reflect on what the author is trying to express. I believe that Cather did an excellant job of portraying the meaning of this story. She has shown that a pure heart may often be broken, but it will always find a way to be content.

If you read a finer book please tell me.
I read My Antonia in High School (NFHS 10 years ago) and I have been searching for a finer book ever since. To begin with, I love the pacing Cather uses; Antonia is epic in scope. Additionaly, I have never found a better narrator in literature. Jim combines the superficial characteristics of a man, with the sensitivity of a feminine soul. This provides the balance necessary for the theme of unrequited love between Jim and Antonia. To clarify, the romantic theme is not the typical Romeo and Juliet romance. Indeed, the relationship between them is much more powerful and more satisfying. The tone of this novel draws the reader in immediately, expressed in the beautiful prose that Cather is so capable of. I have read good novels by great writers (Dillard, Maclean)that never manage to match the sense of place and time in My Antonia. It should be noted that these authors (including Cather herself) often imitated the style of My Antonia with some success. Bottom line: if you are a John Grisham devotee, you might consider something else. If you are in the mood to search the deep things of the soul with literature of classic stature, give My Antonia a chance.

Agricultural Policy Implementation: A Case Study from Western Kenya
Published in Paperback by Kumarian Press (1985)
Author: Kathleen A. Staudt
Amazon base price: $8.95
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Eating California: Local Secrets to the Best Deals in Restaurants, Harvest Festivals, & Farmers Markets Worth Getting Off the Highway of Life (Hill Guides: Local Secrets to Maximizing Your Travel Enjoyment Ser.))
Published in Paperback by Hilltop Pub Co (2002)
Author: Kathleen T. Hill
Amazon base price: $13.95
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The Bicycle Thief
Published in DVD by Image Entertainment (22 July, 1998)
Amazon base price: $21.49
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Proverbs, Ecclesiastes: Who Knows What Is Good? (The International Theological Commentary on the Old Testament)
Published in Paperback by Continuum International Publishing Group (1991)
Author: Kathleen Farmer
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Who Knows What Is Good?: A Commentary of the Books of Proverbs and Ecclesiastes (International Theological Commentary)
Published in Paperback by Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing Co. (1991)
Author: Kathleen A. Farmer
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Woman in the woods
Published in Unknown Binding by Indiana Camp Supply Books ()
Author: Kathleen Farmer
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