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The Artichoke Trail: A Guide to Vegetarian Restaurants, Organic Food Stores & Farmers' Markets in the Us
Published in Paperback by Hunter Publishing, Inc. (1900)
Authors: James Bernard Frost and James Bernard Frost
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The Artichoke Trail- Not A Trail I'd Follow
I found this book to be much below my expectations. The listings were very oudated, and way too many of the restaurants reviewed or listed were not vegetarian restaurants, but what the author considered "natural". The listings did not indicate if a restaurant was vegan, vegetarian, or if it served Meat of Fish, and the natural food stores listings was very incomplete,with no directions or indications of facilities offered as in The Tofu Tollbooth by Dar Williams. I retuned the book.

Everything for vegetarians & organic food lovers
The ultimate tool for mobile vegetarians, vegans and travelers looking for a good, healthy meal. Over 1,000 restaurants are described, with hundreds featured in great detail and reviewed using the unique Artichoke Trail rating system. Food stores and markets serving the vegetarian community are also listed, as well as facts and interesting tidbits that health-minded individuals will appreciate. You'll find everything from hamburger joints with a superb garden burger option to gourmet raw foods restaurants that adhere to strict vegan standards.

Amazingly comprehensive guide.
A unique book offering complete coverage of where to turn for healthy food state-by-state, city-by-city throughout the US. Travelers with a mind for health will delight in this handy reference book that allows them to find good, healthful food no matter which state they are in.

Organized by town/city and state, the book details fruit and veggie markets, restaurants, health food stores and more, including useful Websites and mail order sources. In-margin symbols indicate meatless options, places serving organic foods, macrobiotic options and vegan choices. Hundreds of descriptions based on personal visits by the author. All details - price range, location, atmosphere, service - are given.

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