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Progress in Experimental Personality Research: Normal Personality Processes
Published in Hardcover by Academic Press (1984)
Author: Brendan A. Maher
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1782 look at Pennsylvania farming
this book is filled with personal correspondence between a pennsylvania farmer and england in the first years of America. A wonderful journey thru time . Filled with details of life and the area and the wonders of america . Written in the words and style of a lost time . From the way he writes about his wifes daily chores to the hardship tragedy and beauty of his new home you can not but feel you are truly getting letters from a friend . fabulous read

Fascinating glimpse into late 18th C. American life.
These original essay length letters composed by an intelligent and imaginative immigrant offer us a fascinating glimpse into life in early America. The letters chronicle his travels across the thirteen colonies in the years leading up to the revolution. With pathos and humour he gives us an intimate look at family life in the whaling ports of Nantucket and Marthas Vineyard. We visit with John Bertram, the celebrated botanist on his Pennsylvania farm. We are escorted through the middle colonies to Charelston for a first hand look at the opulent lifestyle of the planters. Our guide points out the absurdities he confronts while chronicling the beauty and diversity of the natural landscape. This book provides a wonderful and historic experience.

Farmer's Market Cooking
Published in Paperback by Black Dog & Leventhal Pub (01 May, 2001)
Authors: Sally Ann Berk and Zeva Oelbaum
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Dalmatians (Complete Pet Owner's Manual)
Published in Paperback by Barrons Educational Series (1999)
Authors: Katharina Schlegl-Kofler, Monika Wegler, Renate Holzner, and Dan Rice
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