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Clinical Pharmacology and Nursing Management
Published in Hardcover by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins Publishers (15 January, 1998)
Authors: Laurel A. Eisenhauer, Lynn Wemett Nichols, Roberta Todd Spencer, and Frances West Bergan
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A perfect biography--fascinating, heart-warming, intelligent
I've just bought this book for the fourth time. The story is so fascinating and the author is so personable that I have had to lend it out and then that person lends it out and somehow it never gets back to me. This autobiography tells a very personal story of a person raised in three very different worlds: as a daughter of the fourth wife of a very wealthy man in Tehran, as a student and then social worker living under the Shah, and then her life under the Ayatollah. Her story provides a glimpse into the history of Iran and an appreciation of a culture most of us know little of. Iranians all know the family of this author and those I have lent the book to like it. Americans love it. Everyone, without exception, I've talked to about this book has wanted to write the author and thank her for telling her story.

Passionate, Personal, and Provocative -- A Story to Treasure
I am an American daughter of an Iranian man who grew up in Tehran the same time as the author, and I was THRILLED to find this book. It provided me with many insights and a sizeable history lesson about Iran and its culture. Ms. Farman-Farmaian writes clearly and factually, yet includes her own analysis of the amazing history and perpetual transitions that have characterized this ancient country. She provides an excellent introduction, pertinent background, and an exposure to some of the Farsi language, which gives the rest of the book depth and feeling and makes it easy to follow. Contrary to the Western connotation of a "Harem," Farman-Farmaian enlightens us with the powerful network of love and support, which deeply connected the women and siblings in her family. It is a moving account of a life of courage and dedication by a woman who dared to think beyond her cultural boundaries. I highly recommend it!

A Wonderful Book
I loved reading Daughter of Persia. It is a thrilling journey through Farman Farmaian's remarkable life, and it is a fascinating ride through the modern history of Iran; from before the overthrow of the Shah to Iran today. Farman Farmaian's descriptive, yet fast-paced writing style makes this book a treasure to read. Read Daughter of Persia if you are interested in reading about the life of the extraordinary woman who founded social work in Iran, and read this if you are interested in Iranian culture and history.

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