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Arithmetic the Easy Way (3rd Ed)
Published in Paperback by Barrons Educational Series (1996)
Authors: Edward Williams, Katie Prindle, and Eugene J. Farley
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I couldn't ask for a better book!!!
I bought the second edition of this book several years ago when our company (USWest) was closing departments and we knew we would have to start testing for job title changes. It was one of the most helpful purchases I have ever made! I retired, and now I'm going into real estate. Naturally the real estate classes (and the state test) have lots of math and math problems. As they say...what you don't use you lose!!! There were several of us in the classes who were having a difficult time with the math problems and formulas. This book was once again a life saver. At first glance one would think it's too simple...more for children than adults, but it isn't. Mr. Williams makes math super simple for any age!!!

The first few chapters are basic math...addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, Roman numerals, etc.

Chapters 6-8 are fractions...changing improper to mixed numbers...subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions...unlike denominators, etc.

Chapters 10-13 cover decimals...comparing, rounding off, adding, subtracting, multiplying mixed decimals.

Chapter 14 covers percents...changing percents to decimals, to fractions, and finding the percent of a number.

Chapter 15 covers measurement.

There are pre-tests to see if you need to study the chapter, word problems, practice examples, and practice tests after every section.

I recommend this book for everyone...young people who find math difficult, as an invaluable aid for parents of school age children, for anyone who is making a career change and is faced with job testing, and for myself...who have been out of school for years and need a brush up on math skills. The price is minimal!!!

Thank you, Edward Williams, for writing this book. Thank you for the difference it has made it my life!!!

Excellent--really superb
I am a 40+ year old M.D. who is relearning math to do some tutoring, and this book is really solid, well written. It clearly took a great deal of effort to make it so lucid and logically sequenced, beautifully sequenced with difficult concepts explained with simple explanations. I would definitely recommend it to just about anyone who needs to work on any or all of the following:

addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions--including addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division thereof--decimals and percentages

I'm sure if I had encountered this book in high school i would have done better in math, and I plan to use it as a resource in my tutoring.

What a great book!
I think this is a great book because I was failing math in school so I decided to try to look for a book at Then I found Arithmetic the easy way.It really helped.In one month my grade went from a D to an A. I love this book and I know anyone who buys it will enjoy it to.

Theology and the Interhuman: Essays in Honor of Edward Farley
Published in Hardcover by Trinity Pr Intl (1995)
Authors: Edward Farley and Robert R. Williams
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