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New Visions: A Collection of Modern Science Fiction Art
Published in Hardcover by Doubleday (1982)
Authors: Frederick Pohl and Frederik Pohl
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Collectible price: $2.38
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Please correct a mistake in my review.
Dear Sir:

I made a mistake and added the phone number of the new publisher in my review of this book. Could you please just delete the phone and publish the rest of the book review.

Sorry, and many thanks.

John Corcoran Co-Author: "Martial Arts: Traditions, History, People" E-mail Address:

Considered one of the best reference books on the subject.
Co-author Review: This definitive volume, which contains over 1-million facts, has been republished by Pro Action Publishing of Los Angeles (213)666-7789 and is available for both single-copy and wholesale purchasing. The new title is "The Original Martial Arts Encyclopedia."

This is a massive reference containing over 1,000 individual bios of famous pioneers and champions; over 1,000 photos, many of rare vintage; detailed histories of martial arts development in all major countries including the most complete overview ever of U.S. martial arts history; and hundreds of entries detailing arts and styles.

Plus, a huge Bibliography featuring 1,183 English-language martial arts books published from 1898-1980, organized by 26 categories.

This book took 10 years from concept to completion in the pre-computer era, and it shows. It has won industry-wide international acclaim for its global thoroughness and universal appeal to everyone from beginners to veteran black belts.

Reviewed by co-author John Corcoran on 2/2/99.

A Choice of William Morris Verse Grigson, Geoffrey
Published in Paperback by Faber & Faber (1979)
Author: William Morris
Amazon base price: $2.95
Used price: $3.46
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few japanese/okinawan karate masters, too much US
This book provides little information about japanese and okinawan karate masters and is much to US oriented for a real encyclopedia.

A Terrific One-Stop Source of Martial Mania
This reference work was written and edited by the same authors who wrote the Q&A, "Martail Arts Catalogue" in 1976. This book is more indepth and authoritative. The primary sections are on Tradition, History, and the Pioneers who have helped shaped this multi-faceited idea of what we call "martial arts."

The chapters are very good, providing excellent history and coverage. America is probably a little over represented. This however, doesn't mean they should have written less about American martial arts, just more of other traditions.

It must also be fair to say, that America has contributed much to the Asain arts and helped expand the arts, for better or worse, where they are today. The photos are neat and add greatly to this book. The writing is sometimes dry, like most reference works are.

All in all, it is a book that stands on its own and should be purcahsed by those martial artist who either are interested in history or having a quick refernce at their bookshelf.

Very,very,very,very,very GOOD!
I am taking isshinryu karate. It has great techinques.Anyway, This book is da bomb! It has alot of information. Every martial artist in the world should have this book. It goes over many styles in the world. Good pictures! You just can't stop reading it once it is in your hands.Big book.

The Overlook Martial Arts Dictionary
Published in Paperback by Viking Press (1985)
Authors: Emil Farkas and John Corcoran
Amazon base price: $13.95
Used price: $7.46
Collectible price: $35.00
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A good basic dictionary of martial arts terms.
Dictionary includes Japanese, Korean, Chinese and other language terms used in the martial arts. Includes a pronounciation guide.

The Low-Carb Comfort Food Cookbook
Published in Hardcover by John Wiley & Sons (2002)
Authors: Michael R. Eades, Mary Dan Eades, and Ursula Solom
Amazon base price: $17.47
List price: $24.95 (that's 30% off!)
Used price: $5.00
Buy one from zShops for: $3.99
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Fight Back: A Woman's Guide to Self-Defense
Published in Hardcover by Henry Holt & Company, Inc. (1978)
Author: Emil Farkas
Amazon base price: $10.95
Used price: $2.05
Collectible price: $6.45
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