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Not Fade Away: The Rock & Roll Photography of Jim Marshall
Published in Hardcover by Bulfinch Press (01 June, 2000)
Authors: Jim Marshall, David Fahey, and Michael Douglas
Amazon base price: $9.99
List price: $29.95 (that's 67% off!)
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Where Have You Gone, Jim Marshall?
One of America's pre-eminient rock photographers surfaces. Jim Marshall's work was a fixture of the '60s and some of the '70s, especially when it came to the Summer of Love and SF. But then like Flower Power & the '60s, Marshall indeed "faded away." His later output in the '70s and '80s is devoid of post-'60s icons as Springsteen, who had a huge pre-Time/Newsweek magazine following here, as well as others. I first met him 12 yrs ago when he sold me one of his photos. I was familiar with his work with Life (Stones 1972 tour) and before and was thrilled to be able to meet the man. At the time I wondered why he hadn't published a book yet. Now here it is and for the most part it delivers bigtime. Great insights delivered via the photo captions; sometimes when Marshall compliments an artist ("so-&-so was the greatest") it might come off a bit on the light side but you can't really complain. His work speaks for itself. It was powerful and awesome. Also in the book are photos of recent performers such as the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Maybe it's the Times...maybe it's the Subjects...but these recent photos didn't belong in this book at all. It's great to see Marshall's more current work, but I think quite a bit of the magic was missing. Marshall himself acknowledges this. If anybody can conjure this old feeling back through the art of photography, he can.

music photographs in the highest regard
a beautiful music book from a very opinionated photographer. both text and images are the top shelf material.

This incredible photo book should get 11 Stars!
So MUCH ink has been spilled about the 60's & early 70's, most of it overblown or off base in someway. Marshall's black and white photos (most of them taken by a Leica without flash!) get to the heart and soul of the times in ways most writers can only dream of...I can't wait until the color volume comes out. Powerful stuff (like a shot of great whiskey), a must have for any music fan. The HIGHEST recommendation!

Forage Quality, Evaluation, and Utilization
Published in Hardcover by Amer Society of Agronomy (1994)
Authors: Michael Collins, David R. Mertens, and George C. Fahey
Amazon base price: $44.00
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A important book
This book was very interisting for my test to selection of University. This book talk about everything important for forage in medicine veterinary.

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