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Pallas Andalucia (Pallas Guide Series)
Published in Paperback by Pallas Athene Pub (05 October, 2000)
Author: Michael Jacobs
Amazon base price: $20.97
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Used price: $14.99
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A modern family on the verge of breaking apart.
A lucid heartbreaking novel about a family in the midst of fragmentation, honestly and eloquently told by the different characters. Tommie Haas is a mother, wife, best friend, and lover. Her husband is voiceless, her children are bitter, and her best friend must try to hold the pieces of the frayed Haas family together. This novel reverberates with hurt, bitterness, and failure but is no less wonderful and telling for that

People Like Us
Published in Mass Market Paperback by Ballantine Books (1999)
Author: Dominick Dunne
Amazon base price: $6.99
Used price: $0.01
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Poetic language strengthens this novel of obsessive love.
Margaret Erhart's writing is tight, concise, poetic and at times, unpredictable. In "Unusual Company," the reader joins the main character, Franny, on a journey through discovery of self, love, obsession, forgiveness and finally, self-acceptance. This is a novel of lesbian love and life, which creates a subtext that explores such themes as coming out, the nature of friendship, monogamy and sexuality. I found the early part of the novel somewhat dreary, with its urban setting and some violent images. But Erhart takes the reader into various landscapes and for some reason, before long, I couldn't put the book down. The quality of writing is excellent and I found that I became almost as obsessed with the characters as they were with each other. I stuck with the book and in the end, I felt that it had been worth it. While I don't think everyone will like this novel, some people will find it riveting. It is very well crafted and has a few surprises along the way. Well worth the read!

Intense imagery paints a bold portrait
Margaret Earhart's brilliantly written "Unusual Company" is a work that, especially at first, walks the reader through the quiet, yet daring start of the endless relationship between Claire and Franny. Quiet because Franny is discovering herself, daring because Claire is wise. This tale of "you never forget your first" and "how to live with it all as it's happening to you" is full of exquisite language and unbelievably real imagery. At points in the book, it's as if Earhart had been watching my whole adult life unfold and was taking incredible notes. It's impossible to put down as you get deeper into it.


The Only Victor (Chivers Audio Book Series)
Published in Audio Cassette by Chivers Audio Books (1996)
Author: Alexander Kent
Amazon base price: $84.95
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